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A big Super Bowl question: Love the doberhuahua?

In an attempt to disdain compromise, Audi offers you a dog from Hell for its new A3.

Hua Hua? Ha Ha?
Audi/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Great Aunt Grace, who normally only comes to your Super Bowl parties because the beer is cold, the food is free and the conversation salty, will be talking about this.

It might even put her off her cold beer and free food. For this is a Super Bowl ad designed to not to amaze Grace.

Audi is desperate to tell you that it loathes compromise.

So to make you salivate over its new A3 sedan and its fragrant innards, it's going to show you a dog that salivates over, well, scaring people shirtless.

"It's disturbing to look at it directly," says a judge at a dog show.

He's talking about the doberhuahua, not the ad. I think.

This odd mating of a doberman and a chihuahua was the idea of an innocent, if devious, man in a pet store.

The owners of its two parents clearly were moved enough to encourage it. I wonder if they watched.

Sarah McLachlan makes a quite beautiful cameo appearance. Clearly, there's a subliminal message here. She's from Canada, the home of compromise. At least that's what Mayor Rob Ford tells me.

So what do you think? Hey, you can open your eyes now.