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Apple shows smarter Siri, new MacBooks

Apple's WWDC keynote highlights iOS 6 upgrades such as Facetime freedom, Siri in cars, and Facebook integration.

Today's show has Mountain Lions, MacBooks and Siri, oh my!

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Apple news overload at Monday's WWDC keynote presentation. Here's a quick summary of what you need to know.

Apple's next mobile software, iOS 6, will bring a few changes this Fall, including:

  • Video chatting on Facetime will be available on a cellular network, so no more Wi-Fi restrictions.
  • Apple is launching its own Maps app with a 3D mode, called Flyover. It'll also have turn-by-turn directions, alert users to traffic issues and re-route accordingly. You can also ask Siri for directions.
  • Siri is getting several upgrades, and she'll soon be available on the iPad. She can answer more questions, such as how late a restaurant is open. In the next year, you'll also find Apple is also working with car manufacturers to let you use voice commands to Siri while driving. That'll come out over the next year.
  • You'll see more integration with Facebook, such as using Siri to update a status. You could also pull in photos and calendar events from Facebook.
  • Can't answer a call? Remind yourself to reply later.
  • Hold calls with a Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Use Passbook to organize your tickets and coupons into one app.

The iOS 6 changes are only for iPhone 3GS and newer models, as well as the second and third generation iPads. (Sorry original iPad, you're left behind this time.)

Apple also showed off upgrades to the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and a new next generation MacBook Pro that's thinner with a Retina display.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion will be available in July as a $20 upgrade through the Mac App Store. And among the updates is the addition of Game Center, which lets users play real-time games between different Apple users -- even verus mobile iOS users.

Coming tomorrow: Some non-Apple news. iPromise.

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