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First Look: Wii U at E3 2012

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First Look: Wii U at E3 2012

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Brian Tong shows you the finalized Wii U game pad and some of Nintendo's dual-screen experiences from E3 2012.

Whole family has its own personally. At the Nintendo Wii U game pad and some of experiences that intended to showcase not here to show the first wanna talk about this game that this is. The final version of what we expect to see -- see -- two dual analog stick to that conclusion impressed as -- themselves. They've moved in the unique characteristic about this actual -- had its back and Nintendo wants you to use this. More than just being -- down here on the corner you'll see this TV buying what analyze and use use this. As a remote replace your current television remote and you have this kind of unique spot here this is an NFC spot for near field communications where the -- -- -- -- an item -- card. They can -- an exchange data between that. Opens up a lot of possibilities of potential games -- information itself this is really a great controller on the back side we have here that kind of this rounded surface I guess you can't handle Apple does that really make it feel more comfortable in your hand and you'll see the T triggers here. No we talked experiences with the Nintendo Wii U game had one thing they can do here this is obviously a second screen so there's a game -- these ninja stars. You -- them from the screen. Of this game -- onto your television screen to knock down in his wheels and another experience. Where are you using the actual game -- Experience a totally different thing than the other people where we are walking through -- -- slain enemies but this use the crossbow the screen alive today Siemens. Specific targets. And shoot them so that allows you if you have a game had to really do something different than your other friends and just the standard Nintendo Wii controller something that's -- we still not heard. Any official release date or pricing for the Nintendo Wii U game system. Opening an accident but there you have -- a first look at Nintendo Wii U game -- and some of these things that you guys can expect the coming --

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