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Be a poet with William Shakespeare's Star Wars Sonnet Generator

Sith lightsabers are red. R2-D2's lights are blue. Answer four questions, and this William Shakespeare's Star Wars Sonnet Generator will make a love poem just for you.

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Journalist Bonnie Burton writes about movies, TV shows, comics, science and robots. She is the author of the books Live or Die: Survival Hacks, Wizarding World: Movie Magic Amazing Artifacts, The Star Wars Craft Book, Girls Against Girls, Draw Star Wars, Planets in Peril and more! E-mail Bonnie.
Bonnie Burton
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If you don't have the same swagger as Han Solo, let this Shakespeare Star Wars Sonnet Generator woo the Princess Leia in your life. Lucasfilm

Not everyone can be as talented a scribe as the Great Bard himself. No, not George Lucas. We're talking William Shakespeare, or more specifically "Shakespeare Star Wars" book author Ian Doescher.

Due to the success of Doescher's "Shakespeare Star Wars" parody books that retell the "Star Wars" saga in the same style of Shakespeare's iconic plays, fans are quoting their favorite characters in iambic pentameter. But sometimes we need some help expressing our love to those we long for, in any galaxy.

After all if Han Solo had a sonnet generator like this one, perhaps he could have told Princess Leia how he really felt about her during the "Star Wars" Original Trilogy without C-3PO or her brother or those creepy Ewoks getting in the way.

With only four questions, this William Shakespeare's Star Wars Sonnet Generator will create a unique 14-line personalized love poem just for you to hand over to the Princess Leia or Han Solo that makes your heart explode like the Death Star.

Each question has an impact on the final sonnet and with hundreds of possible combinations to generate as many sonnets as you need.

The four questions include the following:

1. What would you like to title your sonnet?

2. Original Trilogy or Prequel Trilogy?

3. Would you rather rhyme the word "heart" with the word "art" or the word "part"?

4. What's your preferred romantic destination: Tatooine or Naboo?

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Feel free to send my impressive poem to Mr. Cumberbatch. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

I personally love both Star Wars and Sherlock, so I combined the two for the ultimate ode to both a galaxy far, far away and Holmes. Even Dr. John Watson would be impressed with my particular poetic prowess.

Behold my final love sonnet to Sherlock Holmes, and feel free to be impressed by restraint from name dropping Benedict Cumberbatch in the poem... especially since his last name rhymes with love match, locket latch and cat scratch.

My touching tribute may even inspire you to let the William Shakespeare's Star Wars Sonnet Generator speak your heart's desires.

Share your loving Star Wars sonnets in the comments below. Please, no dirty limericks about Wookiees.