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Adorable 'Alien: Covenant' toys coming from Funko

Funko makes frightening facehuggers and Xenomorphs look cuddly -- well, almost -- with their new Pop Vinyl collectibles.

"Alien: Covenant" characters get the Pop Vinyl treatment.

Members of the colony ship Covenant are bound for a remote planet. When they arrive, the planet seems too good to be true. Little do they know that facehuggers and Xenomorphs are right around the corner in the upcoming film "Alien: Covenant."

Here's a preview of the new lineup of Funko figures of "Alien: Covenant" characters, including David, Daniels and a grinning Xenomorph. They'll be available in June.

Fans can also look for Oram with a facehugger (only available at Hot Topic) and the bloody Xenomorph (only at GameStop).

Each vinyl figure stands about 3.75 inches tall and costs $10 (about £8 or AU$13). Vinyl Pop figures, which are more stylized than realistic, have attracted fans of everything from Star Trek to "Stranger Things."

"Alien: Covenant" opens on May 19 in the US, May 12 in the UK and May 18 in Australia.