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Always On: Episode 10: Road Tests Extended Cut

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Always On: Episode 10: Road Tests Extended Cut

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This week on Always On, check out the director's cut of our road tests! Plus, Molly's half marathon results and a music video dance remix!

Did they got now is on the director's cuts of our cross the road test. I ran a half marathon I did -- night. Plus more of your mail and a music video remakes of meat and -- -- -- always on his on. I'm Molly Wood and welcome now is not sure we look at the -- that's part of your life and your future we're actually still off shooting new content for season two -- on that just a reminder. Debuts on September 11. We shot a photo -- as a road test and electro camera and I -- -- -- -- in the Tesla model S oh my lord that cars fast. But this episode is dedicated to our always on road tests speaking -- protest I will have an update later on and a half marathon that I promise to run here's a clue. -- -- -- Before that though we're going back to -- third episode remember our very first focus groups. I have such fond memories of iris and that YouTube paintball hero and every one of them using the Samsung Chrome books checked FaceBook. Here's a director's cut of. Now in addition to amber at Google have another operating system. Promo ads and it's been a little slow to take off they have a new product out though the Samsung Chrome book. -- this is -- 2012 Samsung Chrome book series 5550. Is running its own operating system. It has a sixteen gigabyte solid state drive and Intel processors. It's pretty lightweight about 3.2 pounds and twelve inch display it does have an ethernet port USB and SD card slot. It retails for its 449 dollars with Wi-Fi only or 549 for Wi-Fi plus three G. But some people argued that a cloud based operating system where the whole interface feels like the browser. Might be a little too much too soon for your average computer user. So we decided for our road tests here on -- -- on to stage a little focus group. -- -- -- -- -- Welcome it's. -- that won't happen to him and finish it. Little over people who didn't let you sit well. -- -- -- -- -- a lot of -- him. For all of you -- and yeah. Okay here we go. Through. -- and pyro and I'm Molly so what we're doing today is testing out the Samsung Chrome books which of these laptops and -- and be familiar with the -- book he heard of it. Now though so we'll do is take 1015 minutes to just do whatever you would do with a new laptop and then I'll come back in and ask some questions and we'll talk about a hundred. Isn't -- anything anything. -- -- -- -- and log -- soon. -- -- -- -- The little community Hulu employees and -- -- any other. One -- -- -- Of America and much. -- can remotely. It. Petri patents it can focus group testing out my work from home -- Hispanic community twice in your network. It's pretty good when he can't actually made it to the Chrome store would like to actually trying to find -- that's as far as anybody got. It's like a video game or something like achievement unlocked Chrome App Store. Good pin that's our business optical files are totally. They are focusing. This is a focused. Group focus focus focus group. Actually keep -- -- think he should get one -- give wanna take it home for it until much. Apparently an impending payment electric costs. And even highly educated well there is swollen and seen since discovering like that the coupon for a -- hunky. And other -- because it home and somewhere somebody in Google -- high. -- whom you know -- it is working to think working -- injury. Actually I think a time -- sounds that command computer. Please can't you can. Preserve good schools good software that to collect and view that it -- it before it takes up other -- him. Some -- that everyone whose command has been on FaceBook for the majority of the testing time. Forget about Chrome book -- but book. Don't come up with a better. -- to photos of him. So clueless. -- The spread of the goals of -- that -- a pretty cool and let them. -- It is at its mobile. From Lincoln here take up so for this are talking about their -- so this beacon. What do you think of the Chrome operating system. It's not that I thought about using it is like a Smart -- and you wouldn't computers this part. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I tried to log into my H you know how. And test turns to another screen. But things like Google shouldn't have a problem Gmail yet but okay yeah. Reminds me and my tablet that isn't that this -- connection itself. This -- of -- shipments of spent. Not sure how. The netbook differentiates itself with something like guitar but -- than the keyboard does it seem like can be useful to have a computer that. Kind of just -- -- online. It is seen as 100% connectivity wherever you are and if you don't know how that it and you know that's pretty paper -- -- This computer he can take it. Pollutants. That -- music. And you. And I -- entirely. -- Florio is digital via phone to use any other Google services like expire. Came into. It's okay don't have to. Every month. And let's see how -- laptop but many -- -- beautiful. I can definitely see like my parents using -- Olympus and -- -- this and it's fantastic assistant have a probably -- like the living room table or cognitive or something like. Com or in the kitchen let's say you're picking one -- like a recipe up. -- -- but because it's tethered to being on a network. You know I don't. I don't -- well. -- -- -- -- Actually she's shooting at where there's a -- -- set -- travel outside because I don't believe -- hard drive space. -- -- -- From this and much -- -- music. Kind of skeptical about how to break news -- -- do we didn't know how effective it keeps me. Didn't necessarily comfortable having all -- permission from the start on Google server know that any business you know who knows it has to do it especially. Yeah it's a nice case and how much you think