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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1467: Angry Chrome Birds

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1467: Angry Chrome Birds

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Google keeps the news ball rolling, dropping two new Chromebook laptops and an enterprise-ready Chromebox. Plus, of course, they make Chrome OS official. Oh, and how could we bury the lead? Angry Birds is now available in the Chrome App Store! For free! Plus, it turns out 100,000 Facebook apps were accidentally leaking your data, Apple and Google hit the privacy hot sheet, and a dude jumps out of a helicopter with a rocket pack strapped to his back. We won't spoil the ending for you. --Molly

Today is Wednesday may eleventh 2011. My name is Steven B -- I am Ryan solved and I am Molly Wood log in a buzz out -- CNET podcast of indeterminate length it is episode 1457. And in man. Yesterday yeah that there was not 101000. Separate pieces of Google news via this day of delay the whole other passel of Google news for a. Know there's a ton of submarine and a kind of go down to just hit hit it right out of the -- Chrome needs showed off their new browser in some -- -- speed improvements they announced that 260 million active users. And it showed us some cola of their like ten X improvement for cutie -- and three rendering -- -- literally every time I showed -- -- -- attainment hurt the the current problem to the capital how how -- -- -- analyst at how other possible it is possible angles and yet they also are showing off more of the Chrome. Or web store -- make -- available worldwide now what was interesting because we know how Google's kind of -- little -- with Apple now. They mention -- house built by putting in app payments in a Chrome apps. -- there -- web apps they're taking only. 5%. Vs what some other companies take which is. There really says that -- -- this again this is only for the web apps on any mobile laps but his -- -- wraps specifically between one of the when you know you're a -- map now you know -- -- I don't even wanna say jumping the shark -- even beyond that now Angry Birds probably -- the law had the most spotlight at the entire section. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that is awesome. I know it's not that they needed to use your mouse that in -- the united that is that -- a -- there Fermi did. I wanna -- answers to see what numbers these are public Allen when you know as this becomes available I cannot -- -- be available today actually I think so -- immediately. Also it has exclusive level -- dirty Davis -- Make -- -- levels just for the Chrome -- -- Chrome icons in the levels as well as availability. Of the mighty eagle thank goodness fit it would it -- -- day without the mighty eagle now there really -- outlook. And I just went to the apps are Angry Birds to the top flies of the -- math classes on the Guyana -- -- -- and -- that while we -- you go work on -- right I don't promise I'm not gonna start playing apparently. But the big news for the day was. At as not totally expect -- a little bit expected against the Chrome book. They are actually launching a production version. Of the CR 48 but better you know kind of -- tweaked more polished two versions in fact. Will Samsung will make one -- -- was fascinating to me just from a nerd perspective because I've been wondering who made the hardware. It Saturn because of a guy hands on the -- -- the 48 which was the -- if you don't know. The laptop that they were giving away for free with Chrome OS installed basically as a test urgently -- -- laptop. But that hardware. Was the -- Well you are you -- -- it Aaliyah I loved it because it was totally. -- data threat levels between black black no logos -- absolutely gorgeous and it was. Outrageously pretty until about and I literally was like who makes -- visit HP you know what -- but I have a feeling that must have been a sampling -- with -- thing is now making a device. That will cost 429 dollars for the Wi-Fi only version. For 99 with 3-D built in and an Acer is gonna make another one that's 349. And they'll both be available on June 15. Yeah you'll be able to get them here in the US on Amazon and best buy and in the -- play around six European countries the only retailers another dig -- At Apple Google Google said that they would allow you to full. Jail break. And the Chrome but and give you full access to the kernel. It isn't even -- more isn't it more like -- is thoroughly -- -- but they used the jailbreak terminology it. Ill little uncomfortable with -- Apple infection I think it's a little unseemly at this point -- highest. But your cool it's okay -- I mean with all the dig that Apple and the genius playlist when they were shown off their little like music player again Politico. You don't need it to refer to them you guys are doing your own thing although I will -- -- have seen a lot of Twitter at people on Twitter now saying like that they just put a ton of pressure on Apple. Not with those Chrome books themselves but with the announcement that they would offer them on a subscription basis. For 28 dollars a month for businesses and then twenty dollars a month for students and teachers