Android's big secret, phone contracts reborn in Podcast 335

We discover Android's secret past and a new dawn for phone contracts, as well as Google Glass, Facebook Home and much more.

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Richard Trenholm
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Batman's murdered parents. Superman's crash-landing on earth. Spider-Man's arachnid encounter. Secret origins are important, and now we've heard about Android's secret past too.

It turns out Android was originally meant for cameras before Google steered the software towards phones instead. And speaking of phones, we explore the revolution in phone contracts taking place on both sides of the pond.

As well as analysing the O2 Refresh phone contract, Andy, Luke and Rich dive into the high-tech specs of high-tech specs Google Glass, and use Siri to call in an airstrike. And all while stood up, in a bold experiment for the podcast team. Can their legs stand up to a full podcast of technology insight?

Then we open the floor to you, viewers and listeners, for your thoughts, comments and questions. Is the HTC First first among equals? Can we uninvent Facebook Home? Are we just getting too old for this stuff?

So whether you're looking for technological help and advice or just need to vent your spleen about the gadgetry of the moment, tell us your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page -- where you can mingle with like-minded tech-heads and peek behind the scenes at CNET Towers too.

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