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Ep. 1413: iPad 2 sooner than expected?: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1413: iPad 2 sooner than expected?

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On today's show, Brian Tong's secret sources seem to indicate that the iPad 2 might be hitting stores sooner than expected ... we'll see. The announcement is March 2! Also, the FTC looks into kids buying all those Smurf Berries in game on their iPhones, and radiation from cell phones does actually make things happen in your brain, we just don't know what it means. --Molly

And it's Wednesday February may third when -- -- And that he doesn't -- -- heartbreaker Bryant. Phone. I am. Man -- many. He's a man -- into my own yet. Read it but it's it's -- -- -- and many different I'm I'm not -- even tonight Alan. -- -- -- Down to buzz out loud -- -- -- of internally is episode 1413. And we're so excited and hand man -- on. Because. It's today is the day to day that we are going to announce the winner of the breakup -- it makes Apple. Including the song Amazon and -- stories that you guys have sent to us. But first obviously. We'll get to get to the news there's a whole -- you're eating an Apple before we started to show us how we got into a mean we've got a mouthful of -- that they so first up. Apple's iPad two event is set for march 2 yesterday there are rumblings vile things. Apple sent out there invitations. On that and that would -- you know this analysis with the rent a -- the honor with the draft water -- I appreciate because. -- Here's the text of -- imitation it says march 2 comfy like 2011 will be the year of. -- my elementary school -- used to tell me -- an -- 2011 will be the year of. -- -- -- Okay let you -- maybe say it is the finest iPad iPod ever -- -- annoying when really it's not like. Again at least it's just being silly -- hadn't agreed to leverage it elicit barely even if that -- sentencing. You know you don't -- the -- 2011 will be the year. You have one of those -- 2010 will be the year of bright back. Apple in anything Apple innovate across all levels including grammar. I salute you Apple I salute you. -- innovating and -- grammar. V programmer old grammar and a low. So what's also had seen come with this story is that you know people timeout Apple retail also having kind of a meeting coming out. Aren't happening this -- and I confirmed with sources that I definitely Sunday. There will be an all hands on meeting and typically these all hands on meetings only happen either -- are also. Before product release is very since everyone's -- out lol I've had come out by the end of march early April. If they're doing an all hands on. It suggests that it might even come up earlier than we think in addition that people there's it talks about this one of the new services that Apple -- -- will be rolling out its called. Joint venture kind of geared more towards an enhanced business service. But the thing about this medium that's happening on Sunday is that all the retail plays are required to sign it and -- An Apple remains -- typically require and DA's which would lead me to believe that not only will they find out about. IPad two you know dates and times of the release but. They they won't release the -- of the iPad -- they just want they don't do that to retail plays but they'll only get all the planning setup like this the days you can't leave. This is the time that we're gonna be opening all hands on deck so will be able to by the time at this meeting happens probably -- -- by now. When or if -- the actual iPad -- will be released them but that's all the way that Apple retail works. So -- so that if there having the meeting and definitely suggest that that new product is imminent and very imminent pity the MacBook Pro. The thing about as the MacBook pros is not a -- you never just because like a new laptop -- happens. You never bring everyone all hands on yeah that that's -- normal refresh that just gets pumped into the channel. This is very specific for big event so I'm -- -- my gut says it might be coming to an inflatable find out -- -- -- follow up and -- -- And to sign does little and yankees have -- -- bring them. We'll see this thing you know -- -- used to work at Apple retail -- all Alma Powell yes of the culture and how they operate yet that is not just made up stuff so that. That is pretty -- especially considering that you know that there were all of those reports yesterday all those rumors suggesting that the iPad the iPad two -- -- -- five. Might be god can you imagine pretty -- and type in iPad -- were to -- the stairs to. To say I've got five billion UI with the amendment. Anyway and I just had a vision of -- teachers what happened. There were those reports that they were gonna be delayed and we are technology and a commitment Tribune. A lot of different sources then rushed to say that's not true that there isn't there are no delays. And certainly what you say about them the meeting and the -- would seem to suggest that there are now delayed. Yet for people listen and -- -- stands for non