Airbnb permanently bans racist Trump supporter

A host decided to cancel a reservation because one of the guests is Asian.

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Dong Ngo

It's the worst kind of reason to be refused services.

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It can't get any more racist than this.

After having driven for hours in heavy rain and snow to get to an Airbnb house for a weekend in Big Bear, California, a woman and her friends were turned away by the host. The reason? Because she's an Asian.

In response to CNET's request for comment, Airbnb appeared to confirm the incident happened and stated that it doesn't tolerate the type of behaviors the host exhibited and has banned her permanently:

"This behavior is abhorrent and unacceptable. We have worked to provide the guest with our full support and in line with our non-discrimination policy, this host has been permanently removed from the Airbnb platform,"Airbnb's statement read.

The story was shared in an YouTube video, which has been viewed more than 100,000 times since it was posted Wednesday.

According to the video, the Airbnb host, who's also a woman, explained via a text conversation, the reason she decided to suddenly cancel the booking: "One word says it all. Asian." The host continued that she wouldn't rent to the guest even if she were "the last person on Earth," according to the video.

"It's why we have Trump" she added in one of the text messages.