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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1567: Galaxy Nexus hands-on, copyright freakout, and Computer Love

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1567: Galaxy Nexus hands-on, copyright freakout, and Computer Love

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On this week's show, Jessica Dolcourt joins us for some hands-on time with the Galaxy Nexus--and that peek is all you get, since there's still no U.S. release date for that sucker. Ridiculous. Also, Google Music recapped and a tag-team SOPA rant, plus Stephen Beacham's awesome new segment: Into It or Not Into It. You will love it, and you will dance. All that and Computer Love, to boot! Settle in!

Today is Thursday November 17 2011 my name is Steven -- -- I have ryazan. I am Hollywood -- and a buzz out loud cnet's podcast of indeterminate length it is episode 15161. And we have the lovely just a little court in the Alice and -- nano because we have -- -- suppressed before we -- that hot easily quickly if you look over my. Of legal Diane Brenner the -- -- we have our friends -- -- I O'Connor from London from. Well hello -- -- yeah that's a studio audiences. Thanks for joining us -- -- to hang out with us on the show the game. Product came all the way from London adjustment it accidentally her that's pretty alpha. Indicative not really anything -- that -- attempt Cisco -- when. Stop I've gone back down -- street and there are guys that amazing quick turnaround in and so they -- and end and we do encourage. All of our friends listening that are in the area to drop -- -- you might be so lucky totally and at. Then send an email -- at cnet.com and YouTube could be Brian -- little -- today. Are all right -- adorable all right but the big the big news today I know in the very excited freaks of the week we are. We have the galaxy nexus. -- -- -- Not only is it real now we have it. The review is alive and that just Kindle court reviewed this phone and Janet Chapman with Kent German -- what in a word. How is it. Awesome but that -- has -- -- really fast so they. I like awesome but but but hey and able will basically -- consider two things there's the phone right and then there's operating system. The photo itself is good and it's like -- and it's got exactly what you would expect a high -- -- but with -- the new ice cream sandwich in 104 point oh operating system. It's just found kind of like HTC resounding end the Motorola RAZR which mails every year which is an editors to and I -- you can I would like to. Melting ice cream paint out -- currently exam is supposed to and it's. There it is it's kind of like the galaxy nexus on the slick Reynolds kind currently being made in recent opinion on them so I think -- I'm kind of busy of the things. Now please I don't know I'm kind of busy with their and now and I have talked about curved glass than ever been able to -- and -- or interface but my -- -- I'm not gonna. He had to take it and clone humans -- -- like an impact on the moon to a new -- and. What am I schemes that would bring into the table that's okay the -- the -- I gotta say of the RAZR editor's choice RAZR phone entity. Like in the Android world things are -- up in my opinion aria. And a nexus with friends it's so. So basically ice -- -- Google has gone ahead and -- -- almost every single thing and it does -- -- -- sleek and sexy and like in this drop down menu and everything like that it's -- folders which are really really cool. I'm and they work really well it they have redesigned everything. -- -- folders every little -- -- The calling screen -- different calling people it's different email has lots of cool stuff. And there are new things in the camera that's like every single thing and adding editing built in editing -- the built in editing features or create a invisibly what they've done is they've combined they've taken like honey. And Andreas and -- not spend together can't follow sometimes. Known as -- drop resistant. -- -- -- -- -- A sampling yet and they're not as stuff Eric and I Moneyline got up the Somaliland if you want the humvee version you definitely need to that the county -- Kevlar -- -- -- thank -- -- next and I highly like papers in on the back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Google services -- the letter. -- comes preloaded. I -- the other when myself. And Maynard alert I wanna I wanna -- started out fairly accurate actually with a comparison that they've been asking for which is how because it title screen folded up and housing has earned on though. It's like a baby tablet I mean that's not far from can aspire to four point six I don't find funny yes but. If you name and you explain how it's super light and it's super then that's how they compared that on your own eyes. It is super secret -- -- Yet it is very -- saint here's a doctorate RAZR but so overall you guys -- reviewed that you said. Right it has the power and other phones but what really differentiates it right now is ice -- -- it's absolute. Let me just say one thing about the screen because the screen is bigger -- this phone is lost all of the physical control on the bottom. So basically -- part of that extra height and screen size is to accommodate the controls. So when you actually turn the phone on. And you hold the screens next to each other. It's basically. The same. Interesting you almost snack packs and it is very bright though -- there's some new screen technology in there and is thinner. There are only able HD display and in Scottsdale and super amoled which is just like awesome awesome awesome awesome. All the time and other public really -- -- lake HTC resound has also. HD -- like -- public good bit like Samsung is just their colors -- it to me and how is because mine. And our review says that ice -- damage can be a little bit messy yet that's been my experience is that these Android update that are. Not always as polished as you want them to be so what's -- -- agreed it's -- hot mess. Com on the overall well here's here's what it is -- Hot mess -- -- -- patent sometimes it's a game lakes I mention it if you kinda got likes -- girls this is the poultry you. Been there done that and -- are totally gonna be scanned later but it's sort of like. -- screen looks like -- And then something else it's totally different and it's -- it's like a little bit jar and then there are also a couple screens that I think to -- Lackey and they're a little bit busy. And and mimic -- -- and so for example like they can have this whole -- click -- and Adam that's. -- that's lake all the way to screen shots. And is that your photo gallery his yeah -- my -- gallery and musical. God and I've got -- an Olympic treaty to slightly and it looks -- just as it's a bunch of screen shots and so if it was your picture of your friends and all that's Thompson but that's what it anyway. Religious like tiles on a regular photo gallery understand there's no space between them have they exactly they don't but it's not as well designed to link the windows plus there's this other weird thing like if you go in there that apps top box just equivalents eleven edit widget to get it out on night I like the design of the phone hands down but that -- music and video -- -- -- -- A border around land a little bit of MySpace thing and that a simple thing and clicked on the stinky also. So. They've gone ahead and they -- something so they've totally -- the menu system in this and that some one of the biggest complaints is that there's this huge learning curve with integrated. That you have to -- -- -- things for things happen. And -- straight -- this -- of service a lot of things which is -- Like the menu is now like an actual menu button. Hands on things like that but another and there are other things that you just have to know about in if you don't know about -- it's like fix some things to create other. Issue so they're still learning curve that is always -- -- but I would -- overall -- they've done a really good job within and it's powerful I think it's gonna look better on tablet. It's to be honest and -- also when I look at this this picking it up because most the time that practically a lot of -- a lot of the Android fans. You know they're used that -- this is the most modern look -- Android OS by far just the visual the visuals of it. It looks sexy so the people that are down to digging into all the different menus and things. I don't I don't know -- dole you know. -- it is turn off either but here -- -- -- special because we have a special guest in the house this is only available in the UK right now our friend Connors dizziness from one animal to touch the hello hello -- -- -- -- eighty because he has been looking at us I think they. Are just get like what did you just do. Peninsula dot -- -- they've become. I -- it is an exhibit no no it is called and let's ask the question is the elephant in the room because when it is coming -- facial. Out that now when I think coming out in the United States and -- -- don't really stay right -- in the