disclosure agreement which means you cannot reveal what information you've learned from that. Meeting or you know once you sign that all that information like stays between you and a person so. Yeah so will I mean I would be I have to admit I would be pretty astonished if march 2 they come out and say I've had -- here's the deal and it's available. Today yeah I know -- out of me I would I shocker although smart. You very smart yet so we'll we'll see a long after they announced iPad one that it can. Well last time let's see they announced it in to -- -- a MacWorld. Or in January actually right after CES. And in the first gen iPad came out around the first week of April and I believe it was either end of march an agreement -- documents but the thing is that with these timetables -- now that everyone knows about the product. They don't really need to hide anything L all the information about how this has been shipping and how it's been been parties on the factory level. It's very near so people keep it notes that mysteries of their lives -- know what the specs of. Just yet but it -- like is it. It is better than zoom. Yeah you don't need an example I -- well aware of that what we have come to -- there is also an expectation that Apple roll out new MacBook pros on Thursday. In conjunction. With Intel's rollout of light peak which is that high speed connection technology that we have been waiting for prolonged time when -- -- this is their connectivity that would. -- incorporate like data and I believe I believe they were trying to incorporate video all it basically ethernet. Video did all to one single cable right back -- also there's images that have been leaked out of the -- of the MacBook Pro thirteen we forgot to put article on India. Run down but the box -- show that they may be re labeling this a re branding in this light the light peak technology. As thunderbolts. -- they reveal the existence -- the specs have been leaked and do seem to reveal the existence of this thunderbolt please I know yeah I think the thing about that. And not at the moment no other -- -- from Mac rumors say that it would have a 2.3 gigahertz dual cores and leverage core I five processor. And then -- -- some -- upgraded specs in general I think the biggest thing -- will become. That would be that thunderbolt port if -- didn't is indeed light peak and then the -- that camera is now being referred to as big time HD. A really -- -- a yellow jacket there. -- The FTC. The Federal Trade Commission is apparently going to investigate the -- and in app purchase situation after getting. Obviously had many complaints but this is not about the subscription thing. This is about in app purchases in general. Apparently because of it because of parental complaints over purchases and children's games like. -- -- yeah we had when you were done that past we we have talked about this specific instance where. Some children or a family had rung up 1400. Dollars of purchases through summer village -- -- seen. Smirk Mary's to enhance -- care smirk village -- console one of the can. -- -- -- What -- they issues that I OS has a feature where once you type in your password it saves it for fifteen minutes. And when you're using these upgrade able programs at you know you're past -- locked in -- -- -- -- -- just be like. -- -- Perry's okay they're they're not gonna really be that and automatically because your passwords in there. It automatically -- the charge and you don't have a row for fifteen minutes for fifteen minutes a canal also you can just able be in app purchases feature. We use in like your restrictions -- be up to go into the settings to do that in the controls whereas. It's not switched off by default. And I've seen so these are some the complaints that parents want -- DC a look at. And if all it takes -- Apple essentially turn off the in app purchasing feature by -- -- that'll probably take care. Or have some kind of have a parental thing like -- -- -- game maybe you could do bagged it by game and Canada than it profiles lacked any good program act that would you log -- you like India at pad and the New York for distilling all that word -- -- -- -- one word. They need profiles nothing but it seems like pretty simple. I love the Holland in this investigation one -- the people like complainer like you know. Wrote their proposal that's easy to look into it so like old -- basic -- that my children have found out my -- partners using then yes yes Larry Bird. Yeah right on that you're gonna profiles or you could just have Hartman thanking you altered so that the kid mode or. The phone beware if you know it's like with -- a harder password to death. And airplane mode yet not yet even as they did not just a parenting parenting means beta really is that easy I mean yes parents -- apparent that there should be some sort of -- cute mode to make it easier because they've made. The in app purchasing completely -- -- if you navigate you know that your iPhone is the best possibly imagine -- -- serial off the QG. Not a good idea -- title and imagine that I want the world to be real world and