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Art installation opens door to virtual world (Tomorrow Daily 313)

A prototype device designed to help the blind interact with visual imagery, plus an art exhibit designed to get people talking about shared virtual-reality experiences.


Currently, visually impaired people have options like braille for reading text and signage, but more limited options for things like interactive maps. Linespace hopes to help with its prototype, which combines a large drafting table, custom software, and a 3D printing head to create on-the-fly drawings for blind users to "see."

We're also into "Doors," an interactive art exhibit created to start a conversation about shared virtual reality experiences. It's a literal doorway to a virtual world that's interactive. Much like going to the movies with a large crowd (or with a friend), using VR alongside others can be a very different experience than being isolated in a headset.

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313: Art installation opens door to virtual world (Tomorrow Daily)

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