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Crave: Crave Ep. 79: Choose the form of the Destructor

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Crave: Crave Ep. 79: Choose the form of the Destructor

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This week, the Crave crew uncovers a cupcake-dispensing ATM, hot tub boats, and a sonic weapon that confounds your enemy into silence. Plus, a concept Xbox controller that massages your thumbs, Merit Badges for nerdlings, and a DARPA cheetah bot that will be chasing us in our nightmares.

It's Tuesday march 6. A date that totally test my list. I'm Donald bell. Eric Franklin. -- done on this yeah I tried it had a million and sheet by an act here you I -- -- now there's an even better. I just love it -- it. And very bad. And -- in the -- configured a year now -- -- now here. A business given enough value that we get our delivery -- it. Thank god for a -- -- and your mind. It's arrived so has the crave podcast -- joining us. On this thinking this episode that -- like I guarantee last week. Is completely free of anything Apple related awesome is that way yes -- -- that's -- should I ever mention Apple during the course of this in any real way not -- mentioning it in the context of mentioning it -- Like this on -- this -- after this. You can use this on me. And I. It's in a speech. Yes a weapon of east silencing. This is -- -- to listen. Off. Film this video is actually really. -- -- Technology will news at a fresh air and people care about so what it's doing is combining. A and a little hand held -- you know microphones got a directional mics on the high quality Mike and it takes fed into it. The directional input from what you're pointing and then. And then it. And applies it to like a point 22 delay to the audio and -- -- back of the person -- -- not canceled the frequencies but. To them. Patent gives and it's really weird distortion and it distorting echo effect by. Like like -- is just an explosion near them their ears a kind of like suddenly they're talking with three ED flipped out their brain and -- -- -- -- -- So -- that sets them up and it doesn't. It doesn't. Cancel out the sound it doesn't cancel out -- -- doesn't hear them. But then they feel we -- talking so it probably sets yet it makes is so annoying to them talking here at their own voice -- to -- at stop and just in interest and isn't just. -- the but the wrap it up box from those who have direct costs and -- -- -- to -- Like heavier on the Oscars. Attribute these -- that -- says yeah exactly. Have the video -- using. It's worth it's worth -- latest relate the the weird turn of phrase that they talk about like. Is it like that cell phone call it -- speech. It's like when -- is talking on the phone but -- we've seen anything meaningful. On the little in the video translation politics and blatantly. And instant effects of a hit it. But -- they put this before and you to move. -- -- -- -- -- Rather than -- to -- will be. So I guess is a yeah it says it's apparent -- here from the national institute of advanced industrial science and technology. And it -- is -- it has no excuses university well I'm glad. There's been in their time well -- we're working on really meaningful. Inventions. Delayed -- story feedback is the and -- sounds Lebanon more. Important yet -- on the eyes shut you up gun or the -- shotgun -- -- -- as name. I think what -- they -- speech -- speech and man who. They need to work on meaning here this is a beautiful name for this thing but it's -- -- speech GM. -- -- and the speech to celery and or re elect Allen yeah yeah. There's an -- and some. -- is looking to leaders who. I'm not -- to take here is he skin stretching. -- controller. Pitched for the next Xbox-360. 720 this I saw this this head earlier. In kind of -- -- I don't know what -- -- by skin stretching yeah you how do you feel that it's let's just get that. The restrict my skin that that's not happening actually. -- imagine yet for the same thing from mean can't talk right now but at. I I imagine something far more invasive and weird and what this actually -- something like out of as extends recently that it. -- as a haptic feedback control but it just basically searches engineered. Yet incentives. -- -- the thumbs over the little controls a little red lake -- Patti -- -- that's okay and but they are being. Controlled by the Xbox -- move up or down a wiggle around it gave you. Directional feedback about what's going on on the screen so your thumbs are being massage. While you play nice and that -- on the side as if is that the point latency is proposals -- now -- one example the research -- Researchers -- is like playing -- fish and game and you look thanks. And then the buds -- near Campbell