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Apple said to be working on Logic Pro 'X' overhaul

A new report claims Apple is cooking up a major new release of its Logic Pro audio software that will bear a similar stroke to what the company recently did with its Final Cut video software.

Logic Studio

Apple's Logic pro audio software could be the next application in the company's line of professional software to undergo an overhaul, a new report claims.

Japanese Apple tracking site Macotakara has a new report out today claiming the next version of Apple's professional audio suite will get a similar treatment to what the company did with Final Cut Pro X. That includes integrating previously separate applications, while selling others separately.

Macotakara suggests that consolidation will be the case with the previously separate Waveburner authoring software being built into the application, with virtual instrument control panel MainStage being sold separately.

Presumably the software will be offered as a digital download through the company's Mac App Store, however that's not mentioned in Macotakara's report. That is what Apple did with Final Cut Pro X earlier this year, whose predecessor was sold as a bundle of software and manuals the size of a car battery.

One detail that will be of intense interest to longtime users is whether Apple makes Lion, its latest OS, a requirement as part of a new Logic suite. If the software requires a download through the Mac App Store, that will require at least Mac OS X 10.6.6, which was released this past January.

Apple's last major release of Logic Studio was in July 2009, with the software selling for $499 to new users, and as a $199 upgrade. Prior to that, Apple released new versions in 2007 and 2004.

Logic Studio makes up one leg of Apple's pro software offerings. Joining it is the aforementioned pro video editing software Final Cut Pro X, which was released in June, and photo library management and editing software Aperture, which saw its last major release in February of last year.

(via Macrumors)