Australian robot gets put to work, herds sheep and cows (Tomorrow Daily 393)

This robot cowboy not only herds cattle, soon it will also monitor the herd's health and alert ranchers to any injuries or illness to livestock.

Ashley Esqueda Senior Video Producer
Ashley Esqueda is an award-winning video producer and on-air talent based in Los Angeles. She has been playing video games since she was 3 years old, and loves the history of television. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband Jimi, son Wolfgang, and two very squirrely Italian Greyhounds.
Ashley Esqueda

We've mentioned brainwave-controlled drone programs before, but now, the same university responsible for the original project is expanding that brainwave control to multiple drones at once. So, get your drone swarm ready, because soon, you might be able to control an army of them with just your mind.

Also in the news, Swagbot! No, this isn't a robot Justin Bieber (#swag); it's a four-wheeled bot designed to herd livestock. It's already working in Australian pastures, and soon, it'll be able to monitor the health of the animals it oversees.

Watch this: Yeehaw! Swagbot is the world's finest robot cowboy (Tomorrow Daily 393)


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