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Apple Byte: Will the next MacBook bring 4G?

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Apple Byte: Will the next MacBook bring 4G?

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It's a boatload of rumors, from iPhones to iPads and the next MacBooks. Someone has "seen" Apple's HDTV, and orangutans love the iPad.

Speaker: Are you ready? Speaker: What (??). Speaker: Give me ten minutes. I'm really like battle reptiles is real close. Speaker: Ten more minutes? Speaker: Yeah. Speaker: We've been waiting for you for like half an hour. Speaker: And what's the problem? Speaker: You can't goofing around anymore. Speaker: Yeah. Speaker: I'm the new producer. I'm not (already yelling expand?). Speaker: Sure. Whatever you say. Speaker: Got that? You got that? Speaker: Yeah got it. Speaker: See you in the studio. Speaker: What's going on Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apply Byte for all of the good and bad inside the world of Apple. Jaime, are we good now? Speaker: Yes. This stuff is little. Speaker: All right. Well guys it's a rumors galore plus we'll reveal the winners of our Griffin stylus pen laser thinking about your way. Now let's get to the story. And what our show be without any new report from digit time that says there's supply chain sources tell them (??) front technology as when the order for (assembling?) the 6 generation iPhone that will be called the iPhone 6 and they were reported planning to launch in September. Guys that's my favorite season. You know this is that we've changed colors and they fall out of the branches in the autumn? So beautiful. All right. Digit times also throws in mention that the 7 inch iPad is launching in August as well. Just in case you didn't know it was coming but there's more. Earlier in the week they also claimed the Apple we'll be releasing a $799 Mac book in the third quarter of 2012 to combat PC makers hope a pricing upcoming ultra books around 699. Guys please don't buy anything right now unless you're real desperate until (??) computers come out. No I'm not planning to buy one because I'm just glad I recovered my lost Mac book air for my Disney vacation that I left in the refrigerator. It's just a true story but we're still not done with the rumor after (cold?) of (??) reporter that their own source has seen a prototype of Apple HD TV in action. The sources (widisoft?) looks like Apple is current LED back (lead?) cinema display but it's much bigger. Could that be because a 42 inch display is larger than a current 27 inch (LED?) display, that's crazy. Now the source is the Apple TV prototype has a built in (??) camera from (phase?) time video call and it also has (??) integration. We still don't know when or if this product will actually (??) in the market but analyst are now saying the Apple TV like we won't debut until 2013. Just like we've been saying since December of last year. This really lock the Apple Byte. All right. And some pretty cool news and something that we can actually look forward to, Apple is recently awarded a pan related to the way of a 4G antenna is house in a laptop. Get ready for the mac book 4G in the future and there's a real evidence to back us up. It's the 13th pan Apple is one relating to display integrated cellular antennas so now let's just say about for those awesome data plan. All right, guys. Let's (??) and we're a big (modified?) fans here. I know plenty of you are too so we've got a killer tip for adding your own music files to the Spotify apps on the iPhone. Spotify music subscription services is a great way to discover and share music and with the mobile app and the premium account they can take their huge library of songs with you anywhere you wanna go. But everyone in a while you'll think of a song that you wanna hear that isn't available on Spotify but you know it's on your phone somewhere. On the Android phone you can use Spotify app to play any of your locally stored music but on the iPhone or iPod touch Spotify can't take into any locally store files to transfer to iTunes. Though a little extra work you can (mail?) your music collection into the Spotify app and maybe the iPhone stock music at behind. So the first step open up Spotify in your computer and check to see that you have a premium account by going to your name and clicking account. If you see the account that are here and if you don't have a premium account and you really want this feature now is the time to upgrade. Next head over to your local files. So I'm gonna show you all the files in your computer that you can think over to this Spotify app. There's a total at the top and seems a little off going to the (presses?) menu and make sure that the folder where you keep your music is included in the local file checklist. I had my iTunes music folder in a location other than the default one, we'll had to add it manually. Now here's where the magic happens, make sure that both of your iPhone and your computer are connected to the same wifi network, open up the Spotify app on your phone and you should see a popped up under the device here in your computer Spotify app. From this view you can tell Spotify to transfer your entire music collection or any individually select which playlist to sync over. Spotify will now sync your file over wifi and you'll see a running (tally?) of how much space available on your phone at the top. Once transferred you'll see your track popped up under the local file listing on your phone and now all of your favorite songs, all available in one place and you can listen to them hear without having to leave the app. All right. Speaker: What's up there, Donald 'cause I'm save by the bell. Yeah. Speaker: Not funny guys. All right. Moe stories and I'm sure almost every single one in your (button?) iPad between 2006 and 2009 well you're now part of a class action law suit against Apple after comments (floddery?) file student 2005 claiming Apple is violating anti (trust?) legislation by forcing users to only purchase music through iTunes and preventing the playback of songs purchased from Real networks. Now you'll be notified your part of the class action suits. You don't have to do anything but it probably only getting 10 bucks out of it which you'll be used to buying iTunes... credit card. All right. The place (??) the big a release iOS 5.1.1 with a (??) for that credit networks switching on the iPad. It fixes bugs for some air play video playback and proves the reliability of the HDR option for photos taken with the (luxury?) shortcut and of a few more things. Also if you log to iCloud.com recently it looks like Apple is testing notifications through the website according to Mac rumors which can be useful for calendar alerts, Youmail or new services we haven't even seen yet and in a bunch story from the associate of press, a ring of (??) at Miami Jungle Island have been using the iPad to communicate as part of a mental stimulus program using software that was originally developed for people's autism. Now trainor will name one of the objects on screen and the ring of (??) presses the corresponding button proving that any ape or monkey can use an iPad. All right. Let's get to naming our winners for the Griffin stylus giveaway. I don't wanna mention of the serving trend will more than a handful view right in to be a winner with a reason like this. Why should I win? Because I'm an agent like you. Guys, do you think that's really gonna work? I would never do that in a Ryan (Suthern?) even be in half agent isn't commencing it up. Look. The Apple Byte is a place where quality, where any race creed, gender, sexual preference or even Android user can win. (??) for our winners. Congratulations go to Alex Lu, (Clet Chan?) and Andrea Lim. All right, guys. I'm messing with you but the real winners are Julie (Calderon?) who (??) 7th grader and host to (pointy?) laser in their eye when they annoy her. Jim (Bag?) who's a pen freak and courtesies around a glow sticking on his pocket and Christopher (Logo?) to wants to draw the hard details in my face. He actually said that but he's also a pretty delve artist without it. So congrats to all of you and we'll be in touch. That's gonna do for this (free show?). Send me your e-mails via the applebyte@cnet.com. Thanks for watching. I'm Brian Tong. We'll catch you next time for another byte of the Apple. Speaker: Oh yes. How are you? Speaker: No. Romeo. Speaker: What happened to you? Speaker: Hope you didn't hurt too much.

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