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Insane 'Archer' scavenger hunt solved

A series of clues littered throughout the seventh season of Archer have been untangled, two weeks after the season finale.

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Michelle Starr
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The Figgis Agency

The scavenger hunt in season 6 of beloved animated TV show "Archer" was such a hit with the fans (and it won a 2015 Emmy Award for multiplatform storytelling) that the show's creators brought it back again in season 7. Now, a mere fortnight after the June 2 season finale, the scavenger hunt has been solved -- and it's absolutely nuts, so massive kudos to the unnamed person or persons who followed it through to the end.

The scavenger hunt's website, The Figgis Agency, has posted a detailed step-by-step walkthrough, and it's insanely elaborate -- a fitting tribute to Dr. Krieger, in whose honour the scavenger hunt was created. And, now that the crazy 14 steps of the hunt have been solved, everyone gets the prize, an STL file for a 3D-printed model of the Pirate Virus.

Seriously, though, go check it out for yourself. It's absolutely mind-boggling.