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AirPods still the buzz of the iPhone 7 event, but probably not the way Apple wanted

Apple's new pair of white earrings -- I mean wireless headphones -- are taking over social media with a batch of memes created since their debut on Wednesday.

Scott Stein rocking the AirPods this week while covering Apple's event.
James Martin/CNET

Apple's AirPods have created quite a social media stir, whether because of how they look or their $160 price tag.

Reactions to the wireless headphones introduced Wednesday alongside the iPhone 7 include one user on Reddit claiming to have a much cheaper way of converting their original EarPods into AirPods (which can't possibly work).

Just saved myself $159 - Apple Airpods from funny

There's also the YouTube video using a cackling laugh while asking what kind of money grab Apple could possibly be making with this.

And then there was one reaction that shot to the top of Reddit Friday afternoon, which has a very familiar face to us here at CNET. An image from it, which we had to censor, is below, but click here for the full Reddit thread.


CNET's Scott Stein in an AirPods meme that shot to the top of Reddit Friday. Photo censored by CNET.

Reddit user mcdswimr

And if this tweet's photo weren't edited together, Scott would also be one of the newest faces of Times Square.

Apple has not immediately returned CNET's request for comment on this.

Have a favorite AirPods meme of your own? Drop them into the comments of this post.

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