BOL 1029: Microhoo: Friends with benefits

The Microsoft Yahoo hookup finally happened and now all their friends are glad the drama's over. But they're not getting hitched. Microsoft's shelling out some dough for Yahoo to use Bing and Yahoo's going to sell the crap out of it.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
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The Microsoft Yahoo hookup finally happened and now all their friends are glad the drama's over. But they're not getting hitched. Microsoft's shelling out some dough for Yahoo to use Bing and Yahoo's going to sell the crap out of it. In other news, we will all die from automatic drones programmed to make their own decisions about who to kill.


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Long time listener (back when Veronica was a silent producer). Not sure if you heard about the “JK Wedding Entrance Dance” video on YouTube that has close to 10 million views (it may have more since I think it was posted multiple times). Anyway, the music is a Chris Brown song that was released over a year ago. The video was not pulled for copyright violation and that Chris Brown song is now in the top ten of iTunes songs. You should read some of the recent comments to the song (title is “Forever”) in iTunes as people who have not heard of the video are asking why this year-old song is in the top ten. This is a great example of how basically providing the song free generated a lot of sales.

I have never had an email read on the podcast… hopefully this one makes the cut.




So I follow the AP stylebook on Twitter because, despite the fact that I am a flack now, I am a journalism geek at heart. I was listening to you all discuss how much you hated the word “tweet” when the bad news came across the feed: The AP now refers to posts via Twitter as tweets. Between this and the DRM on news stories, it almost makes me want to switch my word bible to UPI. They are still around, right?

-Brian in Fort Worth


Hi Tom, et al
Just a note on the New Hadron Collider and it’s constant Leaks. As someone who has had to track leaks in new vacuum systems I can say the problems they are having are pretty common. Helium makes it’s way through holes almost the size of the molecule. In new systems these leaks can happen anywhere especially after the systems has been flexed by bringing it up to atmosphere and room temperature and back down to high vacuum and 70 Degrees K, The Staff there are trying to seal a really massive bunch of equipment.
Please note that I am not putting in my 2 cents on the black holes.
wes in Torrance

Please let Molly know she is not the only North Dakota Ex pat out here. Great place to be from.

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