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Apple Byte: Your iPhone won't kill you

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Apple Byte: Your iPhone won't kill you

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The Liquidmetal rumors are pretty much squashed, Mountain Lion gets updated and Apple's building an exclusive cafeteria where it serves its own Kool-Aid.

Speaker: What's happening? Brian Tong here and welcome to the AppleByte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. Now, let's get to the story. In a few weeks ago, rumors of a liquidmetal iPhone set the internet on fire. The business insider spoke with one of Liquidmetal's inventors Ataki Peker and he says Apple is still 3 to 5 years away before we see it being used in a large scale. Now, I feel a little bit relieved knowing that my iPhone won't be trying to kill me anytime soon but Peker says it's a technology that still has to be matured and perfected. They could still be used for smaller components like a hinge or bracket for Mac Book Air but a casing light, thinner body will take several more years. He still expects Apple to use it in the future breakthrough product but not anytime soon. I know guys. Sometimes reality and the truth hurts. Specially in high school, when no one ever asked you to a Sadey Hawkin's dance even if you wanted to go. All right now. I know I might have a shared a little too much there but Apple is hoping that employees won't have to worry about that after a request for a new off campus restaurant was recently approved by the city of Cupertino to provide employees a place to eat and discuss company plans without fear of having their conversations overheard or losing their prototype iPhones. See, this is a place truly where Apple drinks their own Kool Aid. Now, on iPhone parts are known a part supplier has leaked what they place to be the sim card slot tray the flash gear for the next iPhone. There are minor differences in the design like a curved section before it gets to the middle edge but ultimately it looks like this part is believed to be true. It's pretty much the same size of the (turn?) one. Amazing. Now on Apple plan news, Apple has filed of a series of introductory sensory mark. It sets sound consisting of a rapid two tone repetition for the note E sharp when you hold the home button down. It may be music to the ears of some of you but I'm still on the side of the fence where Siri is completely overrated. It's still a beta product Apple is selling to people as a finished one and when it has to connect to its servers and they're down, well you have no idea if they are down or not. Yeah, you're screwed. I'm still waiting to see someone actually talk to the phone in public like that but I haven't seen it and don't get me wrong people, voice recognition is still a cool evolving tech but I hope to be blown away but it at (WWDC?) because it doesn't work the way we've been sold on it and that's a bad Apple. All right. I'm getting off my soapbox and let's take a quick break with the cool app from transferring your photos from your phone to other devices easily and if not e-mail you smart asses. Now we all love taking pictures with our cameras but have you ever wanted to transfer photos wirelessly and quickly from one device to another. Well, that's why you're still watching this and I have a couple of apps for both Android and IOS that will do the trick. They've heard of this first app called Bump. It's free. It works cross platform and allows you to send photos and contacts from one person to another if both people are using the app. Select the pictures you want. Give them a little bump and wa la, the pictures are received on the other end. It's real world truth that ends right and IOS can get it on but my personal favorite app to transfer photos is called Photo Transfer app. That's the name. The universal app on IOS costs 2.99 and it's 1.99 on Android. Now, you might not like paying for apps but there are several cheap things that make it worthwhile. You could still send photos from phone to phone cross platform or what about sending pictures from your phone to view on a larger screen like your iPad. This app allows you to do that. You'll have to be on the same Wi-Fi network and you'll pick which device is the sender and which device is the receiver. I like how it organizes your photo collection and to proofs of 100 to keep tracks of the ones you're sending and not only does it transfer photos but video clips as well. You know Bump, they just can't do that. Now, the killer feature is you can also send your pictures or your videos directly to any Mac, Windows or Linux computer by going to an address on your web browser that the app creates for you. Bottom line, photo transfer apps is where dropping the money for. Wow. That was a really professional video done by that skunk hair guy. Thanks for that Brian. All right in some quick fights, Apple's latest update to OS10 Mountain Lion adds a do not disturb feature for notification that you can toggle at the top to block incoming alerts and messages. The feature is activated with a Moon logo and this could be something we might even see integrated into the much anticipated IOS6 as WWDC. Also, Cloud Computing is kind of a big deal in 2012 and Amazon has released their Cloud (??) app for Mac and Windows that gives you access to their online stores and let you drag and drop files in the finder. Also, (Spotify's?) long awaited iPad app is finally here supporting the retina display and their 18 million song catalog. You'll need a premium subscription to use the app after a free trial period but more importantly, I hope none of you dance like those people, at least in public and guys, you know the AppleByte, we like to say a breath of the news. Speaker: The following contains scenes that are intended for immature audiences only and contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing like Bryan Tong's nephew. Speaker: Specially with this iPhone carrying bra called the Joey (Bra?). It was created by two University of Washington students and they claim, they can hold an iPhone along with their ID, credit cards, keys and boobs. Now I personally don't have any use for this but it's really a wonder to hold. Now, we always show you the loyal Apple buyers some love so we have another awesome giveaway from our friends at Griffin Technology with this killer triple threat device. It's the stylus plus pen, plus laser that retails for 49 buckaroos. Are you good at Draw Something? You'll be better with this. Are you good at writing your name? You'll be better with this or you can just use it to distract your special friend. All you have to do is e-mail at the applebyte@cnet.com and tell us why you deserve this giveaway, pictures and videos of your hidden talents are also welcome. We (??) only take three people and announce on next week's show plus Griffin is also hooking you up with a 15% off code for everything on the website that's good until May the 20th. All right guys. That's gonna do it for this week's show. Thanks for watching. I'm Brian Tong and we'll catch you guys next time for another bite of the Apple.

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