Boosted Boards: Electric skateboard carries you up hills

Skateboarding down hills has always been a lot more fun than going up -- until now. The Boosted Boards electric skateboard glides up inclines with grades as steep as 15 percent.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Boosted Boards close-up
Get an electric assist for your skateboard. Boosted Boards

Boosted Boards is promoting its electric-powered skateboard as the world's lightest electric vehicle. The Kickstarter project packs 2.6 horsepower onto a 12-pound longboard.

The skateboard is powered by lithium batteries, giving the rider up to 6 miles of range. It takes two hours to fully recharge the batteries and manages a top speed of 20mph. Regenerative braking helps the battery along when you're riding.

The skateboard works with a handheld remote control with a throttle, brake, and battery gauge. The remote is designed to tuck a finger through so you can hang onto it even while doing ollies.

If you manage to drain the battery, the board will still roll, it will just be a bit more resistant than a regular skateboard.

Of course, an electric skateboard will set you back quite a few more dollars than a regular, totally human-powered one. The board pledges start at $1,099, with a regular price of $1199.

Still, the compact design, decent range, and good power make this a pretty sweet leap forward in super-portable electric transportation.

Boosted Boards in action
Time to wail on those hills. Boosted Boards