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Product Spotlight: Xbox 360 & PS3
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Product Spotlight: Xbox 360 & PS3

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If you can't decide between an Xbox 360 or a PS3 this holiday, we'll highlight some key features on each console that will make your choice easier.

-Hey everyone, I'm Jeff Bakalar for The holidays are great time of the year for gaming. If you don't already own a current generation console, you do gonna wanna pick up an Xbox 360 or Play Station 3. Now, if you're only gonna go with one console this holiday season, we're gonna made your decision a whole lot easier because we're gonna break down the Play Station 3 and the Xbox 360 in the product's spot light. Now, in terms of design, both consoles are now super reliable. The new Xbox doesn't overheat and the Play Station 3 slim has a much thinner design. Both have accessible USB ports and easy to use front buttons. Now, the Xbox 360 has a great infrared port at front, but if you wanna use a remote for the PS3, you will need to buy a separate attachment. We really like the both the Xbox and Play Station 3's interface. Both are really intuitive and easy to use, but when it comes to online game play, we definitely recommend the 360 over the PS3. Even though the 360, requires a $50 a year membership to Xbox life, it's definitely worth it. Online play just feels more seamless on the 360. Everything is incorporated very logically and it's a lot easier to keep tract of your friends and join online sessions. On the other hand, PS3 online game play is free. So, if you're not really into online gaming, this shouldn't factor in too much. While most games are available for both systems, each console has exclusive franchises. Xbox has Halo, Gears of War, Forza, and Fable, while Play Station 3 has uncharted Little Big Planet, God of War, and Resistance. Both consoles offered tons of content like Netflix, but each system has its own exclusive content deals as well. The PS3 has content from Vudu, NFL, NHL, and it's an overall better media player than the 360. All this, not to mention, we love the Play Station 3's Blu-ray player. Now, you really can't go wrong with choosing either the 360 or the PS3 this holiday season, but for the best games to buy for each console make sure you head on over to I'm Jeff Bakalar. Thanks for watching and happy holiday.