SanDisk Sansa c150 (2GB) review: SanDisk Sansa c150 (2GB)

The SanDisk C player connects to a PC via a proprietary USB cable (supplied in the box), and can be synced with Windows Media Player. Far easier, however, is the ability to directly drag and drop music files into the player itself using Windows Explorer. Photos don't receive the same ease-of-use -- SanDisk's Media Converter software must be used to transfer any digital images across to the player.

The little SanDisk player takes AAA batteries for its power source, but has a fairly low life of about 15 hours. Considering most other players (with rechargeable or replaceable batteries) can boast up to 18 hours of continuous play, the SanDisk C doesn't exactly represent good value, as you'll need a stock of AAAs to keep the player running.

We found the c150 to be a fairly intuitive player to use. The player's menus are sensibly laid out, and feature cute little graphics representing each function. Options are also context-sensitive -- press the options button (down on the scroll wheel) during music playback and it will present music options, picture ones during photo playback, and so on.

One thing that might get some frustrated is the lack of information available on screen at any one time. The C's landscape display can only show three lines of text, which means you'll need to be patient if you're looking for one particular song amongst the hundreds you may have stored on the unit.

Sound quality of the SanDisk C is decent quality, although it falls behind other players we've tested this year including the Sony NW-A1000 Walkman and the Toshiba gigabeat flash (512MB). That said, most non-audiophile users will have no complaints with the SanDisk C. As a bonus, the player features several preset equaliser settings, as well as the ability for the user to modify the settings to their preferences.

FM recording quality, however, is rather poor. Recordings made are played back in mono, which is a bit of a shock to the ears after listening to decent stereo sound when it comes to the radio or music files. Voice recordings are also fairly average -- the C's in-built microphone doesn't have an extremely long range, so recordings made in lecture theatres or large environments become a little hard to make out.

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