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15 must-have iPad cases

Just in time for the holiday season, we've dug up a new batch of iPad cases with great designs and killer features.

CNET/Sarah Tew

The biggest change to our on-the-go computing habits in 2010 has been the introduction of Apple's iPad tablet. While ultraportable and Netbook laptops are still very important, there's a pretty good chance that meetings, day trips, and coffee shop work sessions are now conducted with the help of an iPad instead.

Picking the right case for your iPad is important, and we've gone through dozens to compile this roundup of useful ones. We're still searching for the holy grail of the perfect iPad case, but many of the examples collected here are either solid all-around products or else have one or two killer features that the competition lacks.

Of course, what works for you might not be what works for others: do you want an iPad case that's thin? One that's thickly padded? Is a kickstand important? How about a raised angle for typing? Do you need a spare pocket for papers or a lint cloth?

Browse through this collection of iPad casesof all shapes and sizes (which includes both cases from our previous roundup and several new additions). Chances are, there's something there that hits all or most of your must-have bullet points. If not, we want to hear what's missing; let us know what your perfect iPad case entails in the comments section below.

Editors' note: We've deliberately left Apple's own iPad caseoff the list, simply because it's probably the one most people already own, but we love the way it effortlessly transforms into a raised surface for typing.