everybody is -- and iPad or an iPhone to the job. Like everyone for the -- you that they and maybe -- -- to your my Brothers Yeltsin has taken over night that he's like. Once we get the next iPad because Jake is using my iPad constantly and I'm like why -- I only -- but my iPad TV. If you live personal Entertainment Tonight -- pretty much never tactic that immediately were different. It when he that we -- when he's asleep if I get it out I mean get an enemy like played that game in the accidentally gets an intern who plan on -- -- -- -- not allowed to touch. Words with friends answers business and he can't get my turn you know we get that -- I'm sorry Q lies not aware yet units that's crap if the work that's why I hate that game. I started with you I don't play no I didn't know you're playing IE late because of you -- because doubled with the Q what they had little letter -- get like. A hundred points and -- like this is crap that can also be you. You YouTube on Baghdad and had a quick Q and I'm not that I care about -- We'll have more details on this tomorrow but Apple's shareholder meeting is also going on today at which. Several groups of shareholders were expected to put part unsolicited proposals demanding. A succession plan. You know what in the -- it's gonna happen in the posting jobs. Yet proposal by the central laborers pension fund to instate a written in -- -- planned a succession plan. Four Apple one of the reasons Apple is obviously against this is by. Not only does that they want to plan to who will succeed but. They want the plant also dictate or outline who they're targeting with in the company frankly their growing -- or you know essentially and of putting it. Training -- put in these positions and on internally but then that would allow other companies essentially try to poach talent that they're trying to home grow. Well that's what -- that. I mean that I asked deals lessons are actually she does financial advice for -- for money watch you know you got no -- -- -- -- totally -- -- like the queen of all things financial and I think when Powell. I -- -- don't like how common is it for shareholders -- want. A succession plan with CEO because Apple is acting like this is the most outlandish thing you know request average she said it's not uncommon. For large shareholders to -- to succession plan especially when the company is that has such a dominant CEO and she says that what is actually weird at least in the financial world. Is -- secret Apple of being why not actually say. So and so we'll succeed mr. dot because then you're not opening it up -- -- fifty million candidates you just saying look this is big this is the sorcerer's apprentice right here. And she says or -- yes have a real discussion about transition she said sometimes. They're acting like they're still private but in fact the fourth the board has a fiduciary duty to the shareholders though it sort of crap not have an articulated plan. What's also seen those there was a survey those connected like an about the -- shareholder meeting being was talked about. And I think over like thirteen hundred companies were polled and only 35% even had a succession plan in place right then though they all -- -- -- like 1% of them hasn't the. CEO -- dominant theme yeah I'm gonna think that's the real -- -- like. And I so I told you I know that -- shareholder who was just like I'm angry -- -- -- that our board let him be. Anointed as the only guy who could ever possibly do -- and there anyway we will see what the you know they're gonna vote on that and so there may be some interest in -- short amount that morning that shareholders should be happy because he is the only -- -- -- elevate the company that large -- also. Yeah yeah but what they wanna know we have the same congress that can't get by what they wanna know is should they -- now you know its sales and I think a quick break when -- when we come back we're going to talk about. What is actually happening in your brain when you put this little leaving -- -- it meant. All windows phone seven does have the sorry for them. From whole. Welcome back about Dell Latitude line -- Hollywood could not read literally -- Interesting story and and by interesting I mean high grade. That the good news. Published this week in the journal of the American Medical Association. The study was led by a respected neuro scientist who found that when you are talking on yourself on and you are holding to your head that the brain cells. Within the immediate region of the -- They do things. The antenna the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the antenna appears to activate nearby regions of the brain to quote. An usually. High levels. It makes your brain act. Differently that it is among the first time that we have seen solid medical evidence that cellphone use as a measurable effect. On the brain's activity. I think it's called cooking. I think it may be called -- It did lead many of these sent -- to wonder for example about how lasting. So who. This is just about you know kind of let -- -- -- -- -- -- I definitely like we finally found