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Apple Byte: What's Apple baking for the iPhone event on September 12?

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Apple Byte: What's Apple baking for the iPhone event on September 12?

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Will they call it the iPhone 5? We think so. We'll tell you what you can expect to see, if you haven't already seen everything. Plus, MacBook Pro Retinas are in stock but you might not want them.

What's happened and I'm Bryan song and welcome to the Apple byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple plus. We got a little some some special for you at the end. On the show now it's finally official Apple is sent out there -- for the anticipated September 12 event with the title it's almost here. Now and still trying to decode what this -- means what I see the twelve. I get that all reports indicate this'll be an iPhone event but. There's this weird shadow that -- looks like its shape like a five. I'm pretty stuck after that a well. Now the big question is what can we expect from Apple's event and really. This iPhone might be Apple's worst kept secret of all time. Repair site I rescue has been collecting all the parts of the puzzle and recently posted closeup photos between the purported. IPhone 5 and the four S actually a clear difference in the thickness between the two. -- the -- was sandwiched between two pieces of glass which -- dropping it a disaster but it looks like the big game learn from their mistakes. With the new iPhone 5 form factor that is remove the backside and -- completely. So the press eyeglass even looks dinner with his pictures well. Also more things that we won't be surprised about Chinese website V dot com. Posted a video of the alleged next gen iPhone with the same blue screen as the current iPhone. Also I rescue has popped and the new battery into rear shell piece that's slightly half -- -- taller and the same thing this is the previous version. Would you guys believe it a -- battery for a taller iPhone. Amazing. Now it pretty much know all about the hardware on this phone with its control designed the bigger screen four GL TE. Faster processor slimmer body and smaller -- but the real surprise that waiting for are what new features -- -- new hardware take advantage of because. This is got to be more than Iowa six. Especially. With the competition heating up with the latest Nokia Lumia 920 windows -- flagship phone that includes wireless charging and really guys. This is going to be a big deal in the next few years -- businesses like Virgin Atlantic -- means you leave. Airports and even Jay -- 4040 club they're bringing wireless charging and Disney is -- -- then. Everyone's doing it right. All right now we know a lot of people are waiting for the big fruit and Apple's gonna sell boatloads of the iPhone -- but the competition is really fierce right now. Now another thing that could turn off some longtime Apple users according to violence. Apple be the exclusive distributor for adaptors for Apple's smaller dock connector a feature that half feel loved and have you -- But let's be honest both of you are still probably buying an iPhone. The report says the adaptors will come in both a one pack for ten bucks and a three pack for 29 dollars you got. You get a three pack and -- 33 cents on after. Hell are also expected to see Apple news updates to the iPod life. The iPod nano and iPod Touch already been rumored. For new refreshes it also looks like the ipads will be getting their own event in October and this is really time for the iPhone to shine. Now we're ready and waiting for September 12 so bring it on Apple. Now and some not so it's easy but -- -- -- From the week the hacking group anti -- released more than one million. Apple unique device identifiers with the ID code that represents your iPhone or iPad that the obtained. By allegedly green team an FBI old laptop. Now the FBI responded by shooting down those claims saying they never collected the information in the first place. And the computer that anti -- says they took the data from was never hacked. Anti -- -- since. Backed off on their claim that it was an Afghan laptop and implied that a common app installed those phones may be the culprit and they're planning on releasing more info later. No Apple's fifteen inch Retina Display MacBook Pro is now in stock at the App Store after previous delays of several weeks but. It doesn't really mean that right now is a good time to -- -- one. Now -- you view the Apple byters have written into the show with a Retina Display MacBook Pro having image retention or display burn in issues. This might be for a small minority but -- support thread with over 19100 comments. Points the Retina Display screens now are produced by LG having the issue compared to the Samsung produce screens that are not exhibiting the problem. This is not something we're just trying to blow up but let us know if you're having the same issues now we know the Retina Display MacBook Pro is a first generation product and is not the first time Apple has had issues. With first gen stuff so. Just know what you might be getting yourself into. Now we're talking a whole lot of Bible because really that's what everyone is hyped up about right now and on Twitter I asked you the Apple byters to tell me. What do you think they should call the new iPhone after Apple's -- Points strongly to being called the iPhone 5 even if -- factory photo shows. A -- with packaging that says the new iPhone or maybe there will be five new things about the new iPhone -- who cares here are some of the best responses. And then ask who likes to go by happy bunny 87 and likes the carrots called it the I finally came out. Greg west called it the I bet -- buying. Really hard to read now rocker chick is still on board with the iPhone for -- -- which is sentimental nice. Now Mikey got urgent says how about the I leaked. You should go see a -- -- get that take down my. Now Jessica -- treated I five simply because it rhymes with high five hello. The survey thing is that she wasn't the only one who wrote -- -- that idea or a person who laughed. At their own idea alright guys can dress you all will be sending a -- -- -- gift card from our good friends -- gels in your way but really you know what I would call it. And no it's not the -- iPhone 5 which they should do I think they should really call it. The iPhone 5 so I could do this. The. Style news do you know where the anyway -- Raining -- and seeing him cook who redundant -- -- moon. Stock analysts found it was don't really easy. Apple mining. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's right. -- A right it's gonna do it for this we show the 200 episodes. Apple what party is going down this Friday we'll have highlights from it. She's sending me your emails of the applebyte@cnet.com. I'm Brian Tong thinks Watson we'll see you next week -- we'll all find out about the new shiny toys on the Apple byte.

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