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BlackBerry Messenger jumps to iPhone, Android

BlackBerry's popular messaging app expands to more devices and gets a social twist, T-Mobile snags the flagship Lumia 925, and Google hides a classic game within its image search.

CNET Update busts out the Breakout:

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Lots of news around BlackBerry in today's roundup. Not only is BlackBerry expanding the popular Messenger service as an app for Android and iOS, but it also is giving Messenger a social-media twist with BBM Channels.

BlackBerry keyboard fans in the U.S. are finally able to own the Q10 this summer when it arrives at T-Mobile, Verzion and Sprint. (Get the full Q10 review here.) Considering the phone was unveiled at the end of January, BlackBerry fans in the U.S. have had to wait awhile for any availability details. But as for the all-touchscreen BlackBerry Z10, its getting an operating system update to BB10.1.

Also in this episode of Update, get a first-look at the metal Nokia Lumia 925, arriving exclusively to T-Mobile in July. Verizon's top Windows Phone, the Lumia 928, arrives this week.

And take a game break on Google by searching the phrase "Atari Breakout" in a Google image search. It's one of Google's latest hidden tricks, known as an Easter egg. Another type of mini-game can be found by going to Google to search for the phrase "Zerg rush." Or see a cool effect by searching for the word "tilt" or the phrase "do a barrel roll." And in Google Maps, try getting walking directors from "The Shire" to "Mordor."

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