that when it's right near the antenna like this party regularly. And then but we generally mean they -- they -- how I would. I and I know I -- -- -- silly you know they obvious that the two -- that bring close to the phone antennas. Showed increases in -- -- increase in activity through a fifteen minute period of light transmission the high and activity occurred closest to the antenna. On the dates -- -- dozens is still does not suggest whether it contributes to development of brain cancers or not right they did I mean basically they just know that that those parts of the brain. That's part to bring kind of light up on the amount they they are all they know right now that something happened -- like 800. The FDA the FDA has taken a position that any harmful effects -- cell -- -- -- -- the result of tissue becoming overheated because the device. It's so warm but that this was one of that first time that -- sentinel. Parts of the brains are actually activating however researchers were also careful to point out that the increased brain activity could be your response to language or other sounds heard over the phone. Although in the -- phase have been elect is that it found in the parent were connected recorded -- will there be likened UPS they where there's an egg on a phone now. It I don't I'm sorry -- like. -- -- -- They do say the fact that the mere proximity of an electromagnetic radiation source could stimulate brain activity in the brain is potentially significant. They say we don't know whether to good effect and neutral effect or a -- -- And if it is a bad effect we don't know what kind of exposure is required to content. So ultimately it's in effect it's -- effect -- death ethic like that we can get a thinking cap app -- the lights come on. It sounds like no big deal. Now I'm in other news -- the like the kind of shutting off we've heard about windows phone seven where fans of it but. Unfortunately. I guess it was over the weaken over this past week. Microsoft rolled out the first update the first -- on the windows phone seven and one of the promises from Microsoft with the fact that they would be able to. Roll out the update across the board and it would be compatible all devices much satellite and wireless device they want -- it. Be in that place where it was simple and easy to happen and it would just work -- all the hardware. Unfortunately. That necessarily wasn't the case yet not even a little bit and -- so there were issues where basically there's an upgrade process that goes through ten steps. And this announced this week seemed to target sent two of Samsung's. Phones the Omnia seven and the focus. And what would happen is for some individuals in it the process would hang on -- seven. And sometimes it would reboot and you know the phone would resurrect itself without the upgrade but for a minority of users the process would ballots that six. And corrupt the phone's firmware and what's worse is even for some people it appears to break their phone. Completely. Brick your phone. It sounds like a major -- -- active are the Omnia seven Samsung Omnia seven and possibly the focus. Which is of America's there otherwise really good phone -- yeah but yet and that's a really. Really bad problem -- -- playing that's brand new handset the council has a problem with -- -- -- like -- India Pakistan and. It's also it's also could be on you know on both sides right sure you could say -- it's Microsoft's -- ultimately these two companies. Needed to figure out. What was the issue because there's multiple firmware is a pain under different carriers yeah so obviously the rumors are gonna be slightly different you would've guessed that they would have at least known this to some -- -- -- -- at least tested so he would get a brick phone because the problem is okay fine. As we've seen it in other products where phones like infirmary after he said it but when you have a brick that you have to physically. Drive back to a store and -- -- -- and get a new phone. That that's gonna fly. And they've been they've been you know responding to people on Twitter thing like look like -- or -- or don't and you get the update don't update on update right. It sounds like some carriers are starting to block the update there is some evidence on forums that they don't think there's nothing like you know it. And it I don't think we're gonna roll out. -- it's really bad I mean it's just like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's the one that is supposed to basically that's the other -- it -- -- it doesn't always go got advocated a so this was actually. On a different path to copy paste patches come in like in a almost later in the area knows this is not this is not even. This is not even the copy and paste patch -- -- -- those kind of is it was -- an interface Earth's oldest was an update. To -- For the update process it was an update to update the specific update -- -- -- -- better. There that's really bad LR's technique and if they -- he is off. On -- -- and something together media saying like look if Microsoft and is Samsung's -- jumping up together