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9 projects I'd like to see Samsung take on

Since the huge company seems willing to pursue just about any product idea, Crave's Eric Mack decided to suggest some projects he'd like to see Samsung make real.

Could Samsung build a space elevator? Tough to say, but the company is as qualified as anyone to throw money at the idea.

Last month, after Samsung rolled out the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and then followed the introduction of the gold iPhone 5S with its own gold Galaxy S4, I started drafting a list of projects that I'd like to see the gargantuan Korean conglomerate take a stab at. The idea was that since Samsung seems to quickly follow other companies under its own moniker, perhaps I should point them in the direction of a few totally original products that I'd actually like to see made.

Problem is, Samsung is so adept at the art of imitation-as-innovation that two of the items on my original list have already popped up. First there came word that the company is working on its own Google Glass-like device for release next year, and that was followed by the release of the Galaxy Round, the first curved-glass smartphone. (Samsung seems to have won a race with LG to bring the first curved phone to market -- the rounded G Flex is expected next month.)

So without any further delay, lest Samsung release something else without my taking this chance to publicize my input for the company's R&D unit, I present this list of the top nine projects I'd like to see Samsung take on.

To be clear, these are all ideas that fall within areas of expertise of the massive Samsung Group (of which Samsung Electronics is just one subsidiary). A few are admittedly stretching it a bit, but it seems like one of the largest companies in the world shouldn't be afraid to dream big for its "next big thing," right? Got any ideas of your own for Samsung? Let us know in the comments.