I asked that's. I asked yesterday. And answer was that there -- not going at this this phone has been under NBA locking Xena have been able to whisper -- and -- anyone. But I did ask Google as a necessity we're going to have each US and my and the -- -- -- -- it just Indian dance to things that they weren't gonna have a release date by. Sending -- -- morning when. We could unwrap it. Wrapping the that there is an error reports that it could be pushed back as far as December on Verizon that -- on me today -- and you. You can't not a Verizon LTE promises that it GSM version -- we are testing it on T-Mobile beaten. So oh so -- ago -- -- sorry for leaving in higher -- there everybody. We talked about how -- we have no idea they really need to get that out before Black Friday but if at least some of the rumblings in postings are saying that it won't even make that and it'll be December we got to that they. Has frozen -- has plague to when attending easily integrate elements and -- great I mean I feel like you can probably blame Verizon for -- delay but maybe not completely and I actually don't know very friendly and all from the theater five bone out the door -- what we're saying it like it's just it's sort of like -- and. While long. Knowing you -- -- But that is the galaxy nexus -- -- they're taking pictures and indented at. I love -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you for giving us the rundown and and we album -- -- Jessica is taking over a lot of the self on the mobile phone reviews duties -- and German so we can look forward to many and more. On show reviews thank you that was that those those -- I think I -- as. I got okay add that wow that you know but if Adam Curry was a deal to -- -- just -- court might have to settle -- -- Get it added or other than a single flag that was actually pretty -- I have added king yeah -- do it self -- -- second like I was like. And added there now heard it okay I can't move -- -- of that is speaking of Google Google held their big music announcement yesterday announcing them that pretty well leaked in revealed Google music service. We covered -- live in case you missed it -- that but -- the basic gist is. Google music download and locker service available now. Lets you share your music on Google+ a social network and then for and what we talked about towards the end in kind of talked about even more after our show is really who does this. Affect the most. Other than Android users BW the marketplace the artists who are really -- -- take control. Of their digital distribution of their own music -- that I was that was the biggest but again that doesn't necessarily affect us the consumers well. Guys any if anything actually type Google music was a wave bigger announcement for artists and for consumers it was kind of a -- to -- -- -- it was it was something that I think. Helps solidify the Android ecosystem it helps them you know have a music service. That will compete with iTunes on their phones. It is that I actually thought this is a great description and that -- and the telegraph. They called it an unimaginative missed opportunity. And I have to say although that's -- Parse the more I thought about it -- that's actually what it was at its it is no more then. An iTunes like download and locker service that doesn't. Even bake in that while pandering if they also announced some updates standard that said it's like fully baked in and everytime you Google piece of music. -- like if you look up at his music on Google you would have a link to this music sort of quietly -- you know some really baked inexperienced. And also if you're gonna go social go to social right you can only have sharing and Google+ he should also not sharing on FaceBook that drives people to that service. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know how am I X I know but I don't know how imagine if they could've been like the reason why they couldn't -- the social. And I know the reason why they couldn't share the sun every social network is the labels we noted that. I like Europe this summer this hold the whole music services that we have you can offer interest -- things I don't. I don't know if there's some major left that that they could have done that would have made -- -- while we're floored but again it did creativity of what they can do. Is still limited by the distribution of the music labels is only gonna be available in the US. It's not even you know initial idea -- what. Three of the four labels -- on what they were clearly preventing them from sane route and allow you to integrate this with other services because -- one share play. Was was probably even bold enough in and they agreed to. Now -- as they could have. They could share links to by the store at Google music on FaceBook and there is probably some sharing that down and have done I assume you're probably right Libya that sharing the whole -- but that could have been like a benefit that you get if -- on Google+. And you get you can share a 32 preview on to FaceBook. Like I'm pretty certain on -- -- they gonna come out some FaceBook sharing thing in the future I mean this. That's how Google moves they'd do everything real fast and then they can put it all the other layers. Yet here eight years behind iTunes via -- -- I just feel like you gotta come out of the gate with a little bit. I think it may -- is a little bit of a missed opportunity or you know it's it or it didn't need. A press conference. Right yeah it's the kind of thing -- is coming out with it and a matching product. -- eight years catching up right you don't need to do it -- so you're gonna make it into like a big event. Do better. I mean it's it's just because it's a music service it's hard to allow people no matter what because we we already for the most part -- seen what's on the table I don't. I didn't expect when we were even there listening to it not there but when -- -- alive who -- -- and expect to be blown away. I I don't know how they -- I really don't know how to no idea why -- as an immensely as in Canada and us is that kind of the thing that we see in tech press press console these days. Minimal you know stuff that doesn't blow us away that's a -- OK -- and move and run off FaceBook Google does this. It to them it's more relevant has to be in the news or say instead of blower blower -- -- -- that's what he would then what is the point of Google music if it's just like -- -- talking about it but no one's -- use any of you people are already. People already have options for buying digital -- those options are not just. Options their -- like the habit of people now as I go to iTunes and I may be go to Amazon. And if Google is going to steal even a singles -- or provide clearance. -- -- -- -- At least as good. And ideally better and I'm not sure that I see in any better here you know. -- and allied I don't feel like. -- and don't you know you know you might be right about -- a lot of data as conferences -- -- they really have to do press conference is just a catchup feature I didn't attach. Maybe that maybe they -- it's -- catch up where we're gonna have a new labor did -- may end at its catch up. I'm excited and I think a lot of artists are gonna get involved and they're gonna like share their music for free and then it's gonna like open up a -- like new discovery thing for a lot of people seeking a final on -- new music you -- from before and I think it's gonna be a hoax though I mean I definitely I think artist. Part of it is pretty cool. -- are at -- and it will add to that -- -- -- the effectiveness of that the baby. To -- -- now vegetable according to the earth literally what's yet to US that the congress is trying to pass the bill enabling. Calling pizza and vegetable it's it's a whole like food lobby -- -- -- we shouldn't get -- you're messing -- -- -- right now and honestly that's why it. We saw of that so -- via a -- on the news and it in flamed me. Yeah I'm kind of upset right now about your life and now there are connected via an -- RA I Google Hulu -- -- -- planetary recognized as you know they can share your music for free YouTube. Yes well that's a huge thing as YouTube lot of artists are putting all their music on YouTube and that's how I get all the tunes -- like. We're talking about some song here and I'll go to YouTube right away the Apple iPhone like I now says Google+ there is Google music superfluous and I don't always you know we talked -- a little -- during the press count of how they can at least put hooks of the music videos that they make tons of money off of and then drive that traffic towards Google+ and their and their market so I think it is I wanna see them integrated. Integrated all better -- I wanna see them turn -- Microsoft where they have all the amazing pieces and they just have to close down loop into have a really good ecosystem like elderly that will be the future development Robert does make -- -- -- -- That you don't if you do switch to Google music you don't have to open a bloated pig that is -- to not to win right there. And one other