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Apple CEO says sorry for iOS 6 map mess

Tim Cook says sorry for Apple's map troubles, and CNET Update viewers share their thoughts on iOS 6. Also: Facebook offers option to send real gifts to friends.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he was "extremely sorry" for the frustration felt by customers over the problems with iOS6 maps and vowed Apple will improve the new map program. In a statement, Cook said Apple fell short on its commitment to customers, and he suggests to use alternative apps in the meantime, like Bing, MapQuest and Waze.

The apology came as the iPhone 5 went on sale in 22 additional countries. It also went on sale at some regional U.S. carriers, including Cricket, which is offers it without a contract for $500.

And Google seems to feel that now was a good time announce improvements to its map service. Google Maps added new high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery for many places around the world. Some areas also have 45-degree imagery, which competes with Apple's Flyover maps feature.

Today's Update video features some of the comments, e-mails and Touts you've sent in regarding iOS 6. Although many of you had only positive things to say about Apple Maps, more than half of the e-mails and comments I've read were negative. One viewer told me he got lost last night using map directions. Another e-mailed in a screenshot of Apple mapping his home address in the middle of a bridge. Yet there are others saying that this is not a big deal and that there's more to a smartphone than a map app.

But in non-mapping tech news, Facebook will let you send real bacon to friends. Seriously. Back in May, Facebook bought the gift-giving app Karma, and now Facebook is offering the ability to send real gifts to Facebook friends. The friend must provide their mailing address, and they can select the size, color or even exchange it for something else.

Correction: In the video above and in an earlier version of this post, I gave wrong information about Cricket's iPhone 5. Cricket does not sell the iPhone 5 unlocked. I should have said that Cricket sells the iPhone 5 without a contract. I apologize if my error caused confusion.


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