and that's where. People are feeling like okay the pressure's really on Apple Nat at Apple and that it into -- Yet they made a real they've really wanted to emphasize the costs involved for IT and supporting these laptops and for -- dollars a month. And that covers you know everything they need all all the I he had means there's like a web console for them to. Manage the laptop remotely bird for a school even small private schools twenty dollars for a laptop a month I mean that's not. And I remember no brainer a month ago when we had first talked about these Chrome books. -- when he dollars a month I said I'd like. No I'm not gonna do that and then if and then here in this room -- Molly Wood about the education market now be perfect for them and I would hope you're right here I'm -- But the Chrome but these are the cloud based laptops. -- -- you -- the storage is done in the cloud the apps are done in the cloud should there is some. Very small local storage but it's in the Chrome open itself doesn't even have a desktop. -- -- it's -- complete it's almost it's just an OS version of the browser you guys haven't seen this before but I did like that they showed off. Some improved capabilities because what I hate the Chrome -- was. And I think -- as someone who adds that on the show several times like I only -- in -- -- -- I live in the browser and never need. Software. Except for media management basically music photos and videos. And that was impossible with the rumba and and that was the biggest complain about it and the -- -- -- the -- and has learned the hard work. It was below the track -- fact and the media management with the nightmare though they specifically addressed all three of those things like -- that they revamped the track pad. Now they're dual core Intel processors flash support with Adobe Flash support -- the -- hot and and then also they basically built -- maps for media management so that it's not such an impossible task that you don't do they they did sort of probably concede to -- like I'm sure that because the geeks at Google live way in the future right they were to think you need to. But the fact is. People do still have media and they wanna manage -- -- want to offload it -- wanna download a document from an email and so they showed off specific ways to be able to do back and I think the Chrome look. Is super compelling first of all I -- just take a crack at these guys for a week and see. -- -- I change or how I can actually adapt to it. Do I really like or not I wanna just -- throughout these but even more impressive -- they talk about. You know we have all these ultra slim portables and their battery life is key removed and these are chunky laptops that you almost. I mean the Samsung has a twelve point one it's -- but has an eight hour battery life -- an -- on yeah. So you're you're tied -- competing -- With some of these regular size laptops for battery power -- it and use and if you're living in the cloud. You what you want as much power you want when your portable -- and so that -- -- I've. I'm not really it -- about the battery life could squeeze -- on his laptop I make it a compelling content means. That it. Totally huge -- also now let Iran Gmail offline like you said Dana hour battery life which is -- them. Full sized keyboard on the Samsung version plus it has an SD card reader webcam stereo speakers and two USB ports. Acer's as an eleven point six inch laptop -- Samsung's a twelve inch. Machine but then they also announced the Chrome box via. Like a little utility computer I'm -- -- Mac Mac mini -- Samsung so -- really working close with Samsung only some hardware it was silvery polished. Plug it in a monitor and then get access to. The Chrome OS on your desktop computer and they're really saying that Allen is low power and intended for the business world because like is that it can run a monitor and they think it'll just be a little like. Like a workstation computer. Very interesting to see it just super interesting thing Google getting into hardware I mean more than what just -- -- like in and pretty serious way. But I gotta say. Look out MacBook Air a little bit you know I mean because these guys are 3400 dollars and if you. If you bought at if you're like me and about the MacBook Air -- -- the way I do which is basically just as a web machine almost anybody does email and web browsing email and web browsing and in Methodists who. Competitively priced. You know and then they'll have virtually instant honor instant on and that really long battery life that I I might as -- of these that the trial I got her answer to about relays are won. -- -- wanna live with one of these things -- -- -- seem to see how you know for us. You know I think we would immediately be able to adapted it. For someone like my mom I'm not sure yet the -- -- -- that's what we're gonna try and that's what we're gonna see this takes on with the techno file. Geek crowd how does that transition over to the mainstream -- -- is it something that they feel comfortable it. That's -- to see but you know to make sure Italy's mom pocket take a look at these things Google as usual. Moon gave up more hard repair. In what I don't think I'm not gonna do the show make sure I'm gonna be at