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$2,200 Super Mario Lego lamp lights up your gamer life

Two venerable geek touchstones come together in a Super Mario Bros. Lego lamp on Etsy.

Lego Mario lamp
The Mario lamp comes with a remote. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

There's a gentle glow coming from the corner of your bedroom. You fall asleep and enter into a dreamland full of mushrooms, piranha plants and star-shaped power-ups. The glow that shepherded you so softly off into a retro-gaming slumber came from a $2,200 Super Mario Bros.-themed lamp made by Etsy seller PugsnLegos, who we have to assume has some pug dogs along with a rather massive Lego collection.

PugsnLegos' creations definitely fall into the upper echelon of pricey things you can buy that are made from Lego bricks. The Mario lamp is particularly noteworthy due to its well-rendered subject matter and impressive size. The tower design stands nearly 28 inches tall and is 10 inches square at the base.

The whole lamp weighs 10 pounds, which should be a good reminder of how much a bunch of Lego bricks can weigh. The top of the lamp doubles as a tray to hold miscellaneous objects, like sunglasses or a spare Nintendo controller.

The builder didn't just slap a lightbulb down in it and call it day. The lamp is stocked with LEDs that are operated with a remote control, so you can turn the light off and on, ramp up the brightness and change colors. If you ever host a Super Mario dance party, you'll be all set with your dance-floor decor.

If $2,200 is beyond your budget, you can always check out PugsnLegos' Lego Pac-Man light for $275, a smaller creation featuring three ghosties and Pac-Man. It can be placed over an LED candle for a glowing effect. The final masterpiece in the small Etsy collection is a set of Andy Warhol-inspired portraits of pugs wearing glasses. Yes, the pug mosaics are made from Lego, too. Each one contains up to 2,000 bricks. The set of four will cost you $1,600. This item is probably best for someone who really, really, really loves both pugs and Lego.

(Via Technabob)