10 inches is the new 9 inches (for Netbooks, at least)

We're pleased to report that the 10-inch Netbook trend is in full swing, with two big holdouts, Dell and Acer, finally getting on board.

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Dan Ackerman
Dell's upcoming Mini 10 Netbook.

When 9-inch Netbooks started to replace the original 7-inch models, we got firmly behind that trend. When 10-inch Netbooks started to appear, we declared that we liked them better than the 9-inch versions, but many PC makers didn't immediately follow suit.

Now we're pleased to report that the 10-inch Netbook trend is in full swing, with two big holdouts, Dell and Acer, getting on board.

Dell semi-secretly showed off the 10-inch version of its Netbook at CES, minus pricing and details, but now a U.K. store called Tesco has it for sale at 349 pounds, which is about $480. It's currently listed as "out of stock," but has a standard Atom/XP/1GB RAM configuration, with a 160GB hard drive. U.S. details have yet to surface.

Concurrently, Acer (which owns a surprisingly large percentage of the Netbook market thanks to steep discounts on the 9-inch Acer Aspire One), has finally officially announced a 10-inch version of the Aspire One, which may very well completely replace the smaller model in Acer's lineup. Final price and release date are still up in the air.

Update: Turns out the system Tesco is selling is actually a mislabeled 9-inch Dell Mini 9, so we'll have to wait a little while longer for the 10-inch version.