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Apple's peculiar Kardashian autocorrect insult

Type a certain derogatory word into iOS 9.2 that rhymes with "harda**" and you get the autocorrect "Kardashian." What can this mean?

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Might she be bummed out by this autocorrect?

Entertainment Tonight/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I had assumed this must be a joke.

It still could be. It's just that it's also real.

I had heard, you see, that if your iPhone has iOS 9.2 installed, there was a certain autocorrect that occurred. So I tried it and lo became behold.

If you type the word "larda**," your iPhone autocorrects it to "Kardashian."

This is far beyond your iPhone believing you're often using "ducking" as an adjective. This seems to sit somewhere on the wiggly line between humor and insult.

Depending on your tone, "larda**" might be a term of affection. Equally, it can suggest a certain grossness of the posterior.

Could it be that some wag at Apple thought it amusing to connect this large-bottomed word with Kim Kardashian, a personality who's world-famous for positively marketing her ample behind?

Neither Apple nor Kardashian's representatives immediately responded to my requests for comment.

Naturally, there have been those on Twitter who find this autocorrect amusing and accurate -- producer DJ Phoenix, for example.

I wonder, though, whether it will become a permanent feature or whether, at least, Apple will get to the bottom of how it happened or even decide that it's a bit of a bummer.


This is for real.

Chris Matyszczyk