Beats by Dre picks Marcus Mariota in NFL Draft

Technically Incorrect: To coincide with the annual betting on one young body or another, Beats goes home with the Oregon quarterback in a moving portrayal.

Chris Matyszczyk
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Marcus Mariota, Beats' latest signing. Beats by Dre

When you're one of the big teams in sports, you can still enjoy the first pick in the NFL draft, which begins today.

Beats by Dre is, arguably, the biggest team right now. As well as having LeBron James in the NBA and Neymar in the last World Cup, it's also signed Richard Sherman of the NFL. Alright, it did draft the 49ers' Colin Kaepernick, but no team can be perfect.

The big question, one that ESPN draft "expert" Mel Kiper Jr. has surely contemplated every night for the last six months, was who would be Beats' No.1 pick.

Could one imagine that, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are said to be doing, the Beats Boys would choose Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston? This despite his quite dubious reputation?

Not at all. Today, Beats declared its choice by releasing a new ad featuring Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.

It's not a celebration of rebellion, which might have been enjoyed in the bosom of Nike. Instead, it's a portrayal of his family life in his native Hawaii.

It's beautiful, contemplative and spiritual. That's quite a success for a few pieces of plastic and, yes, it's everything the NFL struggles to be.

Beats tells me that Mariota isn't attending the draft. Instead, he's doing just what he's doing in this ad, staying home in Honolulu with his family.

There's a certain beauty in authenticity. And Beats owner Apple isn't so au fait with angry rebellion. Well, not anymore.

Those who make draft decisions often have the judgment of a tortoise crossing a freeway. The so-called experts aren't all that sprightly either. Still, some predict Mariota will be drafted second.

Beats clearly believes that those who blare their music through headphones on buses and planes should believe in him too.