Apple's genius? What genius, says Samsung

In a series of new ads for the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung mocks everything from Apple's inept livestream at its event to its new watch to its supposed geniuses.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

Apple doesn't have geniuses, according to Samsung. It's a company of bumbling fools whose cluelessness is painfully funny. Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Gloves? Who needs gloves?

Ever since Apple launched its glitzy new phones and its Hollywoody watches, Samsung has been determined to punch as hard and bare-knuckled as possible and toss mounds of pooh-pooh Cupertino's way.

It wasn't enough to mock a quote from Steve Jobs. For now Samsung has emitted not one but six ads in an attempt to smear Apple with a large dollop of mockery.

In all six ads, we see two Apple geniuses. There is only one small drawback. They have all the brains of a concussed goat.

These two clueless souls are expressions of everything that is wrong with Apple, says Samsung. And there's a lot.

Did you see the livestream of Apple's iPhone 6 and Watch launch event? A lot of people didn't. The thing disappeared more often than a drunken, faithless spouse.

How could Samsung not giggle at that? Then there's the supposed innovation of the large screen, which is an innovative as, oh, social networking.

Then there's multitasking, a lack of a stylus, battery life and, of course the genius of a watch that only works if you have a phone in your pocket. (Yes, just like Samsung's.)

In fact, Apple's breathless innovation is the source of limitless Samsung humor.

Once upon a time, Apple thought featuring its geniuses in ads was a fine idea. Soon, it discovered a terrible resistance.

Now that Samsung has co-opted Apple's famous blueshirts -- albeit with an altered logo -- will it be able to prove that "It Doesn't Take A Genius" to see that Apple is a naked emperor?

This is but one skirmish in what is likely to be a very long fight.