thing I do know is that the Google music that's been offered for free on that service. Results compatible for YouTube if you want to take over iTunes and then use it on iTunes match service so -- -- They match the songs that you haven't downloaded from -- so you could take songs from Google music and then put them in your iTunes and and now -- him yet there's there's always -- if that's okay. All right -- Google also really re released that Gmail IOS app that debuted you like absolutes is that or arrogantly think -- well. They fixed it they say they fixed the glitch that was in the first version re release it but apparently a lot of users are still saying it's a dud because it doesn't do enough. I was an impressive the first version I wasn't interested at the new updated one -- I left it alone and -- in the browser. Yes I mean I used IA. Route all of my Gmail accounts through exchange on the iPhone because that is the best way to get Google sync to integrate -- -- to bring import all your contacts and stuff. And that supports multiple Gmail accounts which this does not. And that that to me is particularly sorry I I have more than the one. So I don't know we'll -- again it feels like something -- sort of pushed out and it needs more work. But they keep on doing that and it's sort of feeding this -- And started to get this feeling about grueling -- -- it -- then I don't the whole word polished is an early. Part of their lexicon -- like seriously and people ultimately you kind of want that you know. We'll see I really actually just seriously chat seriously doesn't -- -- -- an Android phone with Diana did not -- That a macro. You could do that so I mean when I was in college I would do that he'd like really in high school and college I was down with. Had a full time -- limited. Company defense. -- but not to the stuff that were really matter -- So the stop online -- act yesterday at the House Judiciary Committee. Had to. -- hearing if you could call -- that on the -- on line piracy act which is that is the house version of the protect protect IP thank you know that anti antipiracy and anti counterfeiting -- of that has been making its way through the senate. But Silva is. So much -- come and there had been. Luckily sort of it took a long time actually I think for people to get appropriately fired up about -- possibly because when they read it it sounded like a joke. Because it. Just intranet due process and that DM -- safe harbor provisions and puts copyright owners in charge of. -- -- and there's no due process to take down these sites. It's insane so yesterday there was this hearing in which. It was I mean it was a complete champ right four of the five witnesses at this committee hearing were for the bill. Though is the lone witness against it was a lawyer from Google who -- disliked the sweetest little woman in the world and uses like. And it was just senators yelling at her. How do you how do you even set -- the hearing with only one representative from this from from the side -- -- support and yet it's Lake Powell while. Might as will not even show up as well not even have a hearing nevertheless. That strategy appears to have backfired also because really. The people now I think are so -- was trending on Twitter in San Francisco yesterday and and so was stop online piracy act Zynga FaceBook Twitter huge consortium of web companies now are just. Hitting the streets. Trying to get this thing shut down and in fact this is a great story that BT panting and take the -- I outsold what happened is the -- sponsor. Who really had -- sign off and champion -- and the stop piracy you know act forward. He after the hearings after hearing all this because one at one of the other for -- -- this is that they did to have. Any spokespeople. Who are technically competent on the side of explaining how this breaks the Internet how does breaks DNS -- -- -- potentially affects the future of DNS sec which is kind of the security system that they've. Worked on to put -- placed it. -- of located targets -- of a web sites. They had no one to speak on how that would fundamentally break into how the Internet works no one in the room had an answer at all so during these hearings representative Lamar Smith. Who again was initially -- of the champions of the of the bill then said you know what I'm I'm a little uncertain about moving forward. How how aggressively should -- this mean we need to look at this more and he's kind of changed his his take. And -- -- legal this is what right do we really offering how far this can extend so went at. The least so one. Who who admitted himself during the -- but he's not technically savvy or advanced at least saw that maybe this is reaching a little too far idea. I mean it was this to me is that the most telling story of all the most telling anecdote in this long sad story because. It shows. So clearly but I think Lamar Smith most likely didn't even read this billboard -- -- partly their -- several articles about how he is a super anti regulation. Representative and yet this would impose unbelievable. Regulations like a huge set of federal regulations that would require you know maintaining a blacklist of blocked domains and and out and out censorship and in the government and that would put a huge regulatory burden. On not just companies but. Our federal resources as well that's not his style and all right what happened is let's be honest I -- -- -- the MP AK man with a hand written bill. They gave it to this guy with a sack a money. And he took -- to congress and -- now only now that people are reading it that there petitions everywhere to stop this it's just. It is too. Extreme and many congress people have argued that you know the status quo may not be working. We actually don't know because the entertainment industry has been so are unable to actually quantify their -- that's right there are lots of anecdotal stories but every time they do a study. It's it's either. Trumped up and not true or it is somehow in -- in terms of their actual. -- there -- laws against counterfeiting their laws against piracy like the idea of handing over enforcement. To private industry to this extent which circumvent. Due process and possibly free speech as a constitutional guarantee is too extreme. And the kind of thing that never should even come to the floor for about. -- -- Luckily there are many many places for you to take action will have a link in the -- Show notes to one in particular sponsor by the electronic -- -- -- frontier foundation. Because you can put in your zip code here and it will direct you straight to. The member of congress that you need to -- and you need to call your senators and your representatives because both protect IP and -- -- -- -- -- Let's -- be a little more proactive on this it's it's a huge issue and -- think there's no way we've already seen that even a couple weeks -- how we just can't trust the studios to do the right thing. That they they gave them a Paper with three bullet points and if I was sure you know at the -- -- congressman congresswoman they have so many things on the plate. While -- and Rita -- when it just says stop piracy online I stop a legal movies and games from being distributed online. Let's target those sites that's pretty much probably what -- -- -- And of course are gonna be like we need to stop this we do bring back jobs to America our America. Look -- they've they had. In it pretty cynical plan and attempted to make it all about Rogue web sites overseas which is part of the problem for sure absolutely. But this bill gives you haven't heard the script fifty times or -- if there was like. One. So this would let any copyright holder make a complaint against any web -- to let's say there's a link let's say you're -- and music. Blonde -- music aggregation blog and you collect a lot of stories and links to music it's services then and locations. And you've got like one link on one page of your website that goes to something that doesn't beavers people feel violates its copyright in some way. They can send a complaint to your highest peak and to your payment processors. MasterCard or PayPal or one of those. And your ISP and PayPal or MasterCard under this law would have to. Act to block payments and or take down the domain and the website within five days and no due process no conviction required. And then the recourse for you is limited at best in terms of filing a counter notice and getting your site put back up -- And it gets to the point where -- -- -- it's just easier to just like take. They would have to it like Google would have to -- -- many thousands more people to constantly be actively monitoring every single thing like appeared aggregation site in -- not you don't have Google's resources to shut down now. If you are screwed. Without a huge force of people to make sure that you're in compliance with what is essentially. Massive state -- centers. Via its funny that you mentioned -- -- because I can't I couldn't find the article but he'd actually been asked on a radio interview about this. And