you want to pay for her. -- device that kind of is like a tablet keyboard. -- -- -- -- Writes passionately you know and yes certainly. So let's not -- the tablet functionality. That -- them. I -- here are some of the lessons we learned from our Chrome book focus group. First people seem to like it best when they compare it to a tablet but with a keyboard. Second the cloud operating system is not -- hard for people to figure out if we thought it might be. And third you don't really need to make a laptop. FaceBook. Some behind the scenes trivia there we actually spent an hour with each group and originally we had to cut out some really useful insights I'm glad we got to put more of that in this time around and Google. I hope you watch that segment. Now -- an update on my half marathon training. And. Can conduct independent. Now I first decided to compare the fit didn't feel bad skin and -- little five week exercise regimen get toned up for some weddings I have this summer. But when we started shooting I just felt like I always -- deserve something a little -- street so I signed up for a half marathon. It seemed like the worst idea ever at the time but check it out ten weeks later. And did it. It was awesome. Yeah yeah come -- Great great. Right now let's have a look at the segment that started it all. So what -- -- Today -- compare the setup of the Nike fuel. And now in keeping with the spirit of our show I thought that -- public sufficiently extreme that nothing can or testing isn't about things. So against my better judgment I decided to -- for a hot -- I. And I found myself -- water to -- marathon in one country here in northern California. About as well. When twelve. I want and I and so if you want to. Anyway but let's start with a deal that lets see how I go about registering downloading apps and get it all about. Years down. The desktop -- and charity which that -- -- you -- Amendments firmware updates of course there are. Definitely not V -- Monument -- I noticed something that takes over the world but I like. Movement. -- -- -- -- -- And successfully -- and I know they don't know what -- like how -- through the day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now -- English and my fuel band with the iPhone -- We are now connect. That means that we have a -- -- Home. I have one now and that's or -- the one mean the one apparently is not count. Okay. Yes program no activity -- friends. I have 1. -- I am -- -- lot. -- I don't mind. Opt. Out -- Problem. Ultimately get out my. Grade. And put it on. -- -- count. It attractive and it can Wear and -- watt. Announced but. This problem. We have the best ultra. Read more software. Let him. -- 12 and fit -- know who makes a connection. Fool. Cussing my -- okay -- -- app on a plane so I am going to install an app. I can't make -- let that would have -- -- I can track call activity and answer my food because I was a big fan of the my fitness -- app. I've -- -- means to an electrical animations. -- mind that there is cool. And seriously it is. Making you sweat just trying to like do -- all the registration and the software installations in the firmware upgrades that should all be on the web. Or just on my phone and it should not -- -- -- I know I'm never gonna have to -- -- again but oh my god I hate set up. So one thing you don't like -- know I can use the cable but it's obviously easier to plug the Nike fuel and directly in like this but then it's just a little thing. That it pushes on the delete button. Although it's not nearly as clunky as trying to pull it off this thing without feeling like -- actually the story. -- that my field and on a minute clip on May fit. Bit. It is now time to exercise. -- -- -- Okay I'm starting my half marathon training to -- have to -- three miles I have my Nike -- band and my fitness. -- I got my three miles I'm gonna sink at the end and see what's -- makes me feel better about all this hardware. You -- -- Golden Gate Bridge. I can't actually someone else. I'll pass out. Dude -- artist when he 300 -- Okay so I was able to wirelessly sync my Nike fuel information to my phone and get a nice little charts and find out that I like. Two thirds of the way to my daily -- even though it's only 11 -- which is awesome. The fit fit on the other hand I turned it on I think when I started my run and then sat down to do some thinking and discovered. That I can I cannot -- wirelessly with my -- so I just a day one goes to ninety -- them. Okay had finished support -- -- and. They of that. It's like 3 o'clock America -- no -- retain its -- view of the day. -- -- -- -- Maybe it's my fill. Yes. He got lots of his. -- walker and Minnesota flowers. Just did you see this please remember when. Is talking application. Like I'm just dance around buffalo bluff my -- trying to get my goal fill -- -- Droid after I lost my faith food after I left home he all of -- his democratic hopeful and. And or compression. It event it. It might act like you have room for like not rated -- -- can we live camera -- -- to -- group that if you move it. And -- curtain club. -- -- I've been comparing the Nike feel bad and the fit that -- -- -- about a month now and I am ready to declare a winner at first I'm gonna compare and contrast these guys. I will say that as motivational devices if you're looking to get off the couch -- improve your kind of overall fitness. Both of them really work they make you wanna do -- -- -- sign up for a half marathon so that I can test them appropriately. And I -- up to eight files which I feel for -- Right let's start with a bit difficult task for one think it's very under features you can see it's really small it clips on snug so it never falls off and wherever it is. Kind of don't feel it. You can collect -- much information with depicted. And then it spits out these beautiful charts. So you really get this awesome narcissistic picture of how much you're working out. The downside though is that if you get a little border fed up with all that data collection. Then this becomes sort of a -- on paper