that's. One thing but if you'd screwed up you need you noticed it. And fix it before you send phones to people I would really hope that someone like it is something it's gonna be just -- we're gonna roll out. There you go yeah that's what it seems like. I -- -- it had problems. Obviously updates are always tricky and mean given that all types apart Apple had no and other brick older phones for you OS updates are you know our departments issued a warm as it is I mean. Updating is always like a little bit of a scary thing but have as I -- -- that the screw up. The very first update of a brand new high profile platform on stock. Standard hardware to such an extent that the only solution for some people -- the only phone. You can't do that not that impressed you can't I mean there's going to be people that are definitely gonna be like you know it's it is I'm gonna get a different phone now yeah or if you're thinking about when this -- -- an -- Catholic. Like I -- for copy and paste don't think so -- don't either Android or -- -- In other phone related news today Google's renewing its battle over faith but contact thinking they have now removed the ability to sync with your FaceBook contacts. On the -- lets us do the whole thing where FaceBook essentially doesn't allow people to export. Their data or their contacts whereas from the other and new services like Google Microsoft we're allowing -- -- back and or exchange but FaceBook. Doesn't allow that -- though Google said. We're not gonna we're gonna we're gonna have that -- think paying because what that does is it allows FaceBook to import all your Google contact. But doesn't allow you to bring any of that -- -- contacted on to your Google on which I knew I have statement. I find -- -- -- -- at them and I do like that I can send my Google staff -- I want you but. What I really want to do is get up FaceBook information out of preannouncement on it can mean isn't it ended you know there's also -- there's users that. Unlike you guys that are like a -- my concert there in one place but the thing about that is like. It's not really stored on your device -- it. It's it's on the -- of imaginary for the time being via. And an I mean I'm as the user can tell you might I don't agree with FaceBook the pretend that they think it that it beat my user experience should be seamless with all my contact with it but if they -- So you'll only play in -- sandbox with and so you know Google's escalating and and if that's not good for the consumer either. But there if they think my current -- if there's no quid pro -- -- and it -- quid pro you. Yes so this update that Google's doing to prevent the preventing Google are sorry that the bees but can't thanks for coming over is gonna Vietnam happening with the nexus -- and future devices. That's according to Google's yet. All their official Android devices will be not be important. And don't know -- I don't know if that's the case of the Nexus One but nexus -- and -- -- US regulators have asked Verizon to look into the fact that apparently during -- that giant snowstorm that last month and Washington. Verizon's network dropped a quote truly alarming. 101000. Calls to 911 numbers. 101000 call during a massive blizzard. So they said. Look into that. Jamie Barnett chief of the FCC's public safety and Homeland Security bureau. Said we are particularly concerned that this problem may be widespread. Across Verizon's footprint. And wants -- to investigate the extent of the problem. Across the network in they in the outage -- you now -- Of like I can't he's not -- my eating or is where was your network anywhere -- -- -- yeah now. I'm outage affected a Montgomery and prince George's counties on they were -- was triggered by a mass call events. In brightly QI mean but that's yet you how to weather -- -- -- one land because they were making Mueller to help presumably very badly. Ten and one line I mean that's really that's buried there and you know we talked about a -- and have a landline and -- situations that will help it. Even like during the Loma Prieta earthquake here in 89. Land lines were down for all day rate after the earthquake that they were played its part yeah. Down. I think just -- and that you yank all of your snotty little. Commercials by your -- network until you figure out how can. Ethic that's packet you can hear me now -- in a snowstorm disaster. And lets you really really really need to hear me -- EV but not neo. I -- -- -- against the daily for being device specific and the iPad music anywhere. That exclusivity will have of it -- apparently and in the next few months at least according to Peter after -- -- -- internal thing that's sources say. The daily is prepping for an Android tablet launch and -- can order the. -- place see it now now old -- We won't have to hear well what about webos. When are they getting there are they getting it when are they getting their. And that -- Enceladus on seventh Apple later they getting there it's time to continue that march -- -- -- device that that the -- -- around I well I doubt that they'll believe these tablets what