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We'll give you unbiased buying advice and reporting on everything that moves you today, plus insight into everything that will move you a decade from now. We'll inform with the latest news on the industry and entertain with the most amazing automotive video on the web. To drive this, we've built an amazing team of veteran auto journalists, tech gurus and peerless video producers -- people with the knowledge, the skill and the perspective to craft an incredible suite of fresh content every day. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Meet the Team

  • Tim Stevens- Editor in Chief 
  • Brian Cooley- Editor at Large
  • Wayne Cunningham- Managing Editor
  • Donovan Farnham- Social Media Editor
  • Marc Ganley- Senior Producer
  • Brad Gentile-Associate Video Producer
  • Antuan Goodwin- Reviews Editor
  • Emmie Hall- Reviews Editor
  • Andrew Krok- Associate Editor
  • Evan Miller- Associate Video Producer
  • Chris Paukert- Managing Editor
  • Drew Stearne- Executive Producer
  • Nichola Miotke- Video Producer
  • Robert Weber- Editorial Assistant/Video Editor
  • Jon Wong- Auto Reviews Editor

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Highlighting the best in innovative, disruptive technologies and products in the automotive world. As tech sectors converge, and cars become more complex, it's become harder for consumers to know what developments matter most for their lives. The Roadshow Shift Awards cut through the confusion to recognize the most innovative and important developments in the car industry each year. The winners aren't just benchmarks, they're driving the industry towards a smarter and entertaining future.


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