he's against it really he's against port deal and -- he's against the bill because he under he understands. How it breaks little I don't know how much he reads until but at least he's been educated enough to realize how it actually. Hurts the Internet hurts people how they can get access to things he's not -- and sure he knows people are stealing results -- -- growth. Some people buy it. If he's he's a Jessica -- -- only really certain artists are at least educated on what's really happening in at least a consent to -- It that I don't bonnet. An unintended consequence that the -- Frankly unbelievable. Hopefully will be able to stop that now also it's really frustrating to see all these congress people just basically attacking Google. And they all orbits that like Google the problem remember you -- Amazon local deal -- -- -- have -- -- your own brain and I set up if I if -- Google. Things I find links to illegal web sites. So that was another ignited of that kind of make -- newspapers. Not ever report stories and I mean it's just like they're the delivery mechanism for search results the idea of making them the police for this is. That -- it -- is a fundamental change in the way that the Internet works. A nugget in the hearing is one of the people on behalf of either on the copyrights or -- NPA said if you search for. You'll probably find it on Rogue sites first. At the top the search so someone -- And it was like there were no illegal sites you know their does arguing that it will be up at the top ten of course. They were legitimate articles ever know like a legal download links -- Google's doing what they can but he didn't show up in the cursor. One -- DMC -- are safe harbor laws right now if someone makes a complaint to Google and says hey. This -- this information is out there -- Google is responsible for taking it down like we already have a mechanism for that and it works Google had to sit there and say. We don't get everything but our turnaround time now -- six hours if we can verify that -- is -- copyright infringement that's pretty -- but the but these -- I mean. Look this is a law that would allow the federal government to take Google offline. If this stuff shows -- -- that's. It is it is contrary to not only the DM CA but the federal communications decency act which -- has -- -- The net since the eighties before the web because. They understood that there has to be -- protection for the fact that sometimes content goes up on your site that you don't control whether it's comments or search results. This is a law that would completely turn that on a -- -- So if if this passes -- Baidu Google IE being face. A a pretty much every senator. I have pretty much every five Internet everybody obsessed in the eyes and an independent and Internet. At a budget congress people who are firmly in the pocket of the entertainment industry -- like. -- and they still don't use Internet. Alright guys were to deteriorate. We that we have more sobering news about malware and how companies are like in -- your phones and how they wanna know everything about you can -- all. That the show gets better quality audio gets a lot of army buying ahead but don't panic -- also -- computer love and a brand new segment they're branding as a whole lot of -- bill. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Blu. Did. Hi there this is our -- from Brazil. Ask the salesperson general buzz out loud what -- to do to solve the problem. You know what I need translations my friends you guys are amazing I don't you notice that every Cingular -- but I don't care about them. We have an arrogantly we are we aren't we are -- Internet world line. -- maybe it's alright guys -- get back to chilly up latest up to talk about we're not here to pile on Android because. We really -- but producer does sometimes present the facts -- and talk about them reassembling them so. Juniper Networks global threat center did -- analysis of way you know we've heard about malware on the Android platform and now in an in article from CNET talks about how Android could be a malware. Time bomb so he -- some of numbers that you know you should be aware of October alone showed a 110%. Increase in malware. Over the previous month on the Android platform specifically. -- we've heard about apps that can oppose. As other apps like acting I don't remember if there's a Netflix app -- was enough pretends to be it then when you jump on it. It either installs malware directs you to other sites puts a bunch of garbage on your phone or put you on a nasty spam list. On the previous month there was a 100 -- 1% increase from July. -- it's not the only Juniper Networks is the only -- -- talk about how just the overall duration towards the openness of the Android. Platform has herded and something nice -- at least he aware of. Well that and and being the most popular mobile -- OS they probably I like how weird they Google's suffering a Microsoft problem then and -- -- although it is more than and it's a little bit easier to them potentially download some of those and. The other thing is that he's not gonna stop because we saw how -- rate hackers target malware people target the largest broadest audience via. And and the nature of their LS and that combination. Is -- -- is able Seymour of that some -- Although they're not only ones with security problem on console in a apparently a developer has already released tools that can crack series security. And will this could be kind of cool maybe I guess it might -- that anybody could run it -- an Android app uses the real theory product. So that this is pretty crazy so they -- they -- pretty much how -- communicates to their servers and way. Is needed to do what needs to happen on the apps side is that Apple has a -- iPhone. Apple identifier novel idea identifier that is used to speak to that server. So they're able to -- or faith in Apple idea on your non Apple device. Today and communicate with Siri the ten. Pretty -- be able to use the service on your -- now it's not a widespread thing yet they they have offered its. I guess a certain company's -- tools are being available online rate a group I don't want -- necessarily promote it or say. -- -- -- I can be used to that was -- -- -- about valuable -- opens up a Gateway to malware stole one of the council once did and did you mean Apple indium. -- new client palladium. That's -- listed in the what's it mean in the Apple Bryant is a talent that I I and save -- two years and I'm the president and gotten. -- -- -- more true until now that. That mobile security is going to be a very big -- increasingly a very big deal and there's no you know it's not necessarily weaknesses and anyone methane. Obviously be able walled garden it's easier to keep out. Malware but it's not it is certainly not foolproof and in -- the trade -- with open might be more malware but. There also needs to be a better awareness of security issues for -- so. I'll say it now also -- -- -- Apple medium. Is working further crack tools to work on multiple devices. Sorry for everyone I'm gonna have a doubling in names and other names with the snacks are pleased -- -- AT&T. T-Mobile. It XT developers has a fascinating. Right up about. The discovery of this CIQ. Carrier IQ piece of software that they haven't they been investigating its embedded into most mobile devices. Android Nokia Blackberry and more. I'm assuming non Apple devices. But it is essentially rootkit software. That's disc that's installed in the ram of the device where it lives at its hidden from view as most -- care rootkit software. It is it's invisible it's hard to get rid of and it does. Unbelievable. Information gathering about your device now in theory it's. Just there to collect metrics about your kind of carrier interactions -- it like where -- era -- -- all there one generic went exactly but. So it can it eight. It -- so many metrics that for example and one single network admin. That person could know that you had a dropped call at five -- California. Where in California you were located. What you're doing with your phone at that given time like maybe what apps you -- accessing Florida texting how many times you access to your apps until that time and yes what you have typed into your device to -- can actually. Also act. As a key -- This is this is insane and it exists on the ram but it's hidden because if you up to -- -- and it appears to be. Carrier installed now Elinor mills from news.com has reached out to all the carriers for comment is gonna be writing this up a little bit later said please look for our story and that -- news.com. But right now it appears to be similar to the information and Verizon. Remember a few weeks ago Verizon announced. That they were gonna start collecting all this -- information about you and gave you the ability to opt out and we were like we've got -- because only crap that the evil. But it turns out that Verizon may have just been the one who came forward. And told us that they were gonna start collecting or had been collecting all this information probably via