BOL 1062: Three-way 4G

T-Mobile's parent company is considering buying Sprint Nextel, meaning we'd only have three big cell phone companies in the US. But in a weird way that could be good for competition? We're not sure ourselves, actually.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
3 min read

T-Mobile's parent company is considering buying Sprint Nextel, meaning we'd have only three big cell phone companies in the US. But in a weird way that could be good for competition? We're not sure ourselves, actually. Also, a rogue ad hits the New York Times and we discover Pirates only see in 2D. Eye-patch FTW!

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I work as a tech for a movie exhibitor and wanted to share some technical details about your ongoing discussion of 3D.

Tom, the reason you may have experienced flicker or strobing in the past is the rate at which you are presented frames. The old active glasses that came with computer video cards often were limited to 60Hz, giving only 30 frames/sec to each eye. Our modern Digital Cinema 3D uses what’s called ‘tripple flash’ alternating EVERY frame to each eye three times. In other words it’s operating at 144 frames/sec from film’s standard 24 fps times 6 (3 flashes of the same image * 2 eyes). This is easily fast enough that ‘persistance of vision’ eliminates the strobing.

At our chain we actually have many rooms setup with two projectors, one for each eye. This completely eliminates strobing as the screen never goes dark.

As for camming a 3D film, you’d simply scrap the 3D aspect and hold one lens of the glasses over the camera and just record one eye’s worth. Makes it 2D, but you still have something. You can even try this in the studio right now, cover one eye. Congratulations your world is now in stunning 2D!

And for the show notes… Even traditional 35mm film is shown as ‘double flash’. The slow 24 fps you’d get if you only showed each frame once nearly everyone would say is flickering. But just by blanking and flashing the same image a second time (48 flashes/sec) you see that familiar film effect to the light level. BTW, when the shutter does block the light for the 1/96th of a second over and over for 2 hours it is actually near dark in the room. i.e. You’re sitting in the dark for half the movie! :)

Perhaps to long and off-topic now, but I hope you share this around the crew.

LTS! (and thank you)

Dustin Hollon


Hey Ballers
I cant believe you guys haven’t covered CEDIA, awesome developement in cablecard, they announce cablecard tuners will be available for your current machine! None of this “Certified PC crap! Ceton had a couple of tuners that should ship in the 1Q of 2010. 4 HD streams at once, sign me up!
love the show
Jon the electrician, Tacoma


Watching Episode 1061, about the iPhone at Microsoft event. Coca-Cola will fire you for bringing/eating Lays Chips because they are owned by Pepsico. Even if you bring them from home for lunch/dinner. Drinking a Pepsi product is also forbidden….”Even Off The Clock.” If you are caught outside of work with these items can also lead to termination.

Thanks guys. Love the show