Google's -- announcement they -- they're giving him except that I not accepting and I'm just using it for work purposes. -- they gave Chrome looks out to everyone they're gonna be shipping them out to. The audience guess June 14 yeah but they -- out Samsung galaxy -- tablet one establish that aren't even out yet new given out Chrome books. Yet a Google -- -- pass it was worth it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're pretty and subtly let -- just flat out bribing people and tell them -- they're apparently handing out these little Chrome balls. -- -- they expand. And change color when through them like a little toy like it away at it like a -- For God's sake I'm just -- this urban dictionary world now that we live -- -- just perfectly does that worry getting in what is. I around -- -- I'm just responding to the chat room for crying out loud is responding to the threat -- out loud. I'm anyway I'm and we can't Braga we will obviously -- -- -- her hands on from those with little earlier -- week in review give them the full review. But. Is that with them. With an interesting announcement and again Google thank you an hour for your -- They don't -- all of the crazy needing to -- the satellite flout its super fire about a love those that don't don't -- add. Where -- commercial I like the based on anatomy be cracked inside. Apple's facetime that meet France at if you watch it right now on YouTube look at that you're gonna cry I do letter report -- this is important that Angry Birds comes in at the version an aide Steve there was but in the -- -- does I'd have like a little lower power. Today. -- -- -- -- -- his thing -- birds merchandise that read that he Islam dead yet on all. Having terrible now a candidate -- about -- try to look at -- there's actually some pretty serious than it. The bad the bad news for your data bad juju and again. -- the -- -- that you are asking in the -- -- by the way -- -- -- will be a trim 57 minutes. With no commercials. Consistent that's the keynote coming tomorrow. And we kind of like viewing yesterday show for those of you were not in the last -- -- that the we're gonna and the keynote and computer love on Friday. But we don't actually have a show on Friday. Wherever he kind of doing some cool things in the studio -- -- anything like look at it at all. And now public Ireland are a little get -- deviant and I've -- -- the design thankfully my bad. That the new -- and so awful but they get a special Thursday. Keynote presentation and computing -- -- load time it's gonna begin. I but but the bad news for your data is that it turns out according to Symantec. 100000. FaceBook apps have been accidentally leaking your personal data. Four years. For years. Semantic and that third party FaceBook apps have accidentally had access to -- but user account including your profile photographs. Chat and that they also had the ability to post messages and mine personal information. Now the good thing about this is according to FaceBook. This exploit was not used by the third party apps because apparently they weren't aware of it but Symantec does. I don't know about that I don't know about that he -- no we. That it was -- all coming into our servers that we were harvesting and we recollect the net but we did it you lose it. I use that I don't know about that but that would happen is semantic did some digging and in Facebook's eye for an applications they were inadvertently. Leaking the access -- to third parties like advertisers -- analytic platform or a youth. Her a pretty much like the spare key given a FaceBook app -- let the app. Do whatever it wants that. -- Apparently when notified by the way FaceBook fixed the problem semantic was I had no interest but -- Thank you only worked with them to address that. Immediately unfortunately they say. The resulting report has -- -- accuracy than they say they revealed no evidence in their investigation of it resulting in users' private information being shared with unauthorized third party. This last -- those find in addition this report ignores the contractual obligations of advertiser developers. Which prohibit them from sharing user information a way that violates our policies area we trust them -- percent. And it's scary -- there really scared that. Got replied there Gizmodo playing that quite accurately that if the probably dodged a pretty -- -- -- there by accident and into a -- think it is still do feel concerned you -- just change your password and that will apparently kill off any of -- left over access token that are tied to your tastes -- like Google which are immersing you could just never freaking Internet ever again. Did you get covered Julian Assange saying that it was like a math and spying tool -- it was a little sensationalist. And yeah they have a kind of often yeah yeah. -- always sound crazy when it's true. Like to give -- the crazy as an -- that was presented that the driving home and I felt that went through all. Bug eyes and your friends do Adams so there are working on that little daughter Jersey shorts and threatening -- public and weeping at the auto white balance as you. Luckily -- -- -- listening to us that the white balance correction. Google and Apple were in the hot seat yesterday