weight. Also the clip -- factor a bit of a downside because it's really easy to forget. In fact I've had a problem where I've changed out of my street clothes into my gym clothes and left this flipped onto my T. But the biggest downside of the ticket for me is that it does not -- wireless when you actually have to plug it into a base station which just feels. Totally early 2000 its. I pros and cons of the Nike -- -- I gotta say the biggest pro at this thing is the simple convenient. It's so unobtrusive and so easy to -- that I'll never forget to put this guy on. And LED displays are kind of futuristic cool. The other thing I love is -- game of the patient every time I did it all whore again history going door to high. Even my goal by a certain amount -- this adorable little animation that stuff seems small. But it really works and it makes this a lot of fun the other plus is that this -- wirelessly with the IOS -- I don't know -- it. There are downsides to kill them purchase it is expensive 150 dollars and then finally -- fuel and as part of this whole Nike family of products and they don't talk to each other. Like this can't talk to issue alive and it can't talk to an IP GPS running -- But those are all the -- I can think again so. When it comes down to declaring a winner in this -- test for me. I do so where the Nike field and although ironically I forgot to Wear it for the half marathon. Which is a bummer because I would've gotten some awesome badges out of that. There was one segment of that protests that have the staff in stitches. By late night dance session. In fact Miriam one of our editors liked it so much that she went animator remakes -- for my entertainment but let's be honest. Mostly for you. Are you indicated and it. -- -- -- -- -- hot -- right now island. I mean we all look hilarious dancing home alone at 11 PM but dance central right everybody does now. And the worst answer in the world find bite me. -- We're gonna take -- rate when we come back -- answer some of your. Let's check out some of your email the rusty red and into Molly can you tell me where the skydive place was or the website of the -- place you were in at the last always on episode. Oh and I dropped my iPhone -- on the cement floor and the garage at work and shattered the glass front. Replaced it for a four -- with a Verizon insurance thanks rusty. They're ST I'm guessing -- talking about the indoor skydiving placement is called -- fly. The website for the one we went to his -- fly SF -- dot com you just Google I fly and you find out if there's one near you. Also let you having insurance replace your phone -- -- -- -- -- during our turn to test you can protest on down the stairs as many times -- you want nothing's gonna happen. You got your own phone on a marshmallow one night with. Smash. I'm moving on next up an email from Spencer who just says you should torture test a -- court. Did you -- that just to get into the mailbag kids that worked although that is not -- -- off. Here's one from down under about -- last how to segment from episode eight. I'm Molly I was watching the recent segment showing how to cut -- into a micro -- I use this chopping and changing method on other phones but after taking us into my local Telstra shops. To get cut down for an iPhone. Staff there told me they no longer do it as Apple informed them that it believes the iPhone warranty something to do with the -- messages on the micro -- being different to -- standards and apparently Telstra had to pay for customers replacement -- -- after a staff member cut down the -- riding the iPhone. Why it's okay when I took my sim -- to T-Mobile to get a cut down they -- not say anything. About voiding the warranty actually -- share and what she thought and here's what she said. Nathan I didn't read your email and phone getting Friday because of -- sim card it sounds crazy. In fact they ETS I was as an organization that sets the standard for some cards. Says that besides extra plastic on a regular -- my -- and and regulars and are identical. Okay as far as Warren do you think should go well if you own an unlocked iPhone here -- about -- -- -- -- -- inside of it that's the point. And if you -- -- your phone it just unlock it well you are you broken your warranty so those are just my two cents and I didn't want and when thinking about becoming -- down there with them. Thanks for clear that -- Sharon kind of moving on that hey Molly love love -- sexy -- fine. How and have you -- -- torture testing TVs and desktops and maybe headphones like beats by Dre and others. I also like to know if -- was on -- on TV it looks like it but I can't find it may be because I mean Canada. -- Sexy stuff fun. We're not actually on TV yet but that as the plants and tell my boxes and yes we have thought about her two testing TV's because I think people really need to know what can happen. In an earthquake or if -- -- like an angry sports parameters of beer bottle at the TV earth like a baby. Look into the headphone thing that's a good idea we can do -- what tests. -- I here's an email that represents the paranoid fields. Dear Molly regarding your recent show and future robots and food service industry look carefully the next time you visit your favorite eatery the wait staff are robots. This raises the logical question should I leave a tip -- can of WD-40. Yeah I gotta say as far as cheap place to get -- mailbag are concerned. Think -- like the -- better from. Thanks for the -- feedback so you become an always on at cnet.com you can of course also leave us messages at FaceBook Google+ or Twitter. That's it for this week everyone next week we -- torture it is by far most requested most talked about and probably most viewed segments so next week we will revisit all four of our attempts at torture testing gadgets. We'll go through the process together come up with new and better ideas from destroying things. And of course we wild card ideas I hope you'll join us -- -- kennel resigned. Thank god -- -- CNET.
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