Firebox WTF line delivers your Iron Throne and gold vacuum cleaner

Be the envy of all "Game of Thrones" fans, pretend to go back in time driving an electric "Back to the Future" car and clean house like royalty with bizarre new treasures from geeky retailer Firebox.

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We dare you to order this Iron Throne for your home office. Firebox

Many a "Game of Thrones" fan has dreamed of sitting atop an Iron Throne. Should you have £20,000 or $31,400 (about AU$41,000) laying around, you can buy your own full-size replica of the chair that you'd normally have to conquer seven kingdoms, sail to King's Landing or drink your weight in wine to acquire.

The high-end Iron Throne replica comes from geeky retailer Firebox, purveyor of such wacky items as a "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Toht face-melting candle and an "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" monkey brains bowl. Based in the UK, Firebox has recently opened a US version of its site that shows dollar prices.

Firebox has rolled out the red carpet for its new "WTF" line of limited-edition and pricey collectibles, including the 350-pound (159-kilogram) Iron Throne replica.

If the chair to beat all chairs doesn't suit your lifestyle or home decor, there are plenty of other expensive items in the "WTF" product line to destroy your savings. These include an electric DeLorean for reliving your favorite moments from "Back to the Future" for £70,000 or $110,179 (roughly AU$143,000). Sadly, once you've spent your kid's college fund on it, you can't go back in time to make a better decision.

But arguably the best and weirdest item in the WTF line happens to be the world's (allegedly) most expensive vacuum cleaner with 24-karat gold plating for £800,000 or $1,259,194 (about AU$1.6 million). For that amount, you'd think it could clean the house by itself. But no, you still have to push it around the room like a mere commoner.

Only 100 of these gold vacuum cleaners were made. In addition to the gold plating, they also have a lifetime warranty -- as they should for that kind of money.

The vacuum looks like a typical, old-school bag-style model, so don't expect fancy features like remote-control floor cleaning or debris sensors like those on the best vacuums of 2015 we've reviewed here on CNET. But if you're the kind of person who thinks all appliances should be gold-plated, this vacuum doesn't suck, unless you're talking dirt.

Only rich clean freaks can afford this gold vacuum. Firebox