Friday Poll: Do you choose the TSA body scanner option?

You're in the security line at the airport, and it's choose-your-own-adventure time. Do you go with the scanner or the pat-down?

TSA scanner image
Jonathan Corbett/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The glamor days of great meals on airplanes, no luggage limits, and easy boarding at airports are long gone. Those Pan Am dreams have disappeared into a maze of airline money-saving efforts and increasingly personal TSA security checks.

Ever since the TSA rolled out its revealing body scanners, we've been in the midst of a contentious privacy versus security debate.

The quickest path to catching your plane is usually through a scanner that generates an image that looks like it came from some sci-fi world peep show. Now a federal court is fussing at the TSA for its failure to hold public hearings and issue rules related to its scanners.

Airline passengers do still have options. You can choose a pat-down rather than go through the scanner, but it can come at the sacrifice of time and convenience. You also have to put up with someone rubbing you down, looking for illegal items. It's up for debate which option is more intrusive.

When you're in the security line at the airport, what option do you choose? Do you go the path of the body scanner or go for a pat-down instead? Maybe the thought of either choice makes you want to strip naked in protest. Vote in our poll and talk it out in the comments.