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Loaded: Timberlake tries to revive MySpace

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Loaded: Timberlake tries to revive MySpace

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Dish launches the "Hopper," with the first live kangaroo ever on stage at CES; Steve Ballmer explains why this is Microsoft's last CES keynote; and Justin Timberlake takes the stage at Panasonic's press event to announce MySpace TV.

It's Tuesday January 10 it's money well opening day the consumer electronic -- -- Joseph blower is ready degree. More than -- 150000. Attendees today. But we got a sneak peek at some of the hottest products already several press conferences and you know -- that means it's time to get -- And added an otherwise they'll press conference -- Panasonic. Justin Timberlake took the stage to show he think outside the so to speak -- announced to get this MySpace T. Timberlake is bringing MySpace back of the social network will be -- to work with Panasonic's TVs so. That members can interact with and discuss what they are watching you can't say and it -- -- yesterday. Copying right along satellite service. DISH Network broke a record yesterday as the -- CES present -- To bring a live kangaroo on the stage that adorable that was to promote a new product line of multi room digital video recording -- high speed broadband. The -- is the name of the main -- -- two terabytes of memory a court at this shows that one can record all of prime time on the four major networks for eight days. And devices called -- he will connect to other room televisions in the system. The pricing starts at setting 995 a month and is planned to start this summer and went to -- without a -- -- this CES will be the battle of the 55 inch OLED televisions LG and Samsung had TVs on the show floor with the new screen technology. There's no pricing yet but you -- expected to be a -- 8000 dollars. Toshiba also -- that showcase a 3-D television that doesn't require glasses the sensors are able to follow where the viewer is city and adjust the three look at that angle and is it over the large phone or a tablet or a new hybrid category Samsung is showing -- near his creation the galaxy note. It's a five point three inch screen Smart -- with a stylus. It's big enough to comfortably browse the web and you -- but. Will feel a little big if you wanna make a -- as a two megapixel front facing camera -- eight megapixel camera on the back and a larger battery helps support that large power hungry screen and Microsoft is saying so long CES CEOs Steve Ballmer gave this keynote last night without -- news unveiled at Ryan Seacrest was brought -- to -- -- moderator Microsoft said it would bring Xbox-360. Accessories that connect to windows on February -- and that it sold eighteen million units of the motion sensor device. Bomber also showcase how it's an app that street characters -- the connect is the last time Microsoft will be presenting at the show. After eighteen years -- -- -- the company just at that time the releases of their products around the show and we'll be literacy in their announcement. Those are your headlines for today I'm -- -- CNET and be sure to stay tuned Ali is you bring you live coverage from the show floor and first looks at all the hot tech. -- -- --

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