Astronaut shares Valentine's heart-shaped lake from orbit

It's a happy Valentine's Day on the International Space Station as an astronaut captures a lovely image of a heart-shaped lake down on Earth.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet looked out the window from orbit Tuesday and spotted a sweet sight down on Earth just in time for Valentine's Day. The photo, which Pesquet shared on social media, shows a heart-shaped lake shining through wispy clouds.

Pesquet doesn't say exactly where on Earth the lake can be found, but it appears to be settled into a rocky and mountainous region. The shape's irregular, but it's easy to see how it caught the astronaut's attention on a day full of heart-related imagery.

"I really wasn't planning to take such a picture today, believe it or not, but by an uncanny coincidence, looking out the Cupola just one minute in between sets of my workout, we happened to fly over a heart-shaped lake... Valentine's day has struck again ;)," Pesquet writes on Flickr.

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