on the hill on Capitol Hill they were testifying. In. Privacy hearings that have been called by senator Al Franken. And hilariously apparently the tone for the hearing with that early on when senator Patrick Leahy accidentally clicked within the flip that John referred -- you iphones and Android does. IPhone as a -- -- you lose some of her. Yet 101 of the distinctions that Apple continues say was that you know there was a bug and they -- tracking people's locations. They were rather tracking the location of cell towers and Wi-Fi spots around the user's. Where it where I'm from that's how the distinction without a difference. Which is kinda what -- put what they pointed out that the they had a third party technology. Consultant on the panel to kind of way and so that when these guys that. We're not tracking and location tracking your web site that powers in the -- -- -- you. Myriad he said if you're in a dense urban area with lots of cell towers and -- I've I've been location is actually pretty exact for example he said. My phone pinpointed my location this very morning -- within twenty feet and events and -- the city. Yan also keep that one it's called like triangulation where you drop three lines in -- Yeah -- I mean they may. Typically they just yelled at them for -- You know in Google and Apple that while you can turn location tracking off and an Alfred and that will you have it you apparently Apple you have bad bug where. It went on even after people turn it -- like how can we trust Theo -- and it. More than anything needs want to have a conversation with the companies and really come to some sort of how -- we move forward. To make this easy for users to understand when and if it's. If every app past -- have a pop up that clearly states what's involved locations. Location tracking or location information they give up I think that's kind of good enough. But is is that it's never existed. -- if data is that's is the quick little notification every time you pop. But thought insulin as a reader I'm sorry sometimes we say it's not you know -- enough but sometimes we actually have to read. So does have a little public health and -- a little bit. Yeah I mean Apple has actually been okay with their transparency they've been pretty good about warning people about location -- and now the Verizon phones again handles sticker on it you know we're getting there. Where America takes time the senators Ken about the couldn't help themselves as long as they had these guys in front of them from just talking about other things that bother them -- -- Smartphones. And they asked Apple and Google as a result of some comments made by -- Charles Schumer. Agreed to review. Applications that use DUI checkpoints to use the if they violated applicants answered -- and basically they they create a map of where -- checkpoint in which would obviously. Help you avoid -- DUI checkpoint which no one wants that. I -- the first -- group are. Clearly did you just get a -- dead serious -- And -- among our planet received treatment -- -- It. -- The way was it free on the with Chrome web Sorrell an absurd but it was completely free does. It's free it's a RE I am playing all your help -- No one can see that now but -- -- -- -- -- but knowing skinny or either in your meet a lot lot what about but I didn't hear you hitting any -- you know. -- I did Apple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't -- let me take it. Also Microsoft say enables -- tracking -- -- -- windows phones. Mike's -- as they stop identifying specific windows on -- -- -- it's collecting their location data from them and will -- stop any unique device identifiers at all. Being sent to its location services snag -- windows phone seven the operating system for of -- privacy minded and or criminal. It was identified they said it was initially. Identifying local landmarks. Nearby -- -- nearby a Wi-Fi access points of course. I like that though I love the idea they're looking at landmark that's why we were tracking the mark because we wanted to know if there was like and if -- like the giant -- line. So. On the big -- that big silver beam is Chicago. I mean your all full of duty and we know that but at least make -- left -- like that they're differentiating itself -- -- in the hundreds of like you have -- we're not gonna have a this. We don't know -- We -- know where -- are we don't we have no idea that you're near that giant silver being. I -- a secret break when we come back anonymous. Is -- not taking responsibility for the Sony hack. Some news about what's gonna happen with quicken -- Microsoft Skype. Acquire -- -- vision acquisition was national and it really truly a very happy ending. Welcome back to buzz out loud and also welcome to our friends streaming for the first time the live. On FaceBook as it's a -- go to our page it's if that dot com slash CNET BOL. You have you have the opportunity what we -- shows live to check it out. Live with as there is a chat room in the FaceBook it has also we're gonna try and monitor that and check in with you guys as we do the show believes once they think you will welcome. -- releasing methane and air bird. But it bounced back and got it -- think it. You trying to -- yeah. Trying to do -- that you