5 ways to get the most out of your Instagram photos

Instagram is a popular iPhone photo app that turns an average photo into something amazing. With Instagram you can take pictures, apply retro filters and tilt-shift effects, and upload images within the app for your followers to see. But with such amazing-looking pictures, you are bound to want to use them outside of the app. We show you five sites and services that enable you to make the most of your Instagrammed photos.

Jason Cipriani Contributing Writer, ZDNet
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Jason Cipriani
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Instagram (iTunes link) is a free iPhone application that enables users to upload their photos, apply some filters and special effects, then upload them to a personal timeline. Instagram can turn the worst of photographers into a "photog."

What if you want to do something with a photo or photos you are particularly proud of? We have put together five ways you can use and interact with your Instagrammed photos outside of the Instagram app on your iPhone.

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No. 1: Instagrid.me
One of the biggest drawbacks to the Instagram service is the lack of a Web site. Currently, the Instagram site only allows you to edit your account details, nothing more.

Instagrid is a service that enables you to browse your Instagram timeline. Instagrid will also provide a link to a grid of your Instagram pictures, allowing you to share your timeline with others who may not have had a way to view your photos otherwise.

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No. 2: Insta-great!
Insta-great is another Web site that enables you to view your Instagram pictures and timeline (and other people's timelines), but it goes a step further by supporting searches of ranging criteria. You can search by username, filter types, dates, and location.

Insta-great is what the Instagram Web site should be.

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No. 3: Postagram 
Postagram is an iPhone app (iTunes link) that allows you to send your Instagram photos as real-life postcards (high-quality postcards at that) via snail mail. We have discussed Postagram before, complete with a how-to for using the service.

Postagram is a great service and great way to take advantage of the amazing vacation photos you put up on Instagram. Currently the price for sending a postcard using Postagram is $0.99.

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No. 4: Printstagram
If you want to create a giant poster of every Instagram picture you have ever uploaded, or create small stickers of a few of your favorite Instagram shots, Printstagram is for you.

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After you allow Printstagram access to your Instagram pictures, you can choose whether you want to create a poster or a book of small pictures. You choose which pictures are used, as well as the background of the poster. A poster will set you back $25 and a sticker book will run $10.

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No. 5: Instadrop
If you would like to have your Instagram pictures on your computer as soon as you upload them, and you have a Dropbox account, then Instadrop is for you.

Instadrop connects to both your Instagram and Dropbox accounts, automatically putting every Instagram picture you take into your Dropbox account immediately.

This is a great way to have your Instagram photo files saved on your computer within seconds of uploading the picture to Instagram.

If you have a favorite Instagram-based service that you use on a regular basis, feel free to share it in the comments. There are plenty more out there; these five just happen to shine the brightest at the moment.