root -- -- like this. Where that looks like everybody else may just be doing it. Without telling you and in fact sprint has denied the existence of the carrier IQ software. The carrier IQ is there business games is that it's not you know some hackers opera unite off the shelf and it's meant to do exactly this -- is that you is a customer. You don't. Who -- -- be -- to see if they have outright denied this and they're actually line the -- Because if it is in fact installed on all Android based phones on the ram. But if they're they're like oh no that was previous findings and that I think what happens there were an expert told us that doesn't exist and we relate but -- Before. Though -- -- we'll see you will see how that shakes out but via -- -- a followup article and get the word from the carriers if -- respond appropriate I hope they do and I hope that the result is opt out option opt out messages. Available to all immediately so you know. -- there may be may or may not be a rootkit on your phone. But they're also might be away with the Kindle fire -- -- -- has been asking like ten I root. This device myself. And it looks like super one click. Is is this way that you can then get access to the we know about side loading apps that the it's the -- check mark in the settings. But over XDA there's a walk through on how to -- -- Kindle fire bloom. The today gala and -- potentially installed. Custom firmware we don't I mean I don't think there is any custom firmware available for yet but there may be -- other apps. I was actually really fast even before exam is something out for that -- community which is amazing. At. I'm -- rates for these devices that was like wicked fast as a member it'll void your warranty he. I don't think take care without -- to -- -- unless there's a factory restore. -- please. FaceBook confirmed this week to -- -- the quick wrap up that they had been investigating. That -- I don't know if you sagas -- depends on how. Web savvy your friends -- but if you did so that suddenly seen the worst pictures in the entire world showing up in your news feed I think Aniston not just hardcore porn like. Legally any damages and a little like what talk like animals is -- and really badly and are. Really -- FaceBook said that it has tracked down the exploit. But they've closed the -- the browser exploit that was allowing these these -- images to start showing up and that they think they've cleaned up all the spam. There's also a tutorial. Posted on the cnet.com about how to fix the problem we. No one exactly knows who was behind it -- Amazon had bowed to did to bring down FaceBook remain anonymous anonymous via that network. But yeah it gives an internal memo and -- -- a lot of things in the industry cannot. -- -- -- Anyway people who are vowing to like leave FaceBook -- so anonymous had had threatened to bring them down on Guy Fawkes day on November 5. And they have also railed against you know face -- -- -- be -- to be put up a picture of negative they'll take it down cycle that's important in -- -- so. -- anonymous has been after them for the hypocrisy of that so. There seems to me BB -- connection there but nobody does pressure. -- -- trying to get rid of that -- top stories like the news articles and your FaceBook feed hadn't even getting that that is on line. It's like them whenever I go to my FaceBook the number one thing is like. These top articles and I guess articles -- your friends -- -- -- you can you know in the top left hand corner. Here's a way for you to turn off when FaceBook selects what our top stories and I turn that off every time in every day I still see those hours playing on and I just wanna go crazy re. And we're all fine and actually working on a -- column about -- I think is because totally broken sharing with those stories because not only are they they're all the time driving me crazy but if you click them. You don't get the story you have to like going -- sort of app -- you get that thing it's like. It's all just an of the of the Washington Post and then let the Washington Post auto post to -- every time you read an article you know what no that is not sharing with such an -- scam. To generate back. But at the everyone knows what we're talking about your Halloween where I was like I thought that candidate for the first time -- is annoyed on the top left corner and try to hide it does not so is also shot and then you know what sometimes they're not stories one of -- and one of those or like you said I was okay I'm. I'm gonna at least look at this -- -- -- to -- -- I. And added that a little pop up to app. I -- -- you know and I've just been out now I'm like afraid to click a link on FaceBook than a slate like how to wanted to read this but I know it's it can be -- -- app admin. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- look for them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's on interest and some you know I mean and -- those articles are ridiculous but eight years and soul I forgot to plug Jessica's thing. To that was -- Molly rants and it reminded me. That -- he has an eyebrow read above her article she interviewed Busta Rhymes of the Google music Leo does need incidents the -- now there's some pictures. -- -- you gave her -- -- did she just exodus that it remembered appointment now I'd just add -- day I thought she might I wish. I was shamelessly self promoting and and that reminded me. -- from across from our -- let's let's find out what else -- -- -- -- this week. Okay Zynga the creator of all things innovative and things we never heard Zynga. Is launching farm -- -- and a new game does anyone wanna guess in the chat -- what the new game will be called from farm bill without knowing. Guess what guys news flash castle -- that the -- -- bid to capitalize on the popularity of game author owns a castle. Hill castle bill. A fund that I have a friend hours either -- rip on don't even invite me dull. Don't even play the -- But how many of -- in your stable do you have I don't give a I've been pretty in the game -- -- it now mad about that if it's -- can't -- why -- -- -- we have we have an hour and a half times you're why are you had -- I read notes. I have a 1000. Page books in like two and a half monthly -- at a decent night's sleep in two and -- half months. And -- and -- them fit but ended in the middle of the story so for those -- got the dance with dragons with the and of the -- it is not. And then -- like no idea I just. I -- like looking at the Kindle yet more and more suspicious and realizing -- -- it's but I am 75%. Of the way through this fifth -- but I don't it doesn't seem to be drawing to a close. And then they couldn't be farther from resolution. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It may take one to two years to come out like them the most recently you're gonna buy it that's a big that's that's a spoiler and actually get to it. You know I'm not telling you what happens connect to evaluate how can happen but don't know. But it way to prepare your -- To announce a deal testimony about the -- that I'm reading -- okay so we know whatever the Steve Jobs biographies sometimes we cover the -- so much we needed to detox period. Before I started reading the book someone like -- 250 or something. Steve Jobs cries a lot -- not. In the book where -- like to twenty you can even do a search I don't know if any of you read this or -- -- -- He is -- at least. Eight to ten times heavily on page 220 I -- -- not and the writer Walter eyes and kills you with this because Steve we'll get in an argument a solid and then. Isaacson writes. And then jobs -- -- -- are like. He's -- -- windows says jobs -- and I like. They tied it didn't it occur. Buttons at the same time it speaks -- his passion. Right you know when -- -- this on the new get a load but he cried or is lunacy let. Hope the sad puppy. I wrote -- treated like. Cries more than a hallmark. Made for television movie counselors in out of the one I'm gonna read and that's it and I let diabetic I heard it's really edit a page and I love it I'm enjoying it a lot jobs went. And -- and jobs -- Steve Jobs -- look at the -- cry or -- are -- exposed so many entrants. Amazon's search inside this -- It is totally. Awesome though. Anyways I had -- I -- out. The -- at the moment for away from book group we should certainly casino poker podcast and dealers that actually done a -- anti government sent. Okay bet there are reports now because we do is we're never happy in the tech industry Kindle fire comes -- like the new cool awesome paying for two weeks and answer to groups like oak pulpit -- do a fire phone digital -- -- In the phone which actually makes a ton of sense in some I think David -- had thrown out the idea. Like maybe a Kindle phone -- next. It's quite possibly. It would make sense because there into the ecosystem thing -- -- the the report from Citigroup is based on their sources. In the supply chain. They're time -- how -- highs of business group the same one that makes Amazon's. That there is parts in the supply chain moving