know I find this. Game on you know Ali Al airlines -- -- little show I'm gonna go find some Ali Al ailments are gonna go play -- dictionary now -- myself what Iraq army -- egg ever do you want from me. Yet the watched yesterday's genetic. And -- but it's not the all right anonymous group. -- means it's not a -- a -- if Sony to pony. But ahead but members may have been recorded message directed at the PlayStation now -- users outraged by the cyber attack they. Anonymous said that they posted on there -- a non ops blog posts dot com. That they were not part of it they said it could be the case that other -- -- have acted by themselves but they were not going to take. Responsibility for this because it wasn't there group. -- in it was basically the first time though that they've acknowledged any possibility that it could have been. Somebody related to the group -- and I think they're kind of creeping closer to the fact that. Exactly what you said Mikey -- hit it on -- and had the other day and that when you really you know when you encourage people to. Act that way -- than from -- -- -- often go all the -- exactly and do it the you're right though the previous statement they had -- they said that we did not packet is an hour. This the first on their acknowledging that okay -- could have been some of our group members actually did this exactly but the groups that by the way. That it doesn't condone credit card -- are all kinds of other crap. But we draw the line accredit. It takes to address -- K metal now but down. Not the credit card in its latest blog post Sony said that the restoration of the PlayStation network and carry out the network it still. Several days away. I hope that friendly science it's not like a couple weeks but hopefully it really is a few days away yeah I mean we said it may 31 and -- apparently now they're saying they cannot give an exact date and that will likely be at least. A few more to add that the Japanese rep that said that said the network would be up by may 31 and which would indicate our latest or but -- -- their deadline day right. Solemn but. If you do check out Sony's blog they are keeping people although they may not be super super transparent there are keeping people up to date. -- feel it every day I checked they're doing something about its -- I -- a mistake the job you don't. Stupid if they end up in how big that they have to be this way they're happening they're having a bad -- -- -- you know what they've got a bad hand right now. They're playing technical them and they attitudes that hot streak listeners -- Some people T seven is like the trees. Left foot left as is -- out you know everyone has a little cartoon although I had -- data plan it out -- and a -- and. Google is apparently really truly gone -- on self driving cars and there's no -- moving out of the experimental stage and into. The lobbying stage they've been quietly lobbying for legislation that would make Nevada. Which is full of wide open empty spaces had the wrong people -- -- about a live birth date. Where -- self driving cars could be legally operated on public -- Yeah this is really cool what happened is Google hired gentleman named David Goldwater he's a lobbyist basin Las Vegas too remote to promote two measures. That are expected to come to vote one of the measures is an amendment to electrical vehicle bill providing for the licensing and -- -- Of autonomous vehicles that so that's what we know -- open up the possibility for this as well as the other one is an exemption -- would permit. Texting while sitting behind the wheel. I may just want yes -- -- -- expert in cannot wait for up to having -- can I meaning it's so much work done. Like look I'm a German girl I'm all about efficiency and -- have a lot of time I liked it back into my car could drive me you're connected -- there and work. Would be. I had -- I cannot wait for that. Colonists. To this man -- to having kind of data target -- -- states what -- -- -- select convenience store electricity level Mountain View. In -- home of Google -- -- men. -- even to Nevada like outside of -- a legendary bearing NN and dry and yes I we're gonna try to do self driving cars anywhere totally been about -- because it's wide open spaces and there's not a lot of stuff like plant life in three -- -- to -- -- vehicles -- -- they're using any kind of radar -- -- Navigation they're not gonna get confused by a lot of landmarks and like you know. Stuff in the road selling out exciting stuff -- I love it -- colonel David well yes wait. In other exciting news a US judge Harold baker has ruled that an IP address can not be considered. A person. For purposes of -- of the prosecution and in fact that it is not adequate evidence. To -- a crime on someone. This is an awesome precedent is a pretty big ruling yet this is. Also exciting because we just told you about the case yesterday. About how the copyright holders groups were going after something like 23000. BitTorrent people that we're downwind of Hitler for -- expendable swat and you know about that later not -- But there are other -- but for them for the US does identify that I could just not a person he leaned on the case where we had talked about how. I gentlemen -- believe that might have