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Loaded: Yahoo fires Carol Bartz

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Loaded: Yahoo fires Carol Bartz

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The four-tuner Tivo Premiere Elite makes its debut, Netflix cracks down on people who stream more than one video at the same time, and Yahoo's board fires CEO Carol Bartz after less than three years on the job.

It's Wednesday, September 7, 2011, I'm Wilson Tang on CNET.com and it's time to get loaded. Internet media company Yahoo has fired its CEO, Carol Bartz, according to an e-mail sent in by Bartz to Yahoo employees. She confirmed that she was fired over the phone by Yahoo's Board. Bartz joined the company more than 2 years ago after her well-regarded run of Technology Company Autodesk. She was tasked with turning Yahoo around after its failed acquisition by Microsoft for $44 billion. In the interim, CFO Tim Morse will be running the company while looks for its next permanent CEO and explores its strategic options. Netflix has always had streaming limitation so that one account couldn't be shared with friends and family unofficially that is. In the past, users could stream up to 3 videos at the same time. Now that the company has moved to higher price streaming and DVD rental plans, it seems Netflix is cracking down on users who shared their account. Users over the Labor Day weekend began discovering that watching concurrent streams will now get an air message. Netflix urges customers to upgrade to a $20-month plan that allows for up to 2 streams plus 2 DVDs mailed up. Facebook for the iPhone and iPod touch just got a major update to Virgin 3.5. New features include making easier to share content, the ability to tag friends and places in post, new designs for profiles and group walls and privacy controls for sharing. Also improved are notifications and a number of bug fixes to chat in photos. Apple has begun shipping its previously announced 27-inch Thunderbolt Displays to store and retailers this week. The new Displays as you would expect incorporate Intel's new Thunderbolt port technology and itself has a FaceTime HD camera, speakers, 3 USB ports, a FireWire port, gigabit Ethernet and a second Thunderbolt port. Apples own online store says that new Displays will ship in 2 to 3 weeks. TiVo fans can rejoice as the company has announced today the arrival of its 4-tuner TiVo Premiere Elite where 4-tuner users will be able to record up to 4 programs at the same on its giant 2 terabyte drive. The Premiere Elite will hold up to 300 hours of HD programming and is THX-certified. Additionally, users will get access to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Blockbuster, and Amazon Instant Video. The new TiVo even adds MoCA networking so that users can use their homes existing coax wiring to network, the Elite. The DVR is expected to cost $499 at retail. Finally, the popular community-curated site Reddit is being spun out from its parent company, Conde Nast sort of. Reddit will now be organized under Conde Nast parent company Advance publications. The site hopes to go back into start-up mode as it now gets 1.6 billion page views a month up from the 700,000 when it was first acquired by Conde Nast. Those are your headlines for today, I'm Wilson Tang for CNET.com and you've just been loaded.

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