currently. -- -- -- Captive -- Writely can set it lets right now the only haptic feedback and the controllers how is that vigorously -- planetary -- But now this could be like a like a rumble just -- -- -- an individual to different. Little rumbles for each non interest and -- -- not just rumble but actually pull your dominant direction. Well it's somewhat well yeah -- -- get a slice like it. The TV in this thank would you -- -- control. I wouldn't mind that feature in certain games yet I can say like a fishing game or something like that -- to apply a little bit more subtle. Imprison me. I could well be I guess that can. Help them -- -- -- from which. Problem well its its. I like the idea that like have -- like having any kind of because I knew you. Types of feedback in my games in the feedback is always good for games so. Sure if it's implement it well ambient you know I think it'd probably better put to use. It's not on the -- to -- night. You know have you aren't conventional control he don't have. Little -- has reached them ranked. Low if you had in arm the near key index fingers -- -- little triggers that are on the front of the controller share and deploy your fingers produce something. Put your fingers. To give you -- -- act. -- if -- TV news. The feeling with the -- actually pulling a gun trigger even more than. The only give you gorgeous it's like an extra little way to -- was going on the screen can make it could be just that you know -- index finger on her right hand. Gets pulled a little bit if there's someone creeping up behind right now right. -- -- to -- like Resident Evil type games so now that you know horror games rivalry games. That are trying to scare you and trying to trying to. Who tune in certain directions so can this direction with this -- that's good that I should game developers we have great ideas for its. Good I hope they do yes they better just wide rotted out. -- -- game developer's kit on it you guys all he had -- signature and. -- and and may be that the future game developer or. Nerd who will make this happen is that is right now involved in Boy Scouts -- Girl Scouts. Wishing that they were is -- merit badge for doing cool techie stuff. Which ones there is now now -- And -- -- little. Formally as part of the Boeing Girl Scouts. You know. Selection -- -- badges but I may buy if -- industries. Add there is a listing of different badges that you can get -- -- you can get for doing special things like -- 380 printing your own gizmo. Or -- you send something to speak write it. Things you do every day -- basically. It's -- learning how to use some fossil skull. -- controllers -- our do we know. Altitude blue lasers -- Condoleezza -- that this is just as lasers and yet solemn. Yeah. And I hope this is -- like ankle IE I hope that it actually does get. Pulled into. You know -- a little. Boy and girl. Well yeah and such pleasure I'm so great as it just pick online you just get -- Yes -- did that yeah I think you can order like little kids and projects Norton Internet scale like this it's it's it's kind of it's kind of game unifying. Was counts as it was a little bit William -- achievements -- -- promoting me you know. And yes I -- Yang -- -- here. And -- need to -- Dave and really if you have to do it like in the woods camping I am sure that can be accommodated right. Me all the more impressive -- humanity is -- -- scope while camping. -- -- Like meg just there's always the -- boys and Girl Scouts have always been very did a fine as far as rewards go right -- bad. I've never been boys or gross outs that Jessica said local I don't know much about it I avenue anyone is going up there was -- -- We should either of you guys was ever written -- in the scouts are weak for a -- out. That's like two years ago and SpinRite letter entitled mobile and eat meat or Google -- ship exception embarrassingly enough I was. I think like a year my mom put me in the Y Indian parades. Before and -- office still exists -- not W is what I like in hindsight that of a very. Racially offensive. Control played it like. Lake in doctor needing weight kids into like a very light thin version of you know what native American culture would -- -- well and it's trying to educate. But it was it was so like the -- fide version. Was it like it would meet and greet each other and like how. I feel bad as they'll face being involved in anything but -- -- greatly meekly TVs and and and knows. Is on its like using my wrote about a program go to -- English block out after my last. -- -- -- -- I don't think. I quickly while playing a different system mimic earned feathers or something that it had gap in -- Indians really show yet. Why Linux and -- this is akin to Google's own search away from me -- a good thing that -- outed and I. Don't do it had too scared. I moving on. Cupcakes -- of cupcakes. Anna update and I can't answer a question in his -- -- at present -- -- and -- them -- And -- just don't like can dial up though we love them that's what we didn't answer. As a where question what you -- you worry who loves cupcakes. I. Do it. But. -- is an awful when you have that cupcake craving. Now and there's no place to get a cup cakes yes. Especially late at night or while walking San Francisco -- and accidentally inhaling something that you were not meant to inhale gas and home I don't I don't think -- a little bit is a direct data. And that it. Was that -- it pollution. Here and that was -- -- -- I'm. 24 hour cupcake ATM it's a fame this is not happen is area this is not happy today. If you live in the area you -- drive to -- 24 hours sprinkles. The get a treat from the cut up to -- eagerly answer yes sprinkles. -- As -- have a it -- that means Beverly Hills seems the wrong place for this machine -- upload their soul. -- is any them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My -- can men and one cupcakes a year if you like a Portland or -- India invention you know -- Assisted thinking -- ATM but what. Spencer. -- Sure. It looks like something out of the original Star Trek that. The aesthetic of that looks kind of -- -- and succeed cite high tech to -- for some temperaturewise what does this is like that thing that takes over the food truck. By Chris like what if it's it food tract with just like the one that the missing link in the step. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you think. Do you think people get her dismal food eat less healthy with food waiting rooms. I think this is how -- that you would -- like Ebola outbreak in the math. This is this is the beginning contagion -- Okay. I still think we should -- have one here at the office -- -- office. And they have their own FaceBook page in our sprinkles face -- what's. A FaceBook page you can't actually like them now print out a cupcake through the FaceBook page and has -- happens and even have cupcakes for fine but -- Don't just terrible enough balls -- fire -- -- -- like the idea I don't -- many of them are waiting for the burger. If he says I don't think. Sports the yet is if you indulge too much in these delicious sugary salty treats you will not be able to stay afloat. In the hot and the boat Seattle's hot tugboats. That common. You can float on the water while sitting in the -- -- hot -- Which is clearly on top of the water. Like I don't understand the physics of this in less the boat is like really. Deep somehow -- maybe -- can you tell. Have old COLT and now it's -- really shallow high. Now that -- those books people move again this is considered accommodate up on a sand bars passengers. Sets. -- itself measures four feet by eat the own two feet. And six passengers in. -- At out -- but I'm not gonna question you know if this exists I believe them and Seattle their their intended it is honest folks in Seattle and I try to -- -- They'll just. -- some -- In Seattle in the land of the hot days and upload document and try to deceive it's just hot you know. -- and I don't really that would mean it has to be -- if it's there. They all have be afraid that someone's gonna on -- us and we're gonna -- you know floating and -- No -- And then. And influence what -- Yeah well I I think it's part of it's just that you know I'm sure there's hot -- -- luxury boats right. -- -- that I probably got in Pakistan as a way to get -- that feature. In single purpose hot a boat and I support it I support hot tubs the world over I you know does not -- of hot tubs. -- -- saying they're pretty cool. Pretty down. There's not much success it -- I was one other item that would not necessarily -- but. I genuinely -- itself out hiding that it I was gonna go down the dirty route with this but I -- I mean it's kind of virus. I know I know the line after a -- but it -- look at -- analog looks like me there's a little can that tell personal and looks weird now analysts say anything. It looks and I think it's just kind of at a pixie ish aero -- Seattle -- -- okay you know. -- missed my opportunity is there is you're just throwing them out there was this all -- now. -- -- up time machine's owner when he sees it how does a common. And then -- just let it go and missing anything. Filling your own -- the comment here and I. Enjoy this content search. Only can -- -- We'll soon be all chase down and hunted. By dark -- to and a robot. Yes -- it was sort of what's now this is this is the product they have been in the works for awhile and far back -- 1989 main. There is a record of thirteen -- one miles per hour set by. DARPA -- robot so now we're up to fourteen to -- teen learned -- -- eighteen miles per hour and it struggles to do it. But but it the way and actually I. Can't say anything really hear it -- -- it is the it's -- If this beast and now and as I put this under the that the heading of -- the form of the instructor yeah vote at the last week that I like it is I think. That comes up enough that really should be a segment. And also I do feel like this things perfectly meet at she she -- and the new puzzles that -- -- it is volume that you. To the -- you're back. Home and it Peterson nickname. I was gonna have to seventy months ago when they can't -- -- just like. Yeah yeah I may get back cheetah speed that the seven miles per hour and -- could get there with further development. And then -- call us when you get to them. You get -- that milestone right fellas. -- eighteen miles per hour -- robot. You know -- that thing is pretty sure -- earnings eight. We'll get what it was missing -- slows you down and -- and look at -- -- 2624. Okay. Probably hit eighteen million you're gonna be slow down by all the screaming you're doing -- I. Alien looking back we'll take at least five miles around shirtless trimming don't look back -- -- and and try not discouraged and end to. Sony is -- -- control elements in India alone. Will invest my -- in this round before. They get. We get to this to the city it protects you not think he can only -- in a straight line as well there you go. Or does cross the street I think I think it is due to accessing the connect away from me -- -- ninety. Opponents to the I have in my code but the connects people ask on the chaotic and independent leading mechanical and on this is gonna -- -- -- second round. So I think the form of the -- shelters kiloton. Plus DARPA the appeal to try to get away on your mind controlled -- -- -- -- TC but what a great media that would be can -- -- day like leaping toward the other skateboard and and -- -- is that you know that that they -- of that kind of slow motion fast stuff that you XP Anthony do and chills like in it was like. Quality -- America's funniest home version home video version where you. Version right now -- -- happens you know where it wipe out -- on skateboard com hope. There's so in different ways it can it done when I comment. The game and did a joke. -- this column. On my version of that with the means that in my head as I am areas -- government. I apologies -- -- apologizing for that last comment on how poorly was received by people in this room. I want to apologize rationality. Is our last show I gave out the email only contact -- -- the wrong email Africa. I complain I know whenever a contact that's all -- even tried using you know this. -- know that I've done the document -- dash podcast cnet.com which goes to like nowhere because the Jasmine France. -- -- Females who is who crave at cnet.com. It's easy isn't as simple as it -- To screen as humans take the letters you put it into your email. Client. And -- crescent. Societies and while you might wanna be ready mixed message yeah I think that will let it do -- -- and perceive it works. And then go back and -- -- message. What you know that actually does a better. Treatments. I am I also want to apologize for my -- definition of -- Technology last week that you -- -- what if I had -- I don't remember a little little beat the little metal robot via pop. -- -- Little deals one of the many ensemble performs of the destructive right right now why I neglected to mention that man's technology -- and it and -- technology. It's like. Amazing in its nano -- I -- include a link in the show notes to Wikipedia. Distant you know help people know for the record with its due to content the minimums and it's now I've contacted by -- Music and iron can dial seven from the chat room out there who's that I can mechanical engineer and well you know it that was really sloppy and work. And he tried to pull -- clicking new -- -- about what you didn't. And I think I think didn't Bonnie and I -- nano technology know well. This now. -- So bad luck. Anyway it's it's still cool stuff it's those it is crap out of me that damn you should know. -- -- -- -- -- -- More things you should know about coming to you. My favorite segment. Called. Meanwhile. -- -- -- -- Direction of you doing your mind control -- -- it. Shouldn't. -- they also love. In addition to Donald's space. Is gamer throats. And you see -- -- -- is starting. Next month leave -- season -- lots of patents. On a -- first book I've read any of the other books for -- very good one line. And one -- the VIV kind of now iconic things not show. Controls in the fields is the control on introductions so seeming to play the eye view original first -- so people can see. Get an idea what that into -- like it's. It's