been in Boston or somewhere in the East Coast where someone was sniffing his Wi-Fi and downloading child porn. His home was raided because FBI authorities thought that it was his house that was doing it. But it was really a neighbor someone nearby who was using his open Wi-Fi Norton so that in itself. Is it is a case that just yet you can't pin and IP address to a specific person now and -- there's -- in Florida if that's really cool. Yeah I mean their big technical concerns about it or if they have a very long time but thankfully now there's some legal precedent as well as -- And for those of you who are wondering what was going to happen with quick. That quickly -- the streaming mobile video company that was acquired by Skype for 120 million dollars this year and then Skype obviously was just purchased by Microsoft for eight point five billion. And Microsoft today confirmed that quick will come along with the Skype acquisition they're not talking now about -- like product plans -- it. -- also it just recently launched out multi user video chat on mobile devices -- so. Maybe you'll you know they'd have they have generally implemented the two together yet -- now so let's I don't you know I'm sure they're doing -- behind the scenes that. And we even talked yesterday about the potential that iPad for windows phone seven. We only talked about integrating it into windows than any candidate in attracting -- enterprise but in terms of just windows phone seven potential -- -- I feel sort of like. You know we sometimes we do that. Sometimes -- -- I mean you know. We got a lot going on these heads -- -- one of us and things Skype they also point out that from that -- perspective that deals kind of erratic at iPad apps for iPhone and Android. But not for windows on Clinton. And there is no quick app for windows -- -- estimated it instead of trying to like cajole the developers the dollar is like oh yeah. -- -- -- It makes total sense that's why Microsoft. Bought Skype -- -- point five billion dollars. For their Apple on their windows phone seven -- -- a little bit if they need that's all. You -- you have to admit when you start to put together all of the pieces of windows phone seven potential growth given the Nokia deal. And that one report -- -- windows phone seven to be the number two OS in the world. Minus -- app behind Android in within the next five years because of the Nokia deal and then they've got this kind of like. Potentially -- in video capability including multiple person video chat. Like you don't him -- on the butt load of money -- to have spent on iPad may mean not the worst. -- I just balancing how lot of tech pundits immediately put down the -- seem like -- this crap LA now like it was like they're quick to -- all this is a joke -- like. -- -- -- Sometimes that -- -- in just a few years at Microsoft seven point five billion or eight point five billion there's more to -- -- -- I think everybody's. Everyone so down on Mac like and -- -- -- are here on it's not like I haven't taken my shot that and Steve bomber hit a lot album. And I think you know they clearly paid double what the market was willing to pay which most people would consider -- -- -- and a movement pattern -- could turn out to be. It certainly it is going to add much needed functionality to windows and seven and that it is never about things. Alright guys we're gonna go check out some of the -- gadgets but. In the gadget world this image has been leaking around for awhile but now there's a second one to potentially show that the next iPod nano. Will gain a camera on its backside. -- -- clip there -- initially a picture of Canada guts in the inside with a whole but now this is a polished. -- -- image of the nano. No clip and more importantly for me it could eliminate the iPod nano watch. Because -- that. Is produced -- isn't all you care about then. It's so I saw a guy on the street why wouldn't resonate the watch. Because there's -- camera and acting in order and it. Or you -- actually use the camera so you know what -- -- -- to be worse is going to open up the whole industry for an iPod nano -- chain. You can paint hang it from your neck and and then flip that are only wanting to pick that's actually quite well I might do that -- and I might be that. I on the planet and -- you know we we posted we did get our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Tab ten point one that they were given away Google I O yesterday. And -- and that our first look is -- -- -- that tablet apparently it can go on sale next week so we have a first look up now and I think a full review coming later today. And the -- I actually played with it a little bit yesterday. And it is definitely as. I gotta admit that even though the plastic on the back. -- is like a little bit Yankee compared to the aluminum. It's still much lighter. And that is cute especially in a tablet that that really is -- candlelight. Would into the -- solid but I really like how light it was gonna be -- like and again and -- -- in an attack. If you cover up that ugly booty with an Iceland and it's a little badly -- right now -- at I don't know if it's just the one they gave away -- I think it is but the back of it is like -- and her lately but to look