BOL 1023: 802.11N(ever)

Supposedly, we will get finalization on the 802.11N wireless standard in September. Of course, we've been waiting for that for years now, so we're not too confident.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
3 min read

Supposedly, we will get finalization on the 802.11N wireless standard in September. Of course, we've been waiting for that for years now, so we're not too confident. We also almost forget we're talking about the new Yahoo home page, and only I am impressed by Microsoft contributing to the Linux Kernel. But, I still think it's cool!


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Yahoo launching front page open to others' content

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UAE Blackberry update was spyware

BlackBerry for Mac

Maine about to test tech to tax your miles, not your gasoline

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802.11N should be finalized by September

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Shane in Las Vegas saw a WiMax ad!

Hey Buzz Crew,

Episode 1023 will be the last episode that we can binarily count with
two hands. Starting from episode 1024, we will need an 11th digit to
count properly, or we can use a ternary system and be safe until episode

Love the show!

Jack from Waterloo, Ontario

Hey BOL crew,

If you could keep this anonymous that would be great.

After listening to ep. 1020, and hearing the story about the electric drive for the DDG-51 class of destroyers. I thought I should write in since I actually work at one of the company's that builds those destroyer. The company I work for is also building the new class of Destroyer, the DDG-1000 class. check it out it's actually a really cool ship. and were hoping that they decided to build more than they are currently slated for.

The electric drive you are talking about is for all intents and purposes already being installed in the 1000 class. The concept build for the 51 class is a test to see if the new engine type will be able to fit in the old class.

I'm not really supposed to say to much but Brian C. was pretty close to right on his reasons for the drive, that and it helps with ship automation, i.e. smaller crew. the fuel savings are compounded by the savings from reducing the crew involved to maintain the old standard style diesel engines.

Just thought I would throw out a little bit of knowledge about the topic.

Your Destroyer Designer friend

BOL crew,
I did some reading on the tech behind the natal. The company that
created the tech behind the camera is something no one is talking about.
Everyone is talking about it in the game or computer space but the
camera reads out the standard RGB color data as well as a distance
component for each pixel the camera sees. I'm not sure and it's probably
a really guarded secret as to how fine the camera can actually see but
if it can't yet the concept is there to get better and better data till
you can shoot HD quality data and get a complete distance map for the
image by pixel. The documents on the company website go into some finer
details but all that to say. This tech can grow into other fields such
as motion capture for movies and games. Being able to apply a CG skin
quickly and easily to the finner points of an actors movements would be
revolutionary. No more green screen. Also no more lasers for 3D scanners
so then the process for scanning a 3D object would get easier and
cheaper. Maybe cheap enough to be on the consumer level? Can we say 3D
fax machines? Natal is one use of the tech but I think this could be a
gateway tech to many areas that it seems no one is talking about. Keep
plugging the non-existent sponsors! Enjoy the show.

Website for the Company that designed the tech behind Natal.

Jonathan Bowen