awesome the thing about his music with. But it's also -- like 380 -- Of -- west rose to land game rooms. King's landing but it's all I am not sure exactly how they do that and that -- -- them -- but it looks all practical to me. Home. And technology mental technology of tremendous and that's at the end of this. Microscopic -- -- what. We -- this is really cool expensive map. Thing and just good idea of what is it. And then this weekend the Simpsons. And they did their own version of this -- Simpsons intro adjustment to. A blind. -- that -- You should have enacted history and I am right now. I'm just. Time to do. And there's been a skateboard -- -- whom you've seen. Them. Which it's coming. Pretty awesome especially if you know the -- like that last part though couched in place of the wall. Was my favorite -- that that the three. -- Anyway. Very geeks and cool and if we as -- at an as yet how the art -- art of the title dot com Tuesday and is how the regional. Version with me yet awesome and I'm going to look at that old but in the -- you should speak to Greg. -- because what's infants. You know. These on dvd -- -- Check it out pretty cool not something else that's pretty cool. -- beyond pretty cool -- -- you incredibly. Mind -- mainly San volume on May be sexy and -- It's how I judge the quality of -- trailer. By how many times -- watch it within the first hour to be released in. And I and I didn't count. You've lost count I did like -- lost count out of it so -- -- -- trailer came out the day after. I think last create podcasts -- -- didn't get -- its developer week its it's worth watching -- CNET. If you haven't seen it. Sit back relax and enjoy this -- -- kind of like -- money from this movie you really should share it -- it -- us all partner -- -- -- at the -- ideas of the traditional telco could. Now I see wanna see if you know understand that -- I am so excited about this. It's it's. Used the words can't describe it -- and then we can cut back Eric is like dropping. I -- -- uses the -- -- start. And we are hopelessly -- good. -- assuring. I think it's time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's called the avengers mission. But I didn't. -- Volatile. Substance and don't play what others. -- -- Creatures. This is nothing we were happy -- full. Guys numbering in the party do you. And. -- giant with a -- arrives. So I bet that -- do you leave it -- that marks the end. Humans -- nations. I can't stand out. -- -- To -- True -- false did you make -- job. Watched the -- this weekend the whole or Hulk or halt -- Get it right -- got a -- They're too -- and went through it NGE one of these things aren't the only when I can -- call Hulk. And then there was the the marvel produce more costly to produce calm them -- believe utilitarian or letters and -- Com in need to -- -- -- -- the incredible Hulk and only made her watch the credible because I want her. To be well -- In the model for cinematic universe before she goes in to -- the inventors. And yet the -- five movies Iron Man incredible Hulk. Iron Man two Thor Captain America. You have to see them. Yet you know and and this week. When we have this week we're gonna watch. Iron Man two -- May be -- if you have time. I don't -- -- like you know -- of pressure someone into watching a movie houses at duke it out there -- you are you sure you know. She liked it and like it and she looked -- so much. Into that. IOC. -- -- -- -- -- It's -- can't wait for the movie. Well -- you know their comic books and she's like. Her kind of -- and the color books yes I do -- comic books like gave her the first run of the ultimate it's. Which is like the version of the avengers. To become a darker version of interest. She would -- that utilities into account -- -- if you -- -- -- Yet it was like -- -- -- it to you our traditional money is -- that -- she's actually really scared right now she can email me. In -- and say -- -- I can't have people I didn't care for her. That out want to make sure she's okay -- had -- -- own liking comics with the don't zillion -- she's so -- -- and many fruits and Miriam very happy but -- -- that influence this. Your next -- -- -- -- -- Give me that time to do it and I will I will be the -- to -- -- be a way out yet our. -- I'm I getting magazines you've ever Ryan and I need that we deserve that -- that we need. Anyways we've got. And you you handle this so cable Lee I would be intimidated. To even try to match wits with. So I won't last this I will be here with you all next week when we do this again. On Tuesdays and -- then check out our crave blog. -- -- That the email I think came at cnet.com that's where that one works. And that we'll see guys next week -- students.

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