into that and trying to. -- -- -- -- -- I do I do wanna go back to the iPod in a really quickly because the report noted it's fine but the reports did say that -- have a one point three megapixel camera which is better. -- the iPad to. It's so let me get a put a better camera on the nano than the iPad -- -- -- the durable ones. And one. In the top hat -- analyze and understand. The -- camera on the M. It's that day camera on the front of the Samsung -- is that if you megapixel camera that the -- They're protecting him to -- with eight megapixel camera on the back to backside -- that Abby I'll come together on -- the music specimens. -- together that that isn't promising tablet that would pretty cool and -- promising camera on Mac. IPod nano. And still think they -- aimed at them thinking about and that. Are you guys you know that when when death is -- possibility. And death does not occur that is a happy ending. Jet man as they can just adventure. Use -- Rossi last Saturday. Completed a flight over the Grand Canyon in his custom built. -- see this is rocket here 2011. There's a video down a you to be issuing an actual -- -- drop from a helicopter. But he was airborne for more than eight minutes soaring 200 feet. About Decatur and I think the -- reach speeds up to and like 194. Miles per hour and his suit that he's built. Averages 124 miles per hour with a six point five foot wingspan -- right now he throws on his back. The thing about as he was. Kind of try and -- there are some journalists initially that we're going to see his flights. But he wasn't sure the wind conditions so they didn't do it that. Initial day and then no reporters were present for actual Saturday flight. Yep and ended up being kind of figured it by accident primarily because they didn't know but the wind speed I'm sure you -- look at this I think what they're getting. All -- and. So -- you have got to go watch this video appeared on outlets that's not bad. -- meaning just can you imagine the Coho and all it takes to jump off the side of the Grand Canyon. And just make your jet pack go do that subdued. Not an airplane not a glider. Known -- -- from a helicopter temperament and organize shots that is -- That's a guy that is so crazy. -- generally sounded like drifting him Paula dear abstain they were they went back and forth with his rats over whether the -- suit that he created. -- be classified as either an airplane. Our power glider and -- they're like we've never been asked this before it doesn't really fit in an -- we do that like is it Iron Man are they an analyst now. The group to you in the tavern and now those -- -- models. Let's o'clock the youth group here -- man crew light bulb I love it well then also multiple. While now at their bank. -- watching that with their site's pretty sick and now. I actually get to your company now -- I actually tweet out our phone number instinct from an apps currently ruined her phone number and Twitter have the president into a giant -- and I'm like they really -- -- top ten billion light bullet. But we did get one good call from apparently someone calls and -- -- you'll hear it. They've -- -- -- here and -- CNET news reports about Google opening up Google TV app developers can actually you know. Develop apps for -- Yes they did this -- light a fire order Apple to do the same thing pretty. Apple TV and also wants it and its strategy it distorts Lama second gen iPod Touch and -- -- -- -- -- here. Akron -- or check -- A re -- -- and on the show doctors -- -- -- -- a -- experience factor here on our show. Of course a little bit we don't he had. Rumors -- some of our sources that. Apps were coming to the Apple TV. But I get the real question is would be -- driver -- -- the Jeremy again be like they will have apps for the Apple TV. There's hooks they've seen -- they found -- -- in the software on the OS on the Apple TV that. Indicates that. They can do it -- and they probably will do it is the main question is. Would Apple let a company natively develop apps that would rest alongside of their others. I have and a no logo -- -- -- Lego com pretty big on Arnold it will not now and then and then it in extreme. Okay it -- in Seattle among main means many other people people -- S announces -- -- they wanted us to know that mod my big girl involved was expendable the plot is that you -- another show on Tuesday that the eggs that expendable. Hit the BitTorrent -- it was the result of a desperate money grab because of it or top box office results well actually. The bill was -- financial think that it grossed over 100 million dollars domestically and another 175 million at the -- bock box office. Hardware only Obama. It's it and did did it it wasn't a good movie it was again. I think a lot of people work here I think sometimes what happens when a movie is torrent and a lot if that a lot of people are. Curious about it because there's third above but they think that can be heard and they never actually went to theater to see in the first place yeah that makes sense and it it was like -- Sometimes -- -- to try -- in visual I don't think there of that thing and that's what's right now that's perfect for expendable is the perfect Netflix collection notably today I would totally right