Avoid Olympic spoilers with Liveschedules.net

The site is dead simple to navigate and provides a clear schedule of events which includes TV listings and links to NBC's live streams and replays -- all without any news items that may spoil the fun of watching the Olympics.

Matt Elliott Senior Editor
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Matt Elliott
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It is difficult to avoid spoilers when the Olympics take place halfway around the world. I try to stay away from Facebook and Twitter during the day if I know there is a primetime event I'll want to watch. But even when I limit my social media entanglements, I have run into spoilers while innocently visiting the NBC Olympics Web site to check in on the action in Sochi. I've been burned on more than one occasion by a headline on NBC's site that informed me of a skiing result before I was able to watch Bode and the rest of the gang myself.

In addition, I find the schedule on NBC's site difficult to use and littered with ads. Now, just in time for the medal rounds of many events, and as the Olympic drama ramps up before we sadly reach the closing ceremonies, I use Liveschedules.net. The site is useful in many ways.

For starters, it does not feature any news items. Thus, you'll encounter nary a spoiler. Secondly, it's blissfully ad-free. It presents three tabs of schedules. The first tab features the full TV listings (US only), including network information. Thanks to this tab, I was alerted to the fact that a.) the USA Network is broadcasting Olympic events, and b.) the US hockey team is playing right now in the quarterfinals against the Czech Republic.

The second tab shows which events NBC is streaming, and for those currently available, it provides a Watch link. The third tab lists the events for which there are replays and helpfully provides a Replay link to watch each. Watching live streams or replays opens the NBC's stream in a new browser tab (if viewing on a computer) or the Live Extra app when viewing on a mobile device (I tried it on an iPad). Something got lost in translation on the iPad in my experience, with the Live Extra app opening but not to the stream I had selected.

You can set your time zone in the upper-right corner of the Liveschedules site, and using the panel on the left side of the page you can filter by sport, channel, and only live listings.

Meanwhile, there are a variety of ways to enjoy and stream the winter games.

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