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Anti-loneliness ramen bowl invites your phone to dinner

The anti-loneliness ramen bowl is here to hold your smartphone at the ready and offer you a warm bowl of soupy comfort at the same time.

Anti-loneliness ramen bowl
Never cry into your ramen again.

Normally, you spend dinner over a hot bowl of instant ramen, silently weeping and watching your salty tears mix with the steaming broth. Banish that loneliness by sharing your meal with a companion that won't give you a hard time or ask when you're getting married. The anti-loneliness ramen bowl will hold your smartphone at the ready so you'll never eat alone again.

The bowl is the creation of design firm MisoSoupDesign. The bowl itself is very sculptural, but the highlight is the smartphone holder that keeps your favorite tech buddy at the ready while you're chowing down.

You might want to invest in a screen protector before loading your phone into the bowl. This could help make cleanup easier depending on how much you slurp your noodles.

It appears that MisoSoupDesign has created samples of the bowl, but there's no word on availability or pricing yet. This does bring up an interesting question. Which ramen goes best with which apps? I'm thinking pork flavor for Angry Birds and beef tomato flavor for Fruit Ninja.

Anti-loneliness ramen bowls
I feel less lonely just looking at these bowls. MisoSoupDesign

(Via DramaFever)