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Amazon is opening a hair salon in London to experiment with new tech, products

The salon will showcase bestselling hair care products and test new "point-and-learn" technology.

Amazon's first hair salon in London
Amazon says salon customers will be able to experiment with different virtual hair colors using AR technology.

Amazon's latest venture into physical stores comes with a twist, and maybe a blow-dry. The retail giant on Tuesday announced the launch of Amazon Salon, where it plans to showcase products and try out new retail and other technologies. 

The salon is located in London and will offer hair care and styling services. It'll also serve as a place for Amazon to test new experiences like "augmented reality (AR) hair consultations to point-and-learn technology," the company said in a blog post. There will be Fire tablets at each styling station, and customers will be able to buy products in the salon from Amazon's UK store by scanning a QR code on the shelf. 

"We want this unique venue to bring us one step closer to customers, and it will be a place where we can collaborate with the industry and test new technologies," said John Boumphrey, Amazon's UK country manager, in the blog post.

The salon will initially be open to Amazon employees, before opening to the general public "in the coming weeks." For now, there are no plans to open other salon locations, Amazon said.