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A typical day in tech wonderland

The CNET News team captures a close-up look at the tech industry throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. From Google's clown bikes to Pandora's noontime concerts to a secret project at the new Samsung Accelerator, this is our world.

San Francisco, one stop on our tour of tech wonderland James Martin/CNET

Location. Location. Location.

There's a reason why big technology companies and innovative entrepreneurs have settled in and around San Francisco and Silicon Valley: to be around all the other people -- entrepreneurs, big-company executives, and investors -- who can help them.

The CNET News team set out to capture a "day" in the life of tech by photographing the people and places that define this unique culture morning, noon, and night.

From Google buses leaving San Francisco in the early morning hours to the deserted streets outside Twitter headquarters at twilight, we set out to show how the people who live and breathe tech start and end each day.

We caught up with everyone from tech stars like Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to startups like Whistle, where dogs help test wearable tech.

And we put "day" in quotes because these photos were actually taken over the course of many days this spring. They're presented to give you a true sense of a typical day in tech wonderland. Check out the photo gallery below.

This project was done by the CNET News team based in San Francisco: Charles Cooper, Claudia Cruz, Connie Guglielmo, Richard Nieva, Seth Rosenblatt, Nick Statt, Donna Tam, Daniel Terdiman, and Shara Tibken. Our project coordinator was photo chief James Martin.