now especially now that matter of who -- -- -- the -- East all right the song comes from Wayne in Montreal Canada hey gang as the father of a ten year old boy who's on FaceBook. I can say that I have zero problems with it. And a FaceBook was smart they would embrace their future power users but first off I sat down with him explain the Internet security when it comes to -- but I've made through that all the settings are as private as possible. And even gone over this with his friends when they come over since Moses -- parents to listen to buzz -- out every day. -- -- -- -- -- Secondly I muttered his face -- traffic making sure he knows who -- is accepting friend requests from ministry and there's no crap going on. Some people disagree with the fact I have his Gmail account added to my iPhone mail to monitor his account. I think of it like a learners permit once he learned to drive the superhighway. I will stop monitoring but until then. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Why Dylan music it's the best way for him to share photos of villas with his friends and family cross country he also has some friends on his -- -- -- that he doesn't -- for six months of the year. FaceBook lets them stay in touch like I said -- that should be embracing these underage users since it appears they'll be their -- users I -- nice -- and I see now have. Really getting on and -- I agreement I got the same kind of blowback from people thing you'd be fine with that -- bikinis but but the fact is. If used properly. And secured properly. FaceBook is. A walled garden it is like the suburb of the Internet and it's actually tend to be kind of a state about what I like about -- because I Billy to the safe space for me to put up like. Photos of -- that I wouldn't otherwise and you know. Rewrite thin I'm -- as -- your feedback on the Microsoft Skype acquisition. -- says Microsoft buying Skype is actually a double win for FaceBook. Since there were rumors earlier this week about Google and FaceBook bidding for that the fact that a third party came in and who stepped -- means that -- but didn't have to -- the company. Google didn't edit the -- but it happy and -- but get to use the services for free now by virtue of their Big Brother Microsoft. So it's good -- dollar on purpose but because they didn't have to invest many servers for video chat feature and they got the infrastructure for paying nothing. And he doesn't think that Google is very -- either because they are do you have video chat as part of the G talk -- Of anything Google's forced back to -- eight million dollars and let me interesting analysis. Also this would come from Chris from -- -- the -- He writes I think you have some good thoughts on the possibilities with connect Xbox -- about what I think might make this killer edition enterprise versions of windows is the interoperability with windows phone seven stuff. And integrate connect as an enterprise tool for business conferencing while -- -- -- central. This could of overnight. Put them in a position to build into the teleconferencing industry where they could make some noise. I would be if -- Cisco right now I'd be sweating bullets as someone who has had numerous bad experiences with the current raft of teleconferencing systems. A solution like a -- connect to connect. Or other -- that a system would be very attractive and could make waves after all. -- is pretty enterprise oriented oriented so -- seen in this seems like a natural fit just my thoughts and yeah good point actually. -- all about the ease of use in the low barrier entry and the Kinect is the low barrier entry. And the pricing means that doesn't kind of push their various teleconferencing systems but they've been super expensive like now they have that roomy one which is supposedly the cheaper one it's still around like they lowered the price easily but I recall it's still around 350 forward but I think -- is via any kind and I think a lot of companies lead the Cisco service to write. And you're managing Allen -- pull it. And -- looked -- that it also gonna announce that you guys you guys. Are smart you guy you guys are listeners -- -- And effective you would like to post -- -- thoughts over at our blog. Below that cnet.com is where you can find the comment section and also the links out of the actors -- attack that. You can also Dallas up 80616. T sixteen with your lovely thirty to 45 seconds was -- clearly spoken keep them coming into. Also buzz at cnet.com -- email -- tomorrow is Thursday. Were doing computer -- so you know you gotta send us. Voicemails emails all that love stuff. -- -- and at Molly's keynote and I -- -- it's really gonna happen you know it really Italy's first Apple keynote were deleted from. -- Head off so I differentiate EU -- -- know -- and bad entries are from levels one through five. I -- and play with the -- not I thought that was Angry Birds. Why -- -- anatomy yeah this gives me full full right. To do what ever I want on the fell below -- now now now -- -- and I'll nobody ever gives Brian Tong for permission to do whatever he wants -- Elegantly -- -- -- or you'll know why you should do that aren't as the -- -- storm will feed. -- -- --
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