about my big old or it happens green phone. We will see I'm never the -- is not conducive to that. It's really like it just wouldn't work on -- -- it is device. A lot -- not feel that magazine I'm not element that magazine that I. You've been waiting for the break up mixed tape announcement I have to wait a little bit longer but the time has come to hear what you had to thing -- call letters -- -- -- -- our first caller has what do you think is a pretty genius. Business idea of academic -- -- this -- right now like the FaceBook he old wooden. -- the net of 1412. App that notifies you -- Probably optimistic. That this model -- -- public should be assured pharmacy late. Someone needs to make bespoke a -- FaceBook points or point of farm bill credits and -- Japan -- -- people where you like this is totally at work like it at three weeks you could all get together like Hugo. Bet and audio and note you know you'd be notified. Like. -- But Oracle. Apps or -- -- show. So we just. Though money make that is so wrong ingenious and also -- kind of stole my bum buzz report -- that you're gonna -- -- to that -- like you department. And other people get the other -- latent -- -- on haven't asthma. And any ammunition -- -- -- now. The FaceBook he loved -- also. I'm happier -- -- if you buzz at cnet.com for the all the talk of how mobile Internet has been a tool for freedom in the past year. Contrasting it with the debate over band with caps -- reinvesting profits and infrastructure. I was interested to read the following tweet about the severe earthquake in -- -- Civil defense is asking not to use asking people not use their mobile to send video. Because it is clogging up the networks and emergency services need bandwidth. Oh he. That -- and New Zealand is the really interesting. Use case because they have severe bandwidth. Limits and and capped bandwidth and I wonder it is that they have an -- in invested in their infrastructure that's about properly on ranked or that they haven't allocated -- -- with emergencies -- It just me or it's just when those. Things where it's such a disaster also but ninja in the chat room is saying that break up -- -- has been canned. No. But block it which they -- you know he built the feature in there that could be at any rate that is BS people want that. There is no reason in the -- of the -- I bet you they're gonna implement and says. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I you don't like the State's -- their own -- with more built and advertise that -- and the problem is probably because its gaping -- but -- India is not and a. Next email. This -- from -- hey buzz two and released -- at the University of Michigan and thought that I could shed some light into the set up of personal. Wi-Fi network. Here there is almost campus wide Wi-Fi network that every -- can access wells on the dorms do not have Wi-Fi and still have to utilize ethernet cables. It is strictly forbidden to set up your own network. If you do you set up a network in May result in a fine or even being kicked out of the dorms. On a side note upperclassmen usually suggest that students go to the Starbucks to do their pirating as -- university networks are closely monitored by the MPAA. NR IAA. Love the show. Dillon thanks for the information. When on hand now go blue. Pill will go blu at Starbucks together -- though. Iran that -- upperclassmen to -- the freshman train -- the -- away. Like piracy is still that big for one thing of a bit of a part theater you go. In Starbucks is just like -- -- there when he is here to sitting in doing nothing directly. It -- -- Wii and it. Of them VA's dollars and instant minus. Every one you have waited for the contest results and we. Cannot believe how many breakups on suggestions we got -- -- -- 90% of the songs the world are reconciled or -- have had your partner and -- say you you know we had to -- the trade that we Andy -- let let's we're gonna look a little music bed to take us through some of -- heartbreaking tales. Thank you. For pouring your -- out. -- -- With your -- answer -- let's get to. The four best thing are for runners up -- them -- the and the winner yes -- -- that the computer science student. -- -- -- in and says okay I was in my third semester college she was -- senior high school working with her father for his business and also being home schooled by him. We've been dating for about six months and I was at it was a long distance relationship but she did a really good job of keeping up with my schedule to find -- -- date. -- -- and due to her life being really hectic she completely forgot about my spring break which is also the -- of her birthday. Now I've gotten together with her mother to arrange for me to show up in the morning surprise her. And steal her away for the night that's vague but the night before -- opened her father heard about the plan and school stitch. And then told my girlfriend at the time that she didn't have time for upcoming -- Canada and that was that we. Now here's the background he says I can't just love this -- Because a month or two before that I had done an OS