Apple plans 'showtime' for Sept. 12

Tom Krazit Former Staff writer, CNET News
Tom Krazit writes about the ever-expanding world of Google, as the most prominent company on the Internet defends its search juggernaut while expanding into nearly anything it thinks possible. He has previously written about Apple, the traditional PC industry, and chip companies. E-mail Tom.
Tom Krazit

Apple Computer welcomed press and analysts back from the Labor Day weekend holiday with an e-mailed invitation for a "Special Event" on Sept. 12 at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Performing Arts.

Credit: Apple Computer
One of Apple's trademarked "Special
Event" invitations. Previous invitations,
such as for the Rokr music phone,
original video iPod, and the more
disappointing iPod Hi-Fi, have all
served to heighten the buzz that always
surrounds an upcoming Apple product.

The invitation didn't have many details, and an Apple representative did not immediately return a call seeking comment. But it looks like Steve Jobs is in a Hollywood state of mind. Embedded in the invitation is an image of a collection of spotlights highlighting the Apple logo above the words, "It's Showtime."

The early bet seems to be a new for the iTunes store, perhaps accompanied by that iPod that has been in the rumor mill for several months. It has been several months since Apple last updated its iPod lineup, and the company has been expected to introduce new video iPods and new revisions to the for several months.