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CNET News Video: YBuy.com: Try before you buy

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CNET News Video: YBuy.com: Try before you buy

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It's a high-tech way to prevent buyer's remorse. A new Web site, YBuy.com, lets you try out gadgets and appliances before you pay for them. But this kind of membership service has a price, and limitations. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports.

(Paul Wuso?) can't wait to get his hands on this month's YBuy gadget. What's the name of this product? It's a Wi-Fi (Body Scale?). For $50 registration fee and 25 bucks a month, curious consumers like Paul can get their hands on an appliance or gadget before buying it. I can try the product for 30 days. If I want it, I can purchase it. If I don't, ship it back. No questions asked. Via my 27.7, it looks like I need to work out, we can actually bring the showroom into people's living room. YBuy co-founder Steve Svajian created the company after he had a bad experience with an Amazon.com purchase. This bread maker actually not dried off the kitchen counter, physical retail stores are dying but we still need to be able to touch and feel products like if I have seen that bread maker before I purchased it, I wouldn't have purchased it. YBuy offers consumers only about 2 dozen products to choose from that had been selected by YBuy staff. Amazon obviously provides a service where it's kind of an open shopping mall. I think people are a little fed up with seeing you know 10,000 espresso machines. They wanna see one side curated specifically for that in their lifestyle. Paul said he's tried 2 camera's and a set of speakers of the last few months but has returned most of them. You sort of you know try for a month and put it back together and ship it back. (??) someone ahead of the times and acting that maybe a little bit of a disadvantage to them but you know the packaging and you know sort of shipping things back have a very smooth process. As for the scale Paul is weighing his options. I think it's pretty neat. I like it. In San Francisco, I'm Kara Suboy CNET.com for CBS News.

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