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April Fools' Day prompts Google, Apple, Bush pranks

April Fools' Day is here, and pranksters worldwide are making merry.

Probably the best roundup of jokes this year is at urgo.org, which lists dozens of varying quality. As usual, one of the most polished is an RFC memo on "morality sections" in Internet routing protocols. (That follows previous 4/1 memos on avian carriers and the Roman standards process.)

Google Gulp

Google chose today to announce the Google Gulp, which follows last year's revelation of the company's ambitious Copernicus Center. Oh, and don't forget the Google Satellite.

The Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara, are revealed to be shipping out to Iraq, Thomas Greene reports in The Register. Clad in scanty post-pillow-fight lingerie, the Texas twosome also grace Maxim magazine.

StarTrek.com posts a surprisingly funny roundup of upcoming shows, BoingBoing is satirized, and Linux's Tux penguin mascot may be dropped--perhaps in favor of Paris Hilton.

Oh, and poor Apple Computer is under fire from religious conservatives for the BSD Daemon in OS X as well as "Darwin." No wonder Scientific American is giving up.