And the last Blockbuster movie ever rented is...

Company commemorates the auspicious occasion of its final film rental by capturing the moment for posterity.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
It's the end of Blockbuster as we know it. Blockbuster

Most people are shedding no tears over Blockbuster's decision to close its remaining stores.

Still, there was one last special moment to commemorate: the final rental. And that movie was (drumroll, please)..."This is the End," a 2013 comedy about the apocalypse.

It was the perfect kiss-off to a voyage that began with the first store opening in 1985.

The final rental at the once-ubiquitous video rental chain took place in Hawaii at 11 p.m. local time November 9. The moment was captured in a photograph for posterity, though posterity probably won't spend a lot of time looking at it.

Blockbuster tweeted the photo showing a couple of blue-shirted store employees giving the "hang-loose" sign while the beaming customer holds up his copy of the DVD. Everybody just looks so darn happy.

Seth Rogen, one of the stars of "This is the End," supplied his own tweet about the rental, reminiscing about his local Blockbuster.

In an earlier tweet, Rogen described the final rental as "this is nuts and sad." He can count himself among a select group of people who will actually miss the deflated video giant.

So far, there has been no confirmation of whether the "This is the End" rental has been returned or if late fees will apply.

(Via Variety)