reinstall on his laptop. And he walked me through all the information anyone in need -- back up and the computer ran grated with me. Until about two weeks later when you discover that all his bookmarks in Internet Explorer. Were gone forever. From that point he spoke about nine words to me and I could always tell he was mad. So what ended my first -- to this point only relationship. A bunch of IE -- -- Moral of the story. Where -- I loved -- computer make them an -- -- That was from Matt's computer science student at a Hubbard. Could you delicious but you know that that's that's one downside while wow okay -- now we're gonna. We're gonna give -- a little audio voice notes admission from you guys though this one I can't remember who this is but we will hear what he has to -- about -- print the story idea. Industry and Brian -- week so depressing. Break -- story. A micro. Aren't. Our mutual friend that girl or -- and girls for the -- -- and 32 and world and the line -- -- he says -- done a year and that's -- ocean beneath. But he -- more than with -- all time. Every ride all -- now -- heart broke and totally wrecked. Told depressed. -- -- -- -- You that is branded Brian I did not okay that is placed under -- you got done before their ride. All the -- even mind that he can -- and on space now like a little Sissy is trying to matter hormel in -- that's why it's came out. Last -- it was the wire that made it his face when he was crying like a little system. And that it -- a horrible thing -- thing you've got that. Baghdad -- not all you know what I know I don't mess -- find out her name and -- -- not -- let's make her crack. Why would you even want to break up with someone before -- enjoy the Disneyland experience should. I tend to see like and then go home after you know given them directly. -- just don't treat them to go to Disneyland and I'm not there -- monster. RI would have. That did the depressing stories he'd come in. This one. From -- and Montana. -- dollars -- story of my ill fated relationship that involved not one but two -- -- break up songs. -- -- -- -- Saturday morning whereas backing in my apartment too little classic rock and -- go from popped up on aim and asked me. What I was doing. I -- that I was losing a free bird by Leonard scattered -- -- he told me that's it in those songs so without even thinking about it when it was about I copy the lyrics and to aim for her. Under ten minutes of silence I sent her the old triple question mark. And he told me that she had been cry -- because you thought this was my clever way of breaking up with her. I had to spend the next half hour and a -- that I was not the least bit clever and was only listen to song for the guitar solo. You -- you know the where the right -- By by -- we'd love though this feeling I can't change but please don't take it badly can lord knows I'm to blame and -- and -- free as a -- now again I would I would never get confused lol yeah -- not done enough smart Levi says I did finally -- -- but unfortunately. That was in the end of the story because a few months later she broke up with me. By ironically sending me the lyrics -- sometimes love just in enough ice Patti Smith and Don Henley over aim. I tried to respond with. All you'll need is -- By The Beatles but to no avail -- Anyways it's funny now possible to love this. Are all man that that that this -- yeah I heard that that that are -- better ball and finally Jesse writes in and says my break up story involves minority woman -- in summer we spent the next four years and love. So after four years of being together I had been looking long and hard for -- -- -- a -- that might work. Now one nights during the port you're dating we stopped by a music store and -- the CD by James Ingram that very night we went back to her -- her dad was there -- have to talk to -- private. Tell me to go ahead it when I came back she would play something for me. Her dad and I spoke of the future and where we might be. I told him about you know my plan to by the ring he gave me a name of the jeweler who he knew could help in the -- search in her -- nineties that he would pay for the wedding. And the honeymoon in Europe. I don't think after we -- just talking and he left she played a song for me. It was I don't have the heart by James Ingram. After that I tried to doctors he simply said he wasn't in love with me the way out of love with her anymore. And her mind was made up and she showed me the door I called doctor about it. He just hung up. As of yet I don't have the heart to love another nerd at lest she break my heart hole even after twelve years. And honored maybe but not entered. The guy doesn't very heavily added an email as a beauty -- -- all about how he thinks the very tiny dot net then. They have this whole -- they're able labels are in common. Well you'd like you talk to -- Add that in the other room that -- -- out like okay for the wedding and then you come back and -- -- believe. Reagan. The. -- -- the irony no button -- that home. Oh god. -- -- Well. -- -- but out of those people are unbelievable. Lee. Heartbreaking flash