around that are Amazon parts that would point to the direction of -- phone sometime 2000 to twelfth. Make sense interesting they -- I mean if it happens they're becoming a bigger and bigger hardware player. -- do -- these -- fire -- yeah I just I if I am if I can give any advice Amazon it would be like. Go slow and be patient they've done a great job so apparently slowly and steadily building their empire -- to see them expand too fast and might -- the experience. You want fire phone I want Emma phone the fifth. -- -- Call -- call -- business in news that will not surprise you Samsung is apparently redesigning. The Galaxy Tab ten point one for a re release in Germany. That of course is the Samsung Galaxy Tab ten point one tablet that had. Men under injected -- -- have the picture they weren't allowed to sell it in Germany because public -- like an iPad two we have the picture for. The article I I think this might -- and so -- but the bottom one was the original Galaxy Tab that was banned. Okay and in the top line the bottom of the iPad the tablet this isn't up. IPods throw it unlikely it is that really tight and I've edited it. The new line hasn't sold for pan the image is that looks more like and I -- that I. And I had won it again just like iPad -- anyways -- like Apple care you know again with iPad -- it for you guys also in this week's Skype's new desktop app for windows and Mac. Plugs in directly to your FaceBook friends list. So you can now all we do you know there was some calling back and forth but in their apps -- get access to -- Friends -- -- that's great it's good -- that itself also the Mac platform just says that little research note fueled by strong gains and in Asia Pacific during the September quarter Apple. Has reached a high of fifteen year high eight. In worldwide market share width -- percent. And that apparently was their magic number because it's it's. Way it's you know obviously it's a fifteen year I had told the story when -- -- -- sort -- retail they had a -- that talked about how 3% of our 4% of cars. Sold -- Mercedes-Benz. So really yeah and in the in the world -- -- think about it -- -- -- and -- -- you know okay. Okay it's time -- okay okay this is -- new segment this all -- even the Idaho. He's excited -- -- and you guys it's called diamond -- not Intuit. The Vista or it's gonna go down to products that are coming out like ten products real quick -- we're gonna decide really fast if for into on her for not in problems with Virgo August -- ready you know descent were only allowed to say like three or forwards to you it's not like -- -- it's gonna be acts like -- -- into it I'm not into. Here. Is there -- You plug into our new segment -- fire up ten recent products stories and quickly decide whether or not we are. Into -- -- simply not into it so number line from Google's new music service Molly woods but not enter it. Kind of -- brands on not insulated. ITunes -- streaming service Molly Wood. Not ensure it not panned out and I've tried it out as an Apple tree and not into it the correct answer is not into it just a correct answer Sony to offer TV channels across the Internet Molly woods and even to. I was a nice is no more need to see what you're talking about let go into the idea of blog techcrunch the answer is not -- -- And you're not the answer -- Now -- bike bug behind the Blackberry Playbook -- -- -- dropping to 199 -- Black Friday deals with Molly when it. Games -- a dozen apps available Brian Tong and not into it because I can't get my email my contacts -- sound. Correct answer is not -- -- be okay. Google+ badges for your website to connect connect your web page to your Google+ page -- would not Intel and -- -- -- a load anymore Jimmy batch is an audience that I get a flat. I'm sort of intuition and moving god let's. The Kinect for the Xbox is now 99 dollars and deals -- Black Friday. Molly Wood could not be more Intuit -- how I -- -- into -- -- get another one and have a PS3 who care. Blizzard Amazon Kindle Molly Wood. And do it Bryant -- most definitely into it for the consumer it's okay I'm not into -- about the perhaps zap boast their offering closed for shoppers now Molly -- are you Intuit did you say is that both them into it Brian -- -- close -- Correct answer is into it. Let us know what Emma phone you -- We have to travel market -- okay remastered video games are you into Hollywood and nine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take go to Molly what are you into -- -- not be in -- that I can't. I played a hell yeah and those that -- -- I am doing right now again. -- -- and -- even out with the new segment into and out into the them. Today that that is all -- is that's his baby okay. Stephen -- -- the man. Dumb man that everyone could be -- nations recognize that -- And regularly crops in our feedback in our emails are the book -- -- does send this -- fruit basket at the that is my favorite music whenever -- you're not even lineup. My glow sticks -- -- -- pointless thing snuggled I've -- system only went. We could be like Joan Rivers the fashion please I -- love that doesn't exactly have a link to split. Its big. Job. Yes so what just happened -- And fifth and our new favorite thing ever since these are right so a we also have science -- is not maybe not as exciting but. I wanted to mix up a little we -- really have a hold for this. For this little video clip and I fell. It deserved to be in science news. A new animal has been discovered that we've never seen the likes of Molly Wood has not even seen yet -- -- would let you watch -- wanted to introduce you to the Star Wars. -- -- This is the Star Wars -- -- you might recognize a little from -- And some -- she clearly has its signature -- Apple. Fantasy. Chinese NASA jobs is the name might not only is only available to ethnic and it looks I think human and I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For all of you that are listening and cannot see this she is walking on all fours he has a cuddly DuPont is a cuddly -- phone and Milan and -- unplug. Today we have we have three -- -- your -- to hide that -- phone the is that close up. And he -- but it never let man I'm not gonna Alabama phone out there now it's horrible and I love it. I definitely look forward to your feedback for the next show. I'm pretty excited about that but that doesn't mean that we don't have to separate -- -- let's let's get -- in the. -- -- -- This is an amazing show and has system and the -- means -- -- say let's -- -- another -- like it's like I have for earth. -- -- So I can't -- first step in -- in the voicemails we actually a very good question from Amy that we are army which we are still. While letter asked -- well. -- -- -- then equal in -- and I wouldn't call it and. It was reported a while ago that pandora Apple as check people's location on the I content that's. And I deleted it sent and I'll just want now I hadn't been any news. Saying whether it pandora corrected that problem -- -- safe from tennis. Are you can pandora again on my iPhone acting -- You know we actually reached out to Tim Westergren from pandora to have them on the show and did not hear back. So I don't know we have not as far as I know we haven't had an answer to that I'll read through the privacy policy again. But it seems like they have not. Change that information and I gotta say I I said I remember at the time -- not -- -- and our mobile app. Anymore and I still don't. -- we we can try and reach out to them over time but it's -- -- -- or sometimes a story just goes away we don't think about it right but that's like yeah whatever happened of that. Their privacy policy does still say that they're keeping track of your listening activity using software designed to ensure that artists -- -- -- receive applicable royalties. Identifying and counting the tracks that you've accessed. But it doesn't say. They were what -- what we were concerned about is that they were collecting your email address and your location. And that little upsetting and I'm gonna look for location -- a quick but we're gonna can try we still wanna have them. -- we may also use and share non personally identifiable information such as general demographic or location information. Or information about the computer device from which you access the service so it appeared to be that the answer is there still do and it. So don't use it the pandora boycott continues. -- -- -- -- All right and next caller calls and wants to know our opinion on tablets for Christmas with a specific teacher. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think we get it in India under fire from -- recruit switched and about our analysts are so HDMI out. On the machine and -- -- but what -- -- great tablet. Solution kicker will be country. -- -- Where she ish HDMI out -- -- Extreme -- instead of her -- watch. While Apple's street but what would -- -- tablet gets four ocean street HDMI. Out. How it. Won't show and thank you so for patients -- -- We appreciate you appreciate -- if it's -- Also there are tablets that have HDMI out there and not the not the most affordable one -- you have. Does Motorola Xoom early galaxy -- one point one and one thing that came to the top of -- although I said not into it I'm assuming because he was targeting the -- Amazon Kindle fire that he's looking for 199 price point with HDMI out -- Not too many out there but it sent -- -- -- look at tat is the Blackberry Playbook for 189 during this Black Friday season does have an HDMI out. If she's really looking just a surf the web and do her email through the web in and listen to music and she's okay -- -- not -- integrated -- you know in the OS. Then that they'll be a 189 solution excellence. -- -- my suggestion actually getter Kindle fire for 1992 identical tablet and then get -- recoup. And then she can watch on -- web content through their group and it's into more a slightly more integrated TV experience I'm not sure why you wanna do. What content you want to do from the tablet that you couldn't RD do you from a standalone streaming device it's good idea roku LT is 49 but. A 49 bucks it it does put out 720. The higher and roku that are like seven 99 dollars go up to 1080. Ton of apps Hulu but no Hulu plus is an on -- -- For raccoons and we tell my head I thought they didn't do you know there we know it's there exercise and then it was initially but -- Generally acting I don't I think -- your tablet NT TV's -- campaign in of the duties so I would say like it was something thirty an attempt to TV like that's and on -- for fifteen -- many -- cool tablet. -- -- -- Blue models in the obtain -- whatever it is 504 dollars. Not in your wield a hundred out financially from you know what you're looking at us on your -- house I don't -- it JO KE. A -- and it's I'm shocked. -- doctor. -- -- jobs is right. Google just doesn't get it. It's great I get to -- my music to the cloud -- -- it to my phone in the coming days my issue is with the lack of user controls and customization with iTunes. My page I get to add tags to enhance customization and this works perfectly for customizing Smart list the Google music. After riot rely on their algorithms to figure out what music I wanna listen to and it still does not have it right. I know how I want my music broken down by sometimes by the decade of the genre sometimes that is 190s -- makes and I have that not. The interrupted -- and -- that not be interrupted by -- comes it is. These -- experiences seriously lacking. You still need a better music player. -- restoring a content locally instead of streaming it all the time when will Google get it we don't live in the Google universe like their campuses. Where there are -- doesn't -- everywhere around the corner one terabyte per second downloads and -- -- with -- -- -- restrictions. A little planet rip off with monsters like AT&T and Comcast -- -- me off in restricting how much data can consume every month. -- at Google police. Yes Google is there any job openings at Google campus with the priestess and -- -- and everyone parts unicorn breath I'll sign it I think I would like -- there. And not a bad point yet they still got a ways to go and it's you know they have the -- out. -- really don't they -- decently but still. And and actually it's true that their beta process is deep there undeclared but I think embraces and -- and terabyte connections may be more accurate that we. Just like this -- also true you animal have you seen my neighbor's connection. I -- when you're in that environment and that's -- you always have. Mean you know. Typically a Google person's probably and have a lot of the nice amenities at their home to Internet use it's like this is the way to go. For us -- just to deploy -- for 1% -- Internet one percentage or -- I'm I'm in the 5%. Having him X-Men. And women and amendment like 99% and and -- then I thought I had an xmas and it had done -- -- and. Richard -- in California right -- and says I was reading up on the Kindle fire and iTunes match yesterday and I realized something. Music you buy a nineteen stays on nineteenth but music you buy on Amazon MP3 store. To be uploaded to iTunes match and downloaded all of your devices your Ide devices so anyone's interest and Amazon MP3 or -- Kindle fire. It's much better to use this method to just buy songs once. Not receptive and you get the fact that we talked about it -- How would you get them to iTunes match initially -- can -- bottom on the fire. Well if you bought them if you bought -- the fire I don't it's -- to -- somehow -- computer and then upload to iTunes match. Still doable I guess I was. I was thinking of just. Bottom line buy it from Amazon's -- -- -- on the web. We we talked about this or how their files they really didn't do -- enough job of making a -- with them with a digital music space does -- It's fully compatible with other services it's typically cheaper. And it was at the time it was an MP3 file and Apple at the time was still protecting -- files -- New. Interest in -- -- back. He says that is because -- computer automatically so maybe there's some sort of that met. -- -- -- -- -- -- Amazon service or I don't of. I haven't played with the fire you know when you're on any other computer. It has its own software app that and queues up your purchases -- automatically. Puts him -- -- is it there and then. Once a Dallas of the app I know it then obviously copies its iTunes. ITunes match you -- it. But I'm just seen if you buy -- from the Kindle fire it has to talk to the Amazon MP3 software to at least -- actually download it that's emanate there's some sort of -- wireless sync option between the fire in your computer. I could work that could work we may have to play around and a little the little three step or have shared and player on it. -- -- -- I feel so good -- -- how to lose. Sequencing for chain reminders on violence buying the name it was an iPad announcement and but it -- an excellent. That's true and -- in a subtype and -- I ordered a Kindle fire for my -- since you'll stop stealing my iPad so I will own two tablets. I may need help. All and a student Amazon prime membership is free or forty dollars a year if you want prime instant videos even though I just graduated Amazon doesn't know that. -- The network admin from Fresno. They know now that's a pain and even though I just graduated Amazon doesn't know that only downside is not been able to share free shipping benefits with family members -- I'm getting -- 50% -- people it's in this just needed dot edu email account can. -- I do have some today's I don't I am just email ID -- read this email to the public. But how dare you -- people to rip off our beloved and we -- talk about it but if you aren't actual student. You do get the benefits of instant streaming and it -- -- that when. -- I'm gonna throw this out to today's computer -- show me give you little advise your girlfriend is probably not gonna want to use your fire it's easiest your iPad. She's going to dominate your iPad if you think that's gonna give your iPad back to you with. You're wrong you just bought yourself -- in a -- but that's nurture. Also are split into -- all the music you buy from Amazon gets put into the Amazon cloud service and that's how you down that is the wireless sync -- Thank you guys -- adult salmon and -- it. There's an option how to auto download any nods and insane that's if the -- -- download music in Europe. If at -- depth. I'm pretty sure the Amazon cloud player does that line only goes to the wild any new purchases it goes -- the cloud that you axis on the web but I'm saying there's a standalone app. The -- then I guess where -- regional lists that it's okay. -- last. Otellini and a legalese and -- everyone its time if you are still with us. Let's enjoy together a little. Computer. Beyond. The again. OK here we go this one is from our -- nice guys finish last. And good friend of -- and I didn't know that until I read this but here we go dear Molly Brian Stephen. Since last summer -- you guys have started -- again the last person they dated lasted a little over a month excuse that was used and it. Was that I'm too nice of a guy for them. Normally I would file this under bull feces how ever and this excuse has been used on -- five other times -- freaking did you not. And -- to see a pattern. I was raised to treat people with the same kind of respect that I would want in return. So I'm starting become very confused as of this too nice of the guy excuse to keep running into -- the dating scene really changed that drastically -- people prefer dating others that are huge bags and total tools. Where could I be over thinking this cordially. Nice guys finish last night my first impression when I first read this can I kid you not I said. -- personal don't change who you are I've been a nice guy -- all my life I failed so many times. But finally when women as they ain't dead more mature when they say they want a nice guy down the road they do you want a nice -- I feel like I -- a nice guy that knows what he wants the app and takes -- and now. If you -- pushover or like if they're feeling like you're a soccer. Or something like battered two or at -- -- at -- -- -- as a -- that might be different Wii I mean. Yes we all want to -- huge bags and tools when we're young and foolish and mean we can't help it. Hi I want to date Jewish ladies and you know yes -- mean and then -- when younger it. I -- teaches that and accents and at some point we grow up and we wanna be -- so there's going to be -- time for you. But don't delay channel here are -- -- -- also the other thing I was gonna say is when I first read this email I was like. The only place that maybe this is really more apparent is in a place like Los Angeles or New York. That's the first thing I said yeah because in different areas of the country. That's -- a little more I. Yet the -- this but sometimes different environments treat it differently. I think it's honestly Permian if you're hearing this over and over and over I think it's a confidence issue because I think girls want and I mean. A nice sky doesn't have to finish last it's just that if they're saying that over and over what they mean is your -- Or they mean somehow that you're they don't send the confidence for me like it may be an eating right and I'm not sure. But it may be that their feeling like you need more from them more or that you can't stand on your own two feet or something like that like we all want eventually even. Even the nice guy has to be companies -- can be like. When when I was a nice guy. In junior high in highs and I still remains package but when I was like that but -- -- New York June ninth when it was the regular T nice guy. It was because I literally did everything at the -- wind and -- my way. Likely what was important to me. Around the person like all the time like I wanted to make sure they were like literally 24/7 okay all the time and it almost consume -- but that wasn't good for -- because and that person's like. While you're just only in -- mean you only want. To do everything for me -- -- say ideally that's nice but really. You've got that you've got to really be able to own things for yourself as well yeah and you -- and play hard to get -- to play hard to get but. Just you know. Maybe sometimes you don't have to make them literally the number one priority literally all the time. -- you can love them you don't have to need them. Am you know but I never be happy with someone else -- -- but I I would say that's. Keep being that nice guy just an average of an -- on -- AT and -- have a million dollars I hear them every day he got. We time we just recently. But yet this still -- company -- -- let you know. Just be aware of the company is not I don't I don't wanna change and stand your ground that woman and it's telling you that wants to respect you and for some reason she's feeling like she can. One I know I know one -- a random bullet points all this is out when a girl asks you where do you wanna go for dinner and you say where do you wanna go for dinner. Don't do that. May I -- my -- I -- -- that sort of -- that's one of those really kind of subtle nice guy beings. Where when they say what -- -- -- what you wanted it known and unknown when the moment just come up with a plan or something cool to do come up with an. Even just say you know I have these two ideas for restaurants to different foods let the girl at least pick what you initially. Laid it down that's a way to -- confidence but they use the list let me be clear I cannot -- -- more clearly decisiveness. Is hot. Super hot if you're having like a conversation and then you're the guy is like cable will go here we're like. Family give -- -- -- right now. Yeah. Not hot that it isn't your insight and costs around. Since the guys I know I sent that you know I said that because that's hot that was turned me on -- and beyond. -- -- -- things coming out here to the. I -- could not rebalancing our next step in the middle of a temple -- -- -- that -- -- -- and and that was -- -- -- Appearing animal and I. Thank -- if you haven't heard I bring -- the animal and women -- Now all -- I could cause I am apologized class things all that every. -- -- next email comes to us from an anonymous reader I've done minor Chelsea for awhile to things I try to get across at sea -- I want to read this. Politics and the tavern right now has -- only -- -- hopefully want to hear that later hopefully get a okay this is like the best computer load is going in my -- tricky roundup I'll tell you that monitored -- all day now EV be erected a billionth. It may be right into the -- minor counseling for awhile and I don't mean I think he is -- he or she does some counseling to things I try to get across one. Girls expect guys to change they don't. To -- -- expect girls not to change. They do. Both -- to the point and some really want -- only get better and happy once -- appeasement make peace with an off after about twenty or thirty years collectively and I don't have to take that long if you can both come to those real stations early. I think that's really important but I gotta say. This blew my mind because I've heard -- number -- is huge right. That I think is a lesson almost all women need to learn and it's not like our fault where and doing things like Beauty and the Beast and and these archetypes that have made us think that if you the rank group for him he would totally change human river. That's BS evening but the number 21 is so important and so true. Agnes was like why are still has blown away as I blew my mind that's crazy man on -- -- Most crazy -- -- and I'm credit. Object and then this is really important we haven't done for us eats only at off and. I'm so sorry computer alumni computer -- -- previously had I do knowledge and at a Helen Hunt mean I would like to open. Okay what -- -- -- lawyer loyal listeners. Who has been with our show for so so so long. Needs our help and he needs your help -- town. He's ready to proposed. To his conference -- They don't all know it's -- -- waiting and see -- -- she's a little geeky but not like a lot geeky but kinda geeky and so he's trying to. Figure out if there's a way to do the geeky proposal. Like how can he proposed in a way that honors he continued but doesn't. Take it too far because she's very in to the proposal so it -- to be good. I don't like -- now again I'm proposing another island and now finally we don't we don't want that that's not special note is that -- but -- her. SE special -- so we want you guys to send us your. Of ideas. So we've had in the past there is the guy who like came up with the whole GPS GPS industry geo -- bright idea cashing paying that was one way -- was the guy who. -- The robot right remember the guy who wrote an evil robot bot into a video game that they may be imminent and that the public she defeated -- -- -- -- it was a design it was. What's the one reached portal portal portal -- el portal and a you did -- -- -- -- I. That's our public ask -- in the Apple Store. There were there -- ones -- were ones were like an excellent built like a slight -- like an app on their iPhone. Someone some in the chat room was seen put in an unlock -- once you unlock your phone. All of -- can acute. -- -- -- all of your suggestions that we want to hear them because we wanna make it good because. Owns one of our balance also like. I sometimes feel like a little need a little more information about the woman herself -- types of things it does we might come all -- cool geeky thing -- she'd be like toll and impressed. You know like -- she to she liked the clever little if she's with you obviously does. Right but you -- sixty. Well done. -- -- Does -- like clever -- interest in people -- Apple obviously Smart. Successful. In life announce that we may we may need a little more information but I still think embolism and an analyst Anita negative Canadians via. But at cnet.com is our email address for -- -- suggestion. So where -- -- via out of town. For next -- shows that correct -- -- The problem Doubleday Thanksgiving Thanksgiving in the US and it is we don't wanna teach you that we might make a filler show but if that happens it happens that just pretend like there's going to be notion next week and have yet surprising -- -- -- during the international and that's an insane. -- talk about it we just came up with the idea right now and -- -- -- -- like that -- -- -- that didn't tease him about him if you -- -- -- -- -- -- Does not -- Alright guys -- that mining is what if we can we got schedule -- right now. Kind of bigger adding to iron out as regularly and are now. Bubble will keep talking in the meantime by that -- -- -- or email address. 1061 take two's victory is our phone number and -- -- -- -- -- to succeed -- there's a lot of stuff that bring -- on -- all they did show notes. -- -- -- -- Eleven guys -- I have a great day guys have a great things even if we don't hear premier and then you know one -- Would you do it on one day after they don't want to tell it would -- to accommodate what are you a little later on Wednesday want to be decides to -- I. -- -- -- -- --
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