possibly hilarious or concern yeah we had into governor Mitch is Eleanor it was rough. But the winner is. -- -- -- -- -- Me. We cannot believe you got -- does that have it later on. -- ever heard I can't stop again not -- -- on the ride the matter aren't. In The -- and but he did like the at least he had the hearts and enjoy the fireworks show the data -- showed that shows a real man of integrity is like anonymous -- -- And enjoy the street and fireworks. Or Brian Hill via email us your address and we are going -- -- you are breaking up make fiction Apple. Now -- the that's second only ever be allowed to -- -- It's all come -- -- and here's the list she could easily leg back and where -- read particularly on toilet museum and actually just -- gonna go through this and we'll go to list. I'm I think you can probably guess one in the undeclared and there you can make you with -- I -- we haven't ordered these yet but personal and boys to men and of the road who who. Hello good luck Brian McKnight one last -- I lost my house that and lose them right players. Beneath the gap being. Filo green as you know and -- not -- that BS radio friendly and I forget -- and you get the real thing I think. Now. -- -- and I'm. -- -- And this is a -- by name Zambia Mali and the need those. -- to Franco's untouchable but he saw. I hope you guys are in the line if you had not heard that's I'm gonna go listen to it -- -- things total. Total makes -- god Chris eyes back wicked game particularly -- handling live you have got a -- -- poisons. Saying in every room whose cousins rang. Went from one from the modern age Lady Antebellum -- now than they -- yeah yeah I think Hiller. That's on the killer it is -- of also look at Sinead O'Connor's. Now boom -- was too. -- -- and the Tony rich project nobody knows Alia we can learn. Who -- -- show that's solving yet know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Others do it well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which one. Well I'll read every channel boxes in our behind. Can you I think we're gonna -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At all. We got -- -- to the -- -- skid -- I remember you the cure. And pictures of you. All of them but never go to -- the good Bill -- innocent sent. You -- so you should actually. Own. -- rates I can make you love me balance class okay I've heard that solves the mean times following in my sorrow. And gonna play video games stylist they can't make -- stylistic make it to break area without an advertisement on Mary academy had this idea Bryan Adams. -- Even begin. Had some who know enough eleven do you look at anything you knew this under the beyond their prints. Purple rain purple -- I know what -- Weekend above. -- -- -- -- Moon moon night. Any moon night. And then of cores. The Indiana two million on the armament. Do a lot of -- -- Government is and a note that now Iraq. I was I was listening I was like yes I know we had so many suggestions like -- never heard the -- that -- knew all all across Matt we we try to go at like the really classic. Heart breakers. But I think am I mostly a list of -- and -- I'll do a blog post that -- -- this simple list and then some. A lot of the suggestion because and we wanted to cover all genres that whoever's gonna win this thing -- -- -- -- all these and if they do they're real there haven't erupt from the. But activated Carolyn like my idea is really -- -- And we're but now the top weight plate we're -- -- legacy was that makes in Canada and a little idea that. But I but it's almost malaria house the make -- Bryan Adams plasma plant. No no -- do you. -- it. -- -- -- your email adept at coming out view we will of course -- the full list and many can easily make an appearance everybody thank you for reasoning of those -- -- the stories like. I always calacanis that the involvement of the adult video that was therapeutic for a lot of people -- -- -- somewhat okay yeah you -- -- -- In these things one thing that we found is like you said it was you know cathartic but -- right it was like. Sometimes it sounds silly but sometimes -- need if you -- to tell your story because we don't -- -- friends with that all the time. But then I really really felt like this is away from -- does that really bent and yet still the Spore on your most on the pages move forward we really -- -- it. Does -- know at some point is. We should do like an outline was intense and excellent and was -- -- I think we should do the second it is like a second line that then like you're gonna be okay Mac. You know that you're gonna be -- expect it gets better and get better. -- -- -- -- Low current and Apple are not complete -- -- the kid's not listening oh and other people still listening. -- -- -- -- Go check out of bullets on our blog AOL that cnet.com when -- -- -- Olympics do you think there is our phone number bug that cnet.com you want to -- suggestions for the life goes on it gets better. -- And that -- over and demand. We will -- guys back